A horrific feeling befell me as I gazed upon what was now the center of everyone's attention. The battered body of an omega that was covered with blood, bruises and gaping wounds, none of which were the cause of the chill that ran up my spine. No it was the identity of the wolf that had caused the cold feeling to creep over me.

The body was that of someone who meant so much to me but I had ignored the feeling my entire life, and it was because of this that my grief and sorrow only grew much greater.

I now stood over the omega, watching his body rise and fall due to the difficulty breathing. I could feel the tears welling up inside of me as my heart and mind had yet to concur with my eyes, refusing to believe the sight before me. I felt a single tear escape me as reality hit me…Hard. "H…Humphrey." I whispered. I circled around, lying down in front of him to meet him at eye level.

His face had received the worst, and the expression he wore was one of great emotion...and extreme pain.

His eyes slowly opened and he looked into mine. He had my full and undivided attention as I gazed into his eyes. "K...Kate?" he groaned. His voice was rough, raspy and low, growing even more so as the life was slowly being sucked from his body.

"Yes...I'm here." I answered, my voice stuttering as a result of the intense emotion that now plagued my mind.

"I...I need you to kn...know that I have always l...loved you." he said, wincing at each blast of pain that shot through him.

"I..." my reply was hesitant, yet brought him relief. "I love you too."

A small, weak smile formed on his face as he was filled with happiness.

"K...Kate?" He continued, still suffering from the immense pain that coursed through him with even the slightest flinch. It broke my heart to see him endure such suffering. A sight such as this one only brought more tears to my eyes.

"Yes Humphrey?" my voice cracked as the overabundant emotions crawled up into my throat. "Anything for you." I replied softly.

"H...Howl with me... One l...last time. P...Please?"

I forbid both myself and him to speak another word. Instead, I tilted back my head, lifted my muzzle to the sky and began to
cry out, much like we had on the train just a few hours ago. Only this time the tone and emotion were sufferer. It was that of deep sorrow and despair that became the theme of our song.

Though my being was still trapped in sadness and grief, my heart exploded and began to race as my mind was filled with happiness and content when he joined his voice to mine to invent a single meaningful and mournful song that soothing and beautiful all the same.

My heart then dropped when I realized his voice was no longer present, yet I refused to stop singing my fallen love a requiem.

Once the others realized what had happened, they too joined in. My father came to me afterwards, telling me how sorry he was. It was no lie, he really was sorry.

"Don't give me that!" I growled, my words backed by both anger and sorrow. He was taken aback by the hostility and hate in my voice. Never had he realized I had such a side, a side that only my mother had shown.

"W...What do you mean?" he stuttered.

"This is both your's and Tony's fault. If neither of you had been so selfish, this might not have happened!"

My father recoiled abut at my words, seeing the truth and feeling behind them. "Your right." he admitted. I watched as he then turned and walked away.

I snarled at him as he continued walking, paying me no mind.
I picked up Humphrey's body, carrying him back to his den.