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Zander mindlessly strummed his ukulele while sitting crossed legged on the green sofa in Gravity 5's rehearsal room. All he could think about was why he never dated one girl for more than two weeks tops. Why did he never get attached to any of the girls? It wasn't like her didn't like them. They were all great girls, but something kept him from really committing to any one girl.

It wasn't until recently when he realized what or more like who it was that kept him from just being happy with a girl. It was that one girl who he could always call at any time and tells her everything that was wrong with him. The one girl who has been his best friend since he transferred to Brewster High. That one girl who helped start Gravity 5. That one girl who could keep them in line and always puts everyone else before herself.

Stevie Baskara was the girl who made him hold back on relationships because the only girl he truly wants to be in a committed relationship with.

He has been trying to get her alone for days. He knew she had to feel the same way about him. Of course, she did. He was Zander Robbins. Everyone likes Zander.

"You know. You could try playing an actual song. I've heard it's fun." The one girl chuckled, sitting down on the couch next to him.

He shook his head and smiled. "Maybe you should try doing that while we're supposed to be rehearsing." He said about to playfully punch her in the shoulder before deciding that was the last thing he needed to do. He defiantly didn't want to be even father into the friend zone.

"Har-Har." She laughed, sarcastically. "But seriously, what are you doing here just strumming and all zoned out?"

"Just thinking." He told her as he placed his Uku back in its case. "You know, Stevie…"


Zander ran a hand through his hair before taking a deep breath. "I really like you." He admitted.

She looked surprised for a second before chuckling and slapping him on the back. "I like you too, Zan." Stevie said.

"Awesome." He mumbled to himself before putting on a smile and looking up at her. "I have to go. My mom needs me home soon." He locked his ukulele case and stood up. "Later."

When he got half way across the room, he heard a low mumbled. "What?" He asked, not turning back to her.

"I…" Stevie paused, "need some time."

He grinned. "I'll be here."