Gundam 00: Marina Ismail's Exciting Adventure

Main Summary: What if Marina Ismail had to pilot a Gundam to save her life? Will she have what it takes to save the world?

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Marina Ismail- Former Princess of Azadistan, now a prisoner has to escape, found a Gundam called Arios and has to pilot it for her life.

Other characters are the same as the Regular series.

Chapter One: The Escape

22 March 2312 - Federation Anti-Government Detention Facility somewhere in Russia

Marina Ismail was in the facility for 21 days now. She was caught on 14 February in New York City for her contact with Celestial Being four years ago. Guard #1 came in and asked,

"Do you know where Celestial Being is located?"

"I do not know," said Marina Ismail.

The interrogation got on for about another nine hours. At that time Soma Peries saw a major fight happening between Marina and the Guard. Soma came in and helped Guard #1 break up the fight. Soma then said,

"Take her to her cell."

"Yes ma'am," said Guard #2.

On the way to her cell, the power to the facility went out. Guard #3 said,

"Who forgot to pay the electric bill?!"

"It's that stupid budget cuts that the government had placed on us," said Guard #2. "If it had it been that, we would have enough money to pay the electric bull. I mean bill."

The electric being switch off led to one benefit for the prisoners. Since the cell doors are now electric about ninety-two years ago, their default for a power outage is an auto unlock. The prisoners had run out of the cells. The bad part is that the guns are also set to go off in case of a power outage.

To be continued…

Next Chapter: Marina Ismail saw the Gundam's fighting. One of the Gundam Meister paid the huge price. Marina Ismail got into a Gundam. Will she fight to protect herself? Gundam 00: Marina Ismail's Exciting Adventure Next Chapter: Marina Operates a Gundam.