Gundam 00: Marina Ismail's Exciting Adventure

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Chapter Three: Marina Joins Celestial Being

23 March 2312 2:00AM – CBS-74 Ptolemaios II

On the bridge of the Ptolemaios II, Sumeragi Lee Noriega was heading to the briefing room where Marina Ismail was located. Marina Ismail said,

"Is there anything you want me to do?"

"We had been talking," said Sumeragi, "and we are short of pilots right now. We want to offer you a chance to join Celestial Being."

"To join Celestial Being," said Marina.

"Yes," said Sumeragi.

"What's the catch?" asked Marina.

"We will help you train to pilot the Arios Gundam," said Sumeragi. "We will not force you to join, but we do not want you to wait all day."

"When do you want my choice?" asked Marina.

"Would in about three days do you?" asked Sumeragi.

"Okay," said Marina, "three days it is."

"I forgot to ask something," said Sumeragi. "Do you know what happen at the escape of the prison?"

Marina was in shock.

"Relax," said Sumeragi, "you are not in trouble. I just want to know the facts."

"During the breakout," said Marina, "Alleluia was heading towards the Arios Gundam. Everything was going fine for him until Soma caught him. He was still going towards the Gundam until Soma pulled the trigger and…"

Marina started crying and continued,

"…kill him. Then, I got into the Arios Gundam before I was killed. It is stressful for me even to talk about it."

"I think that I understand," said Sumeragi while crying. "Here's my advice, tell the other crew members about this story, but do it soon and when you are calm. I can tell you if you don't you will regret it and maybe lost some of the trust that you build."

"Yes," said Marina while wiping out her tears, "I will try."

23 March 2312 9:00 A.M. – Earth Sphere Federation Building in New York City

At the Earth Sphere Federation Building where the A-Laws are located, Homer Katagiri was on the phone with Kati Mannequin about the escape of Marina and the killing of Alleluia. Homer Katagiri said,

"You let Celestial Being take Marina and shot our main prinsioner from said origination. Now, you let me had no choice but to send in reinforcements."

Just then an officer came in and said,

"Sir, most of our regular A-LAWS solders are on strike. We had to get replacement solders for Mannequin's unit."

"You hear that news," said Homer Katagiri.

"Yes, sir," said Kati Mannequin. "Did you hear that Soma?"

"What do they mean by replacement solders?" asked Soma.

"I'm thinking that most of our regular A-LAWS solders are on strike," said Kati, "and they had to find replacements to fill them. I hear that the last time that the AEU used replacement solders was fifteen years ago and that was for living conations."

"Whoa," said Soma.

23 March 2312 2:00PM – CBS-74 Ptolemaios II

On the Ptolemaios, Marina was looking for the members of Celestial Being. She was going to announce her decision to the crew. Setsuna saw Marina and Setsuna said,

"I heard that you want to address the crew."

"Yes," said Marina, "I'm looking for where they are located."

"There located in the briefing room," said Setsuna. "I was heading there."

Both Setsuna and Marina went into the briefing room and then Mileina Vashti asked,

"Are you two lovers?"

"NO!" said Setsuna and Marina.

"I was going to announce my decision about my membership," continue Marina. "I had decided to join Celestial Being."

"All right," said Sumeragi. "Let's get your uniform on."

To be continued…

Next Chapter: Marina Ismail joined Celestial Being. Now, she is going to tell the other crew members what happen at the Prison Complex near the Arios Gundam. A-LAWS attack looms but something strange about this attack method will show up. Will she handle it? Will something shocking make a turn of events? Gundam 00: Marina Ismail's Exciting Adventure Following Chapter: The Massacre.