"So, when you walk, you should walk on the balls of your toes!" Winter said as she walked across the ground. "You try it! I like sneaking up on people. It's fun to see their faces!"

Omega sighed as he watched, looking around for more demons if they showed up. If there were any, this would not be a good place. Apparently, Winter didn't know when and where to teach stuff. Plus, she had been teaching Kaldeen ever since yesterday when they found him.

"She's gonna get us killed if any demons are here," Omega muttered to Genadritch.

"True," Genadritch said. "Intersections are not the best place to get attacked."

Omega grunted as he nodded.

"So what are you exactly?" Omega asked as he fingered his saber.

"Me?" Genadritch asked.

"No, the guy next to you," Omega said flatly. "Of course you!"

Genadritch frowned. "I'm half rhinoceros, half man, and half reploid."

Omega sighed. "Can't you ever just give me a straight answer?"

"Not if you talk to me like that," Genadritch said as he crossed his arms and went back to watching Winter and Kaldeen.

Omega groaned and started to walk away. "I'm going to check out more of the Assassin's building. Maybe there's a clue as to where the Assassins and Ciel went," Omega called over his shoulder.

"Don't get yourself killed," Genadritch called back.

Omega shook his head and continued on. The road that day was blazing hot, making Omega quicken his pace. The great Neo Arcadia. Built so quickly, though not in all the grandeur as before, just to be evacuated. Omega entered the building, scanning everywhere for clues. Omega stopped suddenly as he entered Hiroto's room.

"What in the world am I even looking for?"

He looked around for footprints, but on a hard floor, that was impossible.

"Pointless," he growled as he walked back to Genadritch, only to find the intersection empty. "Winter? Kaldeen? Genadritch?" Omega asked, gripping his saber tight.


Omega spun around as Kaldeen smashed into him, knocking him into the ground.

"GET OFF ME!" Omega roared as he threw Kaldeen off him.

Genadritch, Winter, and Kaldeen burst out laughing, Kaldeen rolling on the ground.

"You're right, Winter! That is fun!" Kaldeen exclaimed, his pitch slightly higher than usual.

"See? What did I tell you?" Winter said as she skipped over to Omega, a broad grin on her face. "Hi-ya, there!"

Omega's fist clenched and he barely missed Winter as she trotted off a way. She turned back around and stuck out her tongue.

"You can't hurt The Winter!" she exclaimed as she waved her scimitars in the air.

"Come back here, you little thing!" Omega yelled as he ran at Winter, his saber activated.

"Ooooooh, pretty!" Winter said as plants erupted from the ground and latched onto Omega's saber arm. "You have a girly sword!"

"I do not!" Omega yelled, his eyebrows furrowing.

"It's pink!" Winter exclaimed happily.

"She's got a point there," Genadritch said, walking smugly towards Omega before stopping a few yards away.

Omega growled, casting an accusing glare at everyone, making Genadritch sigh as he tilted his head back.

"C'mon, Omega. Why do you always have to be so angry? Can't you just take a joke?" Genadritch asked.

"Because people like you, Winter, and Kaldeen keep getting on my nerves!" Omega yelled.

Genadritch made a small nod of his head, his arms crossed in front of him. "I see. Come on, Winter, Kaldeen," Genadritch said as he walked away.

"Where are you going?" Omega snarled.

"We're leaving. If you can't stand us, then you don't have to be around us," Genadritch said as the plants on Omega's arm pulled themselves back into the ground, freeing Omega.

"Fine, but don't come crawling back to me on your hands and knees," Omega snapped as he turned away.

"AND DON'T YOU DO IT EITHER!" Genadritch yelled back.

"I wouldn't do it, you worthless reploid!" Omega yelled.

"At least I don't push everyone away!" Genadritch called back.

Omega growled, too angry to say anything else.

The walk out of the city didn't seem to take too long, Omega's steps fueled by his anger.

"That Genadritch," Omega snarled as he entered the forest. "He'll regret it. He'll see that he can't live without having me around. Not in these circumstances."

"What makes you think you can?"

Omega started and activated his saber, searching in the direction of the voice. "Who are you?" Omega growled.

Something moved, visible only out of the corner of Omega's eye, disappearing in a second.

"You think you can fight me?"

"Yes," Omega said, still trying to find where the stranger was.

"You can't kill what you can't see," the stranger said as a shuriken struck Omega in the hip.

"Unless you're me!" Omega yelled as he lunged at where the shuriken came from, saber flashing and pistol blazing.

"You're a poor combatant," the voice said as a shuriken hit the tree next to Omega.

Omega tried to activate his second form, but then growled.

"Winter, you just had to cut the wires to that," Omega snarled as he whipped around to face the opponent. "Who are you?"

"I am the darkness," the voice said from behind Omega, making Omega lash out, failing to hit anything. "I am the untouchable," the voice continued, high up in a tree, making Omega fire in its direction. "I AM PHANTOM!"

The voice echoed through the trees, the direction it was coming from impossible to tell.

"Phantom," Omega muttered, slowly piecing the voice with the name. "Hidden Phantom?"

Laughter rang through the trees. "Your memory serves you well."

"You're dead," Omega said flatly.

"Yes, I was, but I'm alive once more."

"By who?" Omega growled.

Hidden Phantom appeared in the branch of a tree, disappearing as Omega fired two charged shots at him.

"You tell me who brought you back and I'll tell you who brought me back," Hidden Phantom said coldly.

Omega snorted. "Then I'm getting the better end of the deal. I was brought back by Weil and Alpha."

"And Alpha?" Phantom asked as a shuriken buried itself in the ground.

"You're a pitiful shot," Omega commented, seconds before a shuriken hit him in the shoulder.

"One more comment like that, Omega, and it will be your heart," Phantom said.

Omega took a quick breath between his teeth in pain as he pulled the shuriken out and began analyzed it.

"'A'?" he asked as he looked at it. "Phantom, what's this 'A'?"

He looked around, waiting for a reply. None came.

"Was he brought back by Alpha?" Omega asked himself.

"You know what they say about people that talk to themselves," a voice said, making Omega bring up his guard. It wasn't Phantom, at least.

"And you are?" Omega growled.

"Why don't you come a bit closer?" the voice asked.

Omega walked warily closer. The voice was male, but didn't sound all that intimidating beside what it just said. Whoever it was, they didn't know who Omega was.

Omega blocked a pair of blades as they came down and rolled underneath the creature.

"You have a hideous body," Omega said as he noted the spidric body.

"Don't you say that about my brother!" a girl yelled as she tackled Omega.

"Get off me!" Omega yelled, shoving the girl to the side.

Omega rolled out from under the creature and fired a few shots that buried themselves into the upper body of the creature, making it clutch its wounds. Omega lunged as he swung his saber.

"Don't mess with me!" Omega yelled.

The creature blocked sluggishly, Omega's blade cutting into him slightly. It retaliated as Omega flew past, its blades barely cutting into Omega's back. Omega skidded on the ground, a small grin on his lips.

"Two of you, eh?" Omega asked. "You and the boy look about the same if you omit his lower body."

The creature and the girl drew forward carefully, speaking in some strange language that was foreign to Omega. He drew his pistol and let it charge as the two walked carefully towards him.

"EAT THIS!" Omega yelled, firing two charged shots and a blade wave.

The girl leapt out of the way as the boy reached out with his hand towards the shots, absorbing it easily, his wounds repairing.

"That's refreshing," the boy said with a dark grin.

"Shurui?" a voice asked weakly behind Omega.

"Shield," Omega thought and put the person in front of him.

"Omega?" Odin asked, trying to look at Omega.

Omega let go of Odin. "Odin? What're you doing here?"

The creature and the dark elf thing stopped, looking a little confused.

"You two know each other?" the girl asked.

"Yeah. He and us Assassins kinda joined forces," Odin explained.

"And you know them?" Omega asked Odin.

"They actually saved us, I'm guessing," Odin said and received an affirmative nod from the two.

"And where'd did these two creeps come from?" Omega asked.

Odin glared at him, making Omega groan. "They're good people, Omega. That's what matters."

Omega grunted. "Where's the others?"

"Some of them are still knocked out, the rest are asleep," Odin said.

Omega grunted again and turned away. "Is Ciel with you?"

"No. We had sent her away before the invasion happened."

"YOU WHAT?" Omega yelled as he grabbed Odin by the collar and hefted him off the ground.

"Omega, relax," Odin said. "You're really angry today."

"Maybe because everyone's doing the wrong thing!" Omega retorted.

"Put him down, Omega," Hiroto said.

"Or what?" Omega said as he turned to face Hiroto holding his rifle, fashioned after the rifles in the Elf Wars.

"Or you'll die," Hiroto growled. "No one threatens the Assassins."

"Except those demons," Omega said, dropping Odin to the ground. "Since you ran from them."

"At least I can stop you," Hiroto said.

"Oh, really?" Omega said as he walked towards Hiroto, his saber activating and a fiendish smile on his lips.

"Try it and you'll be dead in a second," Haruto snarled from a tree branch as he raised a kunai.

"What he said," Recon growled as he raised his machine gun.

Thor walked out to the side of Omega, pounding his fist into his hand. "No one threatens one of us."

Yua walked calmly into view, her face set grimly. "You try anything and you'll be dead. You won't know what hit you."

"You know what you're dealing with now, Omega?" Odin asked.

Omega looked around at the group, a small amount of fear creeping into him. They were so... confident. Against the Devil Reploid. The one that had destroyed so many lives. Only Zero had done that.

"I just want Ciel. That's all," Omega said as he sheathed his sword. "Nothing more. I don't care if this world lives or dies. I just want Ciel."

"Ciel would want the world to live," Hiroto said, not lowering his rifle.

Omega nodded sternly. "I know."

"Then lets go," Hiroto said, strapping his rifle over his shoulder. "If you're coming with us, though, you've got to contain your anger."

"Hopefully you guys will be better than the other people I was with," Omega growled.

"Who did you have with you before?" Hiroto asked as the group formed around Omega.

"Some guy named Genadritch, a halfling named Winter, and a guy named Kaldeen."

"And you just abandoned them?" Haruto asked.

"I couldn't stand them. They were too annoying," Omega said.

"They won't stand a chance against the demons, Omega. You shouldn't have left them alone," Hiroto said.

"I'd rather they die by the demons than me dying by their insanity," Omega said.

"Were they combat enabled?" Hiroto asked.

"Well, Genadritch was," Omega said. "Not a match for me, though."

"He could have helped us at least," Hiroto said. "We're going to need all the help we can get to rid the world of those demons."

"And close off the Far Realm," Odin said.

Hiroto glanced over his shoulder and said, "Oh, Omega. I ought to tell you this now. Alpha's on our side."

Omega stopped and looked behind him. There, in the back, was Alpha.

"ALPHA!" Omega yelled, activating his saber.

Omega flinched as kunai impaled themselves into him, making him turn to Haruto.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Omega snarled.

"HE'S ON OUR TEAM, IDIOT!" Haruto yelled back. "NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE!"

Omega growled and turned back to walking, shoving his saber in his sheath distastefully.

"Just wait. We'll all be dead before the sun rises again," Omega muttered.