So I finally finished it. I wish I hadn't thrown in the Alejandro part in the beginning because now it doesn't fit with the canon :(. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it's super short. Please review!

Up on deck, Heather leans on the railing and watches the island shrink in the distance. She's still feeling riled up from her talk with Courtney. She tried to leave as quietly as possible, even though Courtney probably wasn't even listening. She was preoccupied- and Heather, well her thoughts were occupied.

She had done horrible things, manipulative cruel things, but she had always known she was in the wrong. Gwen was so high up on her moral horse, and Duncan. Heather glared into the distance. No one was going after him. In fact, everyone was pretty much leaving him alone. She clenches her fists and marches below deck as she hears the footsteps in the distance. She really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone- at all. Especially not now. Not after her talk with Courtney.

People thought Heather was fake? Her? She was manipulative, but never actually fake. Just a good game player. Not like these people, who pretended they were friends, and talked behind each other's backs in the confessional.

She is walking down the stairs, not really paying attention when she runs into him. Heather tries to shrug him off, but he flips around.

"Yo!" he laughs "Where you going? Cake is in the other direction!"

"No interested" she says with out turning around.

"Fine." Duncan shrugs, about to depart "Everyone is gonna be up there" he adds. Heather stops.

"Not everyone" she says in a cruel cold voice "Not Courtney."

Duncan pauses for a moment, caught of guard. "Who cares?"

"Not you" Heather retorts "Not ever." Duncan doesn't say anything, but his eyebrow furrows.

"Duncan?" Gwen's voice echoes down the stair case. Duncan glares at Heather.

"Well?" Heather says. "Go?"

He opens his mouth to say something, but he closes it. He turns up the stairs and leaves. Heather clenches her fists and stomps down to the hall. She hasn't made it too far before she sees Courtney.

"Where are you going?" Courtney asks as she passes Heather. There's no quivering in her voice, no sadness in her eyes, no weakness as she moves. She doesn't even look as if she was crying.

"Back to my room" Heather snaps. She respects Courtney too much to treat her as if she's weak. Courtney would loathe her for it, and Heather knows if she was Courtney she would loathe herself for it.

"Chris sent out at email. We have to go up. It's in our contract for next season" Courtney retorts. She stops, and Heather takes it as an invitation to walk back up with her.

"You're coming back next season?" Heather asks. She was sure after last season, after everything that had happened, Courtney would have left.

"I am" she answers. Heather's not sure if she should say it, or of how to put it, but she pushes forward anyway.

"You know he's coming back too" Heather says softly.

"I'm aware" Courtney replies, her voice steady.

"She is too" Heather adds.

"I know" Courtney retorts "and so are you." Heather isn't sure what to say now, but it's not long before Courtney breaks the silence. "The way people saw me last season, the way I was. I don't want to be remembered that way." Courtney clenches her fist. "I'm not weak. I'm not broken, and I don't want anyone to think that. I'm going to come back, and this time I'm going to win."

There's a fire in her voice that Heather hasn't heard in a while. It almost makes Heather smile, but they don't stop walking. They charge on forward.

Up on deck, Heather is pushed around by photographers, and into photos. They all stand around a cake and smile. After the photos have been taken they're all approached with questions. Heather is bombarded with questions all regarding her choice to push Alejandro in the volcano. She snaps at the reporters, and they back off. Heather tries to leave, but Chris stops her.

"You've still got fifteen minutes" he sings. Heather stomps her foot down and re-enters the ocean of reporters and photographers. She's pushing her way to the refreshments table, when she hears Duncan.

"I mean, Gwen and I, we're just having fun" he's telling a reporter. "I like her. It's easy." If he could hear Heather, she would make sure to mention she just threw up in her mouth, but he can't so she doesn't. No point in being cruel if she can't have the desired outcome.

When she's finally at the refreshment table, she looks at her phone and sees it's only five more minutes until she's free. She sighs and gets a glass of lemonade. Courtney is off a way, but Heather can hear her.

"I'm not playing games this time around" Courtney tells the reporter "I'm coming back and I'm going to win." Heather smiles to herself. She's unaware that she's been cornered by reporters. They throw questions all sorts of last minute questions at her. One catches her attention. Heather turns to see it's from the reporter who was interviewing Courtney.

"Do you think Courtney is a threat this season" he shouts at her.

She narrows her eyes at him, and makes sure her words are dripping with poison. "Definitely."

Heather leaves the reporters feeling a little better than she did. If Courtney had found her fire, Heather knew she'd be okay. As long as she had her fire. And Heather was happy to help her... in her own way.