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President Scarlett Snow

Dear sir/madam

Please find attached my CV. I wish to apply for the game maker vacancy advertised in Capitol Today. Whilst I have no prior experience, my background should place me in good stead. I come from a long line of Panam-Italians. My family escaped Italy during the Fifth Euro War. We were lucky, given that Italy is no more. I am a great lover of the Capitol, however upon reading my family history I realise that Capitol could better control the districts if it took lesson from the old world religion Catholicism.

My proposal is to introduce the seven deadly sins and the seven holy virtues to our districts by way of the hunger games. Reward virtue, but more importantly punish sin. I would love to discuss my ideas with you in person.


Ricardo Matelli

"Why have you brought me this, Lewis?" I snap.

"Miss Snow, we have been looking for another Gamemaker for the past few months."

"That is not my problem Lewis!" I toss the papers back to him. "I hired you for one reason and one reason only and that was to manage everything that I do not have the time and patience for."

"I apologize Miss Snow…"

"Do not apologize Lewis, go out there and find the Gamemaker if you think this... Ricardo Matelli is the one, then hire him. If he ruins this year's games, it'll be on your head."

Before Lewis can answer me I catch the sight of a small boy standing in the doorframe.

"Mommy, will you please play with me?" The boy's silly requests annoy me to no end. What is he doing here? He's supposed to be with the Nanny.

"Coriolanus, you know you are not supposed to be here. Lewis, you are dismissed, please take the little parasite with you."

Lewis grabs his hand and leads him out the door, closing it behind him, and finally I have some peace and quiet. I swear these presidential duties are going to give me grey hair, but it was all worth it, and now that I have little Cori, I will be sure to keep the Snow legacy going.

Bullet "Noah" Daniels

"Mr. Daniels, it's good to see you today," I've barely managed to shrug my jacket off when always eager Estelle greets me.

"Estelle, I've told you to call me Noah."

"Okay I'll try… Noah," she scrunches her face as though she just ate something sour. "It doesn't sound right. I'll stick to Mr. Daniels."

"Alright then Estelle. Have you done your training today?"

"Of course. Why would you even ask?"

"I don't know what came over me," I say sarcastically. Estelle is certainly skilled. She's definitely at the top of possible volunteers this year, and she's compliant. I will choose her over other possible candidates just for that simple fact.

Since the day I became mentor I've establish the District 2 training academy. A lot of kids are sent here, not just to train for the games, but also when their parents believe they need to be whipped into shape. I focus on those who make an impression and this the games is some kind of honor. In the past thirteen years I've brought back two other victors. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it's impressive for a district, as some have been unable to bring a single victor back yet.

Despite newer victors coming in from District 2, I have refused to relinquish my mentor position. This has basically become my life. I've thrown heart and soul into making District 2 one to be proud of. However, honor is not my goal, my goal is to occupy my mind and forget, since moving on has been eliminated as a possible option long ago.

I look back at Estelle who stands with her arms crossed examining her competition. Tomorrow she will go against other girls who have shown promising potential, but she's the favorite to win. Estelle is just the tribute I need. She wants to volunteer. She wants to go into the games. Whoever's name is drawn at the upcoming Reaping will not have to go into the Hunger Games, because there are volunteers like Estelle who see it as a privilege, and as mentor I will do anything in my power to bring one of my tributes back home.

"Well let's see what you got," I tell her and she picks up her set of knives and works her way over to the dummies. She takes a deep breath, and swings her arm back. Then in a flashing moment she throws one knife after another with deadly accuracy. Each one slices through the air and hits the target as it should.

I watch her throw and suddenly my feeble mind turns one of the dummies turns into Jade, another turns into Aeron, and I watch as the knife slices through their skin.

"That's enough," I call to her. "I need a break," and I leave the center for some fresh air.

Athea DiMae

I am cold; snow blows into my shelter and sends shivers up my backbone. I try to curl up into myself, but I am unable to generate any more body heat.

"Athea?" A weak voice calls to me, and I instinctively move towards it.

"Yes, I'm here."

I squint my eyes to make out anything in the darkness. That's when I see Lucian, pale-faced and bloody.

"Lucian!" I scream, and I shake awake.

The first thing I notice is that the other side of the bed is cold. I immediately think the worse, and then realize where I am. I am not 15 year old Athea in the Hunger Games. I am 28 and a citizen of District 13. I rise from my sleep and patter into the living room. It's empty.

I sigh with discontent. Working late again I guess, and so I go through my 'wake up in the middle of night' routine.

I open to the first door of the bedroom as quietly as I can, one bed, and one boy sleeping soundly. I close it and move on to the next room; two beds and two girls also sleeping soundly. Three children that will never have to wake up with dreams like mine. I am so blessed… but at the same time I yearn for home.

I crawl into the empty bed, plagued by thoughts of my brother and my old best friend who are at home, in District 3. Little Micah is not so little anymore, though I haven't seen him since I said good-bye on Reaping day. He's 24 years old and I have no idea if I have any nieces or nephews. Last I spoke to him was four years ago, and that was by luck.

Since I was transported here, I've had few attempts to reach either him or Fahrin. It takes correct timing, and usually the Hunger Games being around to be able to make a simple phone call. The Hunger Games keeps the Capitol busy enough that we can make a call without them tracing it, any other time it's not worth it.

I wanted them to bring Micah here, but it's just too far. Thousands of miles separate us, but I'd give anything to see him again.

Perhaps my day will come, but with the Hunger Games looming over the nation of Panem I might be able to make at least a phone call. Hopefully this year is my lucky year.

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