"Rosy! Time to go!" Nessie called from downstairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back.

I grabbed my book bag and shot out of my room, almost running into Uncle Jasper.

"Sorry Uncle Jazz" I grinned over my shoulder as I continued to run.

"It's alright Rosemary" he smiled back

I slid down the stair rail and landed on my feet in front of Jake and Nessie.

"10" Jacob grinned

I laughed and grinned.

"How many times do I have to tell you Rosemary Hale Cullen!" my mom yelled at me

"Don't slide down the stairs…I know, I know" I finished for her with a smirk

"Yet you do it anyway" she sighed

"I swear, sometimes just act just like your father" she smirked at me.

"That's my girl!" Daddy came up behind me and ruffled my hair.

"Well we gotta go" I grinned and skipped out the house with Nessie and Jake right behind me.

We jumped in Jake's rabbit and drove off towards the high school. We parked in our usual spot and got out. Everyone stared as usual. They mostly stared at Nessie and Jake but who gave a crap. Nessie, Jake and I departed as usual. My first period was Chem. Along the way I heard whispers about a new kid at school today. I rolled my eyes; the amount of people that gossip in this school.

I took my usual seat, waiting for Mr. Barnes to come in and start class. All the girls started to squeal when a very cute…no not cute but hot Asian boy came walking into the class with Mr. Barnes. I rolled my eyes at the overly excited girls.

"Alright class quiet down!" Mr. Barnes ordered

Everyone sat in their seats and listened, eager to know who the kid was.

"This is Raizo; he is a new student" Mr. Barnes smiled down at Shin Lee

"You can take a seat next to Ms. Cullen, Ms. Cullen, please raise your hand" Mr. Barnes looked at me

I slowly raised my hand.

Raizo made eye contact with me and walked towards me. Every girl glared at me in envy. I only rolled my eyes at them. Raizo silently sat down next to me.

"Hello, I'm Rosemary" I smiled at him, extending my hand for him to shake

"Raizo" he nodded, taking my hand

I ginned and shook his hand.

Raizo nodded again and turned his attention to the board. I ripped out a piece of paper and wrote down…

Hey, so how are you liking Forks?

I slid him the note quietly, pretending to be paying attention

He opened the note and took his pencil, writing down a reply. He slid the note back. I opened the note.

It's okay

Cool, so where did you come from?


Awesome, hey why don't you sit with me and my cousins during lunch?


Alright, it's right after this class so I'll show you where we sit

Okay, thanks

No problem

I smiled and started to really pay attention to what Mr. Barnes was saying, taking notes.