Title: Find Me

Chapter1(of1): I've Found You

Couple: Thoki (Thor/Loki)

Summary: Hide and seek turns into something a bit more.

Warnings: I don't see why I should have to warn you when they aren't even related, but "incest." It is BxB, boy love, MxM, shounen-ai, blahblahblah …

A/N: I've become increasingly run-on and for that I apologize. I also apologize for that fact that this actually doesn't make much sense. My Thor knowledge is limited to the movie, which I haven't seen in a while. I haven't seen Avengers either, though. Which may or may not make my knowledge even more limited ... I just know that I like Thoki, a lot.

Find Me

Chapter One (of One): I've Found You

Hide and seek was a game for children. Loki was sure that his spot would be instantly found, and yet he had hid there. Thor had insisted they play, claiming it had 'been too long, brother.' Loki had sighed and commanded the oaf to start counting to thirty. All the while know precisely why his elder brother wished to play.

Loki wasn't given much time, due to his own fault, but had hid himself nonetheless. It was in the Library, his hiding spot that is. So completely obvious, Loki figured, that Thor wouldn't find him. Not very quickly, anyhow. He sat perched atop one of the many shelves, lying flat on his back, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Ridiculous,he thought harshly to himself. I'mnearlyeighteenandhereIam,hiding. A sigh escaped his pink lips. Well, at least something comes of this, though ...

It was when the Library doors slammed open and a patch of loud footsteps, that Loki went completely silent and stiff. He focused his breathing so that his lungs stayed silent, tapped his fingers quietly to keep himself occupied, and carefully tilted his head so he could see the room and its new occupant. Thor was dressed casually, for a god anyhow. There was no armor today and his tunic was well fitting. From this angle, Loki could see the sun shining off those golden locks and equally on those cyan eyes. Something about Thor had always intrigued Loki. Whether it be his personality or his playful nature, somehow it all calmed him. In a sense, his magic worked better when the elder brother was around. Loki would be able to cast so much easier, more willfully, when he was in the presence of his favorite person.

Yes, Thor was his favorite. And though he knew Thor held no similar recognition, Loki still contained the same emotions. He was happy when Thor searched for him in the childish game of Hide and Seek. As many times as the two had played it together, Thor had never offered such an opportunity to Sif, Sigyn, or Fandral. It had become, over time, their game.

There was something that Loki loved much more than the searching. And that was the finding. When Thor found him he'd say this line, this one line that Loki loved most. It made his heart race and his pale cheeks to flush.

Unconsciously, wanting to be found, Loki began tapping on his thigh quicker and louder and harder. The rhythm had no deeper meaning, or so the blue eyed boy told himself. By accident, as Thor bent to look under a misplaced couch, the raven moaned happily. Which in turn, made the elder brother turn. When those cyan eyes locked onto his own, Loki smile bemusedly back, albeit a small smile.

Thor came bounding over, arms above his head and a beaming grin plastered across his jaw. He climbed the levels until his face was level to Loki's.

"Hey, Loki, guess what?" Thor's breath smelt vaguely of oranges.

"Hm?" A smile peaked through the Loki clouds.

"I've found you." And though, in truth, it wasn't the line that he loved most, it was, in fact, what he loved to hear most in the world.

Because, you see, after that simple and innocent line, came a sweet, victorious kiss.

"Indeed you have, Thor."