A/N: Hey guys! This is my first Sailor Moon fic. I'm no writer; I wrote this to mostly quell the thirst of any R/M shipper (including myself), so go easy on me! This story is going to be heavily manga-centered (with many references to Codename: Sailor V), so read up before you read this!

Or you'll probably be terribly confused.

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Chapter One: Usagi

"Do you like Mina-chan?"

The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. She cursed her spontaneity.

Violet eyes blinked. A delicate hand halted the movements of a spoon.

"What did you say?"

Usagi took a deep breath. She was rather grateful that Rei looked more confused than angry. Maybe she could quit while she was still ahead?

Nah. This question was most likely plaguing the minds of the other senshi too. Rei and Minako had always been rather close from the moment the latter joined the team, but lately everything about their relationship appeared to be so natural, bordering on romantic. There was something about their interactions that made Usagi wonder if it was more than friendship. Even their casual touches showed more intimacy than Haruka and Michiru, for crying out loud!

Yes, Usagi thought. If she saw that, then that could only mean everybody else already did. She might as well as play the big hero, the sacrificial lamb, in order to solve the greatest mystery the universe had ever had.

"Do you," she pointed at Rei for emphasis. "Like Minako?


Rei mulled the unexpected question over in her head. Honestly, she would have been content to listen to Usagi ramble on about Mamoru as she had been doing for the past hour. At least then she could nod and eat her ice cream.

But no, Usagi was making her answer a question. A really strange question, at that. And she knew that when it came to Usagi, a one-word answer would not suffice.

Did she like Minako? She thought back to the first time Minako had appeared. The strange flashes and emotions she felt when she shook Sailor V's hand. How different she was set apart from the others, who were newly-awakened at the time. How she had seemed to be so much more mature, someone Rei had admired and respected.

But then, as time passed on, Minako soon proved to be no less than Usagi's long-lost twin: flaky, irresponsible, and shallow. She inwardly chuckled as she remembered how much of a fuss Minako had kicked up over her private school and its lack of entrance exams.

After that fateful day (and almost kiss, but Rei preferred not to think about that), Rei had gained a new understanding in this side of Minako, as did Minako with the business-like side Rei used to get by at TA. She accepted Sailor Venus' cool maturity as nothing more than a façade.

Then the whole rooftop incident had happened and Rei's perception of Minako was once again turned upside-down. As they proclaimed their choice for duty over love, Rei saw something in Minako she had often seen herself. Loneliness. Anger. Regret. Perhaps the Minako that had ranted endlessly about needing love and a normal high school life was the true façade of all. However, she didn't question it and accepted her for who she was. Minako also continued to respect her choice in not pursuing men, as she revealed she felt the same way. If the two had been close before, then they became positively inseparable, founded on honesty and understanding.

"Yes, I do."

Usagi nearly fell out of her seat in delight and excitement. She—

"She is my best friend, after all."

There was a silence, followed by loud banging.

"…Usagi, what are you doing?!"

Hands shot out to cradle Usagi's face, further preventing the girl from repeatedly smashing her forehead against the table between them.

"It's nothing," she replied, lifting her empty ice cream bowl to her most-likely-reddening forehead. She thanked her big appetite that it was still cold.

"Nothing you could understand, anyway," she mumbled under her breath.

For someone as perceptive and wise as Rei, she could be ridiculously dense when it came to matters of the heart. No wonder her defenses hadn't shot up at the question; she hadn't even understood properly!

But still, as blockheaded as she could be, Rei was about as easy to read as her English homework.

She was failing English.

A subject that, ironically, her twin was excelling in.

It would be too bad if Rei didn't 'like' Minako. The mysterious Sailor Mars and the charismatic Sailor Venus, both beautiful and unwielding? Usagi thought they complemented each other better than Neptune and Uranus.

After all, Usagi was no idiot. Unlike back in their earlier days, Minako didn't need to actively pursue a boy to get one. She was already growing up into her role as the Senshi of Beauty. The fact that she mooned over boys twice as much as Makoto and still didn't have a boyfriend was clearly on purpose.

While Usagi couldn't read Rei, she at least partly understood Minako. Now, if only she could—

"Hey guys!"


Rei's eyes lit up immediately at Minako's arrival.

Like always.

Just maybe, Usagi thought with a slight smile.

She watched as Minako scooted into Rei's personal space across from Usagi. Rei didn't seem to mind. She just smiled that dazzling smile of hers, the one that admirers of her 'cold' persona would have killed to see.

Something was definitely happening behind the scenes with those two, whether they were aware of it or not. I don't care if they've just chosen to not tell us, Usagi decided. She loved Mina and she loved Rei; as long as they were happy together, she was satisfied. Watching them smile at each other and lightly bicker was a pretty sight, after all.

After about ten minutes, Rei stood up and took out her wallet.

"Where are you going?" Minako asked, curious.


"Yeah," Usagi teased. Sometimes she really did love to get a rise out of the girl. "Have to wake up for meditation at four and you need to catch about twelve hours of beauty rest?"

"Actually," Rei started, eyes on the small stack of bills she was currently rifling though.

"I have a date."

A date? Usagi glanced across the table and saw that Minako was not going to go with Rei. In fact, her features were carefully blank and she made no move to open her usually insufferable mouth. She just stared at Rei.

In the silence that ensued, Rei took the opportunity to place enough money on the table to cover all three of them, tip, and any future orders Usagi may want to place. She offered the two a cheeky smile and was on her way.

Intense blue eyes followed her out the door.