AN: Hello everyone and welcome to my new story You're All I Have. A few things you should know are that Ellis never had Alzheimer's and never left Thatcher. Lexie never died and is a troubled high school student dating Jackson living in Boston. Meredith is a Third Grade Detective from Boston transferred to New York partnered with Derek who is a Second Grade Detective at the New York Police Department. Couples will be besides obviously MerDer, Crowen, Calzona and maybe Slexie. Owen is a Sergeant while Callie, Arizona, and Mark are Second Grade Detectives. Cristina is the precinct's attorney. Here is the prologue.

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Grey's. If I did, Lexie would not have died and Mark would not leave after the first two episodes next season and gotten back together with Lexie.

Song-Run-Snow Patrol

Lyric- One Last Time For You

Blood, there was blood everywhere. All Derek Shepherd could remember about the last three hours was the gun going off and the blood. The blood wasn't coming from him it was coming from his partner and the love of his life, Meredith Grey, bleeding out on the floor of their perp, Gary Clark's apartment. His head was spinning and all he could hear was Sergeant Owen Hunt's voice saying, "Come on Meredith, breathe. Cristina needs you, Derek needs you. If you are seeing that big, warm inviting light don't go into that," starting CPR and telling Callie to call 911, before his old shoulder injury starting hurting, as much as he tried to fight through the pain, the pain was too intense for him to keep going.

"Shepherd," was all Derek needed to hear from his friend, before he jumped in and started CPR on Meredith, and even continued even after Clark said, "Stop reviving her or I swear to God, I will shoot you too."

After the paramedics arrived, Derek stood where he was frozen, staring at Clark, before he picked up his gun, pointed it at Clark and shot.

At the hospital, Second Grade Detective Mark Sloan, Derek's best friend was standing in the waiting room.

"Is it true," he said, "About Meredith? Did she actually get shot or did Torres call me here call me here as a joke."

Voice breaking, Derek nodded and said, "It's true," before collapsing in Mark's arms, sobbing. Once he composed himself he asked, "Where is Cristina, considering the fact that her person is in the hospital.

"Still in court and she will be here in a few hours."

Derek nodded and was going to say something else, but Ellis, Thatcher, and Lexie walked into the waiting room, interrupting his thoughts.

As this was going on all Meredith could see was the darkness fading in and noticing a big, white light that she found herself walking into.

If you're confused right now, things will be explained as this story goes on. For one thing, I'm not going to kill Meredith. This will happen later on in the story, I understand this is really short, but chapters will get longer as this story goes on. Review please.