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Meredith and Derek stood up and walked into the squad room, anxious about what was going on.

"Can I get everyone's attention please," Richard said, addressing the crowd. "As you all know, I'm retiring in a few months so I need to choose a replacement captain in order to take the lead on all current cases in the homicide department until I leave. I will still be here just not working on as many cases. Without further ado, can Owen Hunt please join me up here because he is the new captain of the NYPD Homicide Unit," Richard said, motioning for Owen to join him where he was standing.

Reasonably shocked, Owen walked to where Richard was, shook his hand and began to say. "Wow," he began to say, "I just want to say thank you, Richard, for choosing me as the new captain and for everything you have done for this unit," he said, running a hand through his hair.

When he finished, he immediately began talking to a women with black, curly hair, who looked a lot like Cristina Yang, one of Meredith's best friends from Boston, who was the Boston Police Department's Assistant District Attorney which was ran by Bureau Chief ADA Preston Burke, Cristina's boyfriend.

"Meredith," Cristina said, surprised to see her best friend, even though she knew about and was a witness to the reason why they both had transferred from Boston to New York.

"Cristina, hi," Meredith said, giving her best friend a hug.

"You realize this is considered hugging," Cristina said, breaking the hug.

"Shut up, I'm your person and I haven't seen you since I left Boston after well you know."

"Yeah, Burke and I broke up."

"What why, you guys seemed happy when I last saw you."

"Yeah not so much. Anyway, I broke up with him, resigned from Boston's office and transferred here."

"That's great. I haven't talked to you since I left Boston and hopefully Burke took the news of you leaving better than Parker did me leaving. He even said, just because you couldn't save Reed Adamson, Charles Percy, Sadie Harris, and Dylan Young, it doesn't mean that you could just leave. Then he said something about him losing his best detective and then I just resigned and left the next day."

Silence grew and Meredith directed Cristina to the coffee stand after she said that she needed some and grabbed herself a cup. At the coffee stand, Cristina struck up a conversation with Teddy Altman, Bureau Chief Assistant District Attorney for the Manhattan District Attorney office. Meredith had only spoken to Teddy once or twice in the three weeks that she had been at the NYPD, but she was able to gather that she was close friends with Arizona Robbins, who had transferred to the Homicide department a few days earlier and was working with Callie.

"Hey Meredith, there is someone here to see you," Derek said, joining the conversation.

"Ok," Meredith said, her voice dripping with uncertainty. Cristina remained where she was, drinking her coffee before she started talking to Derek. "Cristina Yang," she said, "Nice to meet you, I've been Meredith's best friend since we were both in high school and I can tell that you have a thing for her."

"Derek Shepherd," Derek replied, shaking hands with Cristina and thinking, "How did she figure that out?"

Meredith returned to the conversation, although she had a brunette girl following her closely. "Hey Derek, this is Lexie, my sister who I forgot was staying with me over her Christmas break."

"So that's the guy you're working with." Lexie said, shaking hands with Derek before checking her phone.

"You told her about me?"

"I might have mentioned a few things. Lexie, are you fine with being here on your own because Derek and I have a suspect to talk to and we don't know how long it will take."

"Yeah, but can I run to your apartment and drop my stuff off?"

"Yeah, do you have your car with you?"

"Yeah, but I'm not comfortable going there by myself in a city as big as New York."

"Ok, are you okay with Detective Sloan going with you?"

Lexie nodded and after Meredith informed Mark about what was going on, the two of them left the precinct.

"I probably should have told you about Mark," Derek said as Meredith and he were walking to the interrogation room.

"What about him. Please tell me that I didn't send my sister with some kind of rapist," Meredith said, her voice sounding slightly nervous.

"He's a kind of manwhore, but not a rapist. How old is Lexie?"

"Seventeen, so she is at the legal age."

Feeling an awkward silence, Derek opened the door to the interrogation room and Meredith and he walked in.


"I'll drive," Mark said, opening Lexie's car's door for her.

"It's my car, but you seem nice, so I will let this slide and you're a cop and that means you can speed because I'm pretty sure my car needs gas," Lexie replied, getting into the passenger side of her car.

"Yeah, so you're in high school and as for the gas, your tank is about half full," Mark replied.

"Yeah, but I'm graduating this year."

"So that makes you a senior."

"Yeah and I'm seventeen. I skipped third grade because of my photographic memory."

"I wish I had one, but I'm just stuck with a regular memory of forgetting why I walked into somewhere."

Lexie laughed and checked her phone noticing a text from Jackson, saying, "Can we talk?"

She replied, "What is there to talk about. I have nothing left to say to you and April. I trusted you both and you both screwed me over so don't call or text me until we can meet to talk when I get back," placing her phone back in her pocket and stared out the window. Her phone buzzed again, yet she ignored it.

"You might want to answer that," Mark said, interrupting her thoughts as he pulled into Meredith's apartment's driveway.

"The thing is, I don't," Lexie said, stepping out of the car.

"Ok, what's going on? I know we just met and all, but as your sister's partners best friend, you can trust me," Mark said, after he stepped out of the car.

Lexie didn't answer his question until they got into Meredith's apartment. "Boyfriend issues. We got in a fight one night a couple months ago and it turns out he slept with one of my friends, and it's just been drama between us ever since. Even after I broke up with him, he still won't stop texting me."

"That sucks," Mark said, before pulling Lexie in for a hug and without even thinking kissed her, catching the seventeen year old by surprise. Breaking the kiss, Lexie said, "Detective Sloan we can't be doing this. I'm still in high school and live four hours away, not to mention Meredith would kill me if she found out."

"Sorry, I didn't even think about that and please call me Mark."

"It's okay and for the record, I enjoyed the kiss," Lexie replied, kissing Mark again.

This time it was Mark who broke the kiss, "Lexie, I'm the same age as your sister and you're seventeen."

"Mark," Lexie said, chuckling. "You probably should know that I don't play by the rules, and even though I just met you I can tell that you like me. It's okay, I'm seventeen, which after doing some research I found out that it is the age of consent in New York. So teach me,"she said, taking off her shirt and bra, letting it fall off of her shoulders and onto the floor.

With that, Mark kissed her again, sliding his tongue into her mouth as his hands moved up and down her body toward Meredith's guest room where she was staying.


"How long was that before she lawyered up?" Meredith asked, stepping out of the interrogation room.

"Several hours and she said nothing. I have a feeling that these cases are about to go cold because this could have been our only lead," Derek replied.

"With that, I'm going to head out, it's been a long day and I'm tired. See you tomorrow, Derek."

"See you. Is it really that obvious that I have feelings for her," Derek thought before heading out to his car.


"That was, shit, I can't even talk right now that was so amazing. Not to kill the mood, but where do we go from here as for us. Is it just a onetime sex thing or what is this?" Lexie asked, snuggling up to Mark's chest.

"I honestly cannot answer that question at the moment, but there is the whole issue that you mentioned earlier of you living four hours away, the age difference between us and the fact that Meredith and Derek would kill us if they found out," Mark replied, handing Lexie her phone because Meredith had texted her saying that she was on her way home.

"Yeah," Lexie started to say, but grew quiet when she heard keys jiggling in the lock.

"What do I do?" Mark whispered.

"Hide in the bathroom," Lexie replied, hiding under a blanket, hearing Mark run into the bathroom, his clothes still on the floor of her bedroom.

"Lexie, I'm home and I have Chinese for dinner," Lexie heard Meredith say as she walked into her room.

"Awesome," Lexie said, not leaving where she was on the bed, flinching when Meredith turned the light on.

"Are you naked under here, was I interrupting anything?" Meredith asked, noticing the clothes on the floor. "I'm going to use the bathroom anyway."

"No, don't go in there. I was just in there and trust me you do not want to go in there."

"Lexie, its fine. We all do it," Meredith said, walking into the bathroom. "Oh My God, Mark, what are you doing in here?" seeing Mark barely wearing a towel.

Throwing on some Hello Kitty pajamas, Lexie walked into the bathroom, seeing Meredith's face go from shocked to visibly angry as she put two and two together. Turning to Lexie, her voice turning to ice, "Alexandra Caroline Grey, I'm sure that Mom will love to hear this story when you get home, in fact I will be going with you when you leave in order to make sure Mom hears about this!"

Lexie nodded, eyes filling with tears, mouthing, "If I still can I'll call you later," to Mark.

"As for you," Meredith continued, turning to Mark, "We need to go outside to talk about this because I'm pretty sure that the neighbors have heard enough things coming from this house for today."

When they got outside, Mark immediately said, "Meredith I can explain."

"Explain what. That you were just here to drop off Lexie's stuff and it was a coincidence that I walked on you after you had sex with my sister. She is seventeen, still in high school, has a boyfriend, and lives four hours away. For the rest of the time she is here, just keep Little Sloan out of Little Grey. In fact, until she is out of high school keep Little Sloan out of Little Grey," Meredith said, scoffing.

"Meredith, you're wrong on that one. It's actually Big Sloan."

Meredith rolled her eyes at Mark's comment and took a deep breath, walking toward the entrance to her apartment. It was time to get Lexie's side of the story.


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