Chapter Two: Who is she?!

"Who is this woman?" was the one question on everyone's mind. This woman, who appeared out of nowhere, made John smile like a little school boy and Sherlock forget that he was in the same room with a dead body... a very interesting dead body! Sherlock began to exam the scene again, taking in his surroundings and deducing everything he could about the body.

"John," he called the man over.

"Right," John muttered and lowered himself so he was even with the victim and started his usual task of looking over the body. As he moved some hair from her neck he noticed a small puncture wound that could have been made by a syringe.

"Sherlock, look here," he said to the consultant detective. Sherlock lowered himself beside the doctor and saw the wound John was gesturing towards.

"Do you think that she was poisoned?" John asked.

"Possibly. There are no other wounds that would point to how she was murdered otherwise," Sherlock answered.

"Alright Sherlock, what do you got?" Lestrade asked the man as he stood up and walked around the body.

"She was an artist and she has been seeing the man who lives here for a couple of months or longer. She was planning on seducing him when he got home, but the killer came and put an end to all that."

"Okay, care to elaborate?" Lestrade asked. Sherlock gave a dramatic sigh and muttered something about "silly little brains."

"She has rough patches and small callouses from where she uses a pencil excessively and she has light smudge marks on the side of her hand and on her finger tips where she would rub her hand across the page and blend the color of the pencil when she shaded her drawings. Though she has a passion for art, she hates the way it leaves her hand so she uses lotion to keep her hands smooth, so she cares about her appearance." Sherlock spoke as he pointed out the facts that were all over her hands.

"Brilliant," John whispered which earned him a small smirk from the ranting detective.

"Does he do that a lot?" Amelia asked Lestrade pointing to John. Lestrade simply rolled his eyes and gave a grunt and nod in response before Sherlock continued.

"She is comfortable here and has been here often, which is seen by the fact that there are scattered items around the house that belong to her, such as her art utensils, and because she was here alone. She was planning on seducing him, which is evident her state of dress, and she was in the middle of doing her make-up to make an impression, but it is half finished because the killer interrupted her."

"Bloody brilliant," John said shaking his head.

"You do realize that you said that out loud?" Amelia smirked as she cocked her head to the side taking in John's face of awe. A blush spread across his cheeks as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Sorry, out of habit," he answered her, which made her smirk grow and his blush spread even more.

"Did I miss anything?" Sherlock questioned his audience who stared at him blankly.

"Yes," Amelia spoke up. Everyone's head spun towards her. Sherlock never missed anything. He took in everything and deduced it perfectly. For him to miss something seemed improbable, no, impossible and for Amelia to claim that he did stunned the whole room. She simply smirked and continued with her statement.

"If you look at the finger where her wedding band should be, it says a lot. The fact that there is barely a difference in the skin tone where the ring should be tells that she frequently took her ring off to go out and cheat on her husband with random men or possibly just the man who owns this house."

Sherlock looked down at her ring finger seeing that there was barely a difference in skin tone. Something that was easily over looked. Especially with the victims pale complex, the thin line almost blended in with the rest of her skin.

"I mean she is an artist and could have simply taken it off to work but," she started again and cross the room taking a pen out of her back pocket. She lifted a silver band that was buried under papers off a table nearby, something else that Sherlock missed, "this ring looks like it would be a bit tight and hard to take off. And there is also small flecks of paint on it showing that she would wear it when she would do her work."

"The fact that she isn't wearing her wedding ring hints towards the fact she was in an unhappy marriage. Either he was a horrid husband and didn't pay much attention to her or she got tired of him and enjoyed the thrill of being with someone else. The man that owns this house, that she has been having an affair with, knows about the husband since she took her ring off and left it in plain sight for him to see."

Sherlock blinked and then quickly looked at her hand once again. He turned back towards her with a sulking expression.

"You're right, I did miss it," Sherlock grumbled, "There is always something."

The members of Scotland Yard stood in shock, all thinking the same thing: "Who is she?!" This woman got a smile and a hug out the proclaimed sociopath and from the army doctor, she made Sherlock forget about a dead body that was only a few feet away from him, she pointed out something that Sherlock missed which just never happens... ever. And she deduced exactly what he missed just as Sherlock himself would. Who in the name of God is she?