Hey guys, this is my first upload to the site, but definetly not my last. I have many other works in progress, I like having many projects going at one time so if I get bored with one, I have another to work on. After reading Peekabooo's Hottie With The Sexy Body, I was inspired. So I give credit to her for the idea, I just wanted to build off of it. Now if she plans on also building off it, I apologize. But hopefully you'll love this.

"I'm telling you guys, we need to get Hotch to let us have more days off!" Prentiss giggled out, almost dropping one of the many shopping bags in her hands. JJ and Garcia agreed with a laugh as the went down the street filled with glee. They had been through four stores already, causing havoc in each of them as they cleared the shelves on a shopping spree. They each had bags full of merchandise hanging from each hand.

"What store should we hit next? I hear they're having a great sale down at-" Garcia was cut off by a large gasp coming from JJ.

"Oh my God..." JJ uttered staring at an unknown target, her arms limp by her side. The two other women followed her gawk, only to have similar one become plastered on their faces when they saw the subject of her stare. All three women stood in the middle of the sidewalk, completely oblivious to the foot traffic going around them, staring with wide eyes and dropped jaws into the fitness center on the side of the street. Inside, unaware of his onlookers, was Reid. He was working on a stiff punching bag, throwing hooks and jabbing it. He threw one last punch, then stepped back and let out a deep breath.

"This is wrong, so very wrong..." Prentiss murmured, her eyes still locked on Reid's body, which was clad in a black muscle shirt, athletic shorts, and a pair of Adidas. "If he looks over here and sees up, he's going to freak out."

"I know, but that body... oh dear God, that body!" JJ cried, her eyes watching as Reid's muscular arm lifted a water bottle to his mouth, squeezing water into it. The trio watched as Reid walked into a locker room towards the back of the gym, disappearing. The three were disappointed to see that the show was over, only to see Reid emerge again, carrying a thick book. He went over to a treadmill and stepped up onto it, pressing a button. Propping the book up on the screen, Reid slowly went from a walk, to a jog, to a steady run. Garcia felt herself snap out of a bit of a trance. She looked over at her two friends, shaking their shoulders.

"Isn't this something Morgan should be doing? Not our geeky little Reid?" Garcia asked them.

JJ shook her head and blinked a few times. Prentiss' eyes started drifting back towards the gym, only to have Garcia snap her fingers. "Focus! What do we do? We need to get Morgan down here, that's what!" Garcia took out her phone, only to have JJ grab her wrist.

"This is Reid's personal stuff, we shouldn't be messing with it." JJ said sadly, her eyes wanting to go stare at Reid's body some more.

Garcia shook her hand off. "I do not care! I am texting Morgan to get down here!" Garcia replied stubbornly. She texted Morgan saying, Come to the fitness center on 7th street right now! It's an EMERGENCY! She sent the text, looking back inside. Reid was still running, his eyes flying up and down the page, his hands having to turn it often.

"How could we have not noticed him getting... well more muscular?" Prentiss asked in a complete monotone, her eyes once again staring at Reid.

"Because of those baggy clothes he wears? They have been getting baggier lately..." JJ's voice drifting off as Reid lifted a muscle clad arm to wipe sweat off his forehead.

Garcia's phone buzzed, alerting her of a text. She looked down to see it was from Morgan. Opening it, she read it aloud. "Alright, Morgan says, What's the big emergency baby girl? Is someone hurt?" Garcia sent a text back saying, Nothing's wrong, just get here! We have a big surprise! With that, she rejoined Prentiss and JJ, staring at Reid. Inside, still completely oblivious to his fans outside, another gym patron walked up to Reid.

"Hey man, can you actually read that fast?" The man asked, looking at Reid flip the page again. Reid slowed the machine, so he could more easily answer. He had heard that question many times before, recalling one time when the father of a victim in a kidnapping, Evan Davenport, asked him. He answered the way he answered Mr. Davenport.

"Our conscious minds can process sixteen bits of information per second. Our unconscious, however, can process eleven million." As per usual, he got a blank stare from the man.

"Yes, I can actually read this fast." He said, sighing. He dialled the treadmill back up, restarting his steady run. Outside, the BAU ladies watched the exchange.

"What do you think they're talking about in there?" JJ asked the other two, who were ignoring the stares of passing pedestrians.

"Based on past knowledge, probably something about him reading so fast." Garcia replied, her phone buzzing again. She reluctantly took her eyes of the young genuis to check it. "Morgan says he'll be here in a couple minutes. We've got something for him..." Her eyes locking back on Reid. He was nearing halfway in the thick book, taking in every word. For the next couple minutes, nothing changed. Reid ran and read, and the women stared and gawked. After a few minutes, someone shook Garcia's shoulder. She looked up to see a the curious face of Derek Morgan.

"So why am I here? What's this 'big surprise'?" He asked, making quotation marks with his fingers. Morgan looked at his three coworkers, watching them try to keep their eye's focused on him.

"Well, uh, well we were walking down the street after getting a great deal at Old Navy, when we saw that!" Garcia turned back towards the gym, her finger pressed up against the glass, pointing at Reid. The other three turned, and Morgan was, indeed, surprised.

"Woah.." He muttered. "Isn't that something I should be doing?" Morgan asked, wondering why his brainiac friend was so muscular.

"That's what we asked..." Prentiss replied, and all four continued to stare.


"Can I have another one, Daddy?" Jack asked, trying to grab another piece of chocolate.

"You've already had three, Jack! Do you want to be bouncing around all night?" Hotch asked his son. Jack nodded wildly. Hotch sighed. "Fine, but this is the last one, alright?" He handed Jack the chocolate, dropping his sunglasses in the process. As he bent over to pick them up, he saw a peculiar scene in front of him. Four of his agents were standing in front of a fitness center, faces almost pressed up against the glass. Hotch grabbed Jack's hand and walked over to them.

"What are you doing?" Hotch asked with a concerned face. When he got no response, Jack reached out and grabbed JJ's hand shaking it. JJ once again shook her head, and the four turned to see their boss.

"Oh, uh, hey Hotch..." Prentiss greeted him awkwardly. Hotch shot a curious glance at them.

"What are you four doing...?" He asked cautiously.

"Oh, uh, just, you know, window shopping..." Garcia said. One of Hotch's eyebrows shot up.

"Window shopping, eh? I didn't know they sold stuff at this fitness gym." Hotch said with rare sarcasm, turning to look at the object of their obsession. The four watched as Hotch's stoic look slid off his face, replaced by a look of complete surprise. "Should I start putting him in the field more...?" Hotch questioned himself. The other four turned back, and they all watched Reid continue to run and read. After a minute or so, someone came up to him.

"Excuse me Sir, I just wanted you to know that there are five people outside watching you." A confused look came on Reid's face as the man walked away. He turned his head to see these people. Quickly, Reid's eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped as he saw his boss and coworkers watching him.. He started to stumble, quickly hitting the stop button, grabbing his book, and sprinting to the locker room in a panic.

"Damn, we lost him." JJ said disappointedly.

"Well I don't blame him. I think I'd freak out if I were him." Morgan said, turning back to face the others.

Back inside, Reid changed into his street clothes - a dark purple shirt & tie, a black sweater vest, his converse, and black slacks - in a frenzy. He stuffed his gym clothes in his bag quickly, putting some deodorant on in the process. How was he going to get out? He couldn't go out front! He looked around, seeing a back door. He ran over to it, shoving it open. It led into an alley behind the center. Reid started sprinting to the left.