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Chapter 4

Reid plopped down in bed. What was he going to do in the morning? It would be suicide to walk into that office in the morning, but he still had to. He would attempt to dodge the questions, but he knew eventually he'd give in. Without realizing it, Reid drifted off into an alcohol-induced sleep. Several hours later, Reid was jarred awake by a blaring alarm. Moaning and covering his ears, Reid accidentally rolled off the end of the bed, hitting the ground hard. It definitely woke him up, only for him to moan at the light coming in the window. He'd been up for a few second, and already Reid had a blaring headache. Reaching up and smacking his alarm clock, he got up, showered, changed, shaved, and made some coffee. Looking in the mirror while waiting for the coffee, Reid thought that he didn't look to terrible. Combing his hair a bit, Reid grabbed his coffee, poured sugar in it, and walked out the door. He arrived at the BAU office, going and sitting at his desk immediately. He sat back, sunglasses on, not realizing he was falling asleep. He definitely woke up when Morgan tipped him out of the ground, making him hit the ground hard for the second time today. Moaning, he looked up to see the grinning faces of Prentiss, JJ, Garcia, and Morgan. Sitting up on the floor, Reid crossed his arms, pouting like a small child.

"Alright, Pretty Boy, better spill." Morgan said expecting the kid to spill everything quite quickly.


"What?!" A shocked looked crossed their faces. Reid hardly ever refused to talk to them. Usually they were the ones who had to tell Reid to be quiet in the middle of one of his infamous babbles.

"My personal life, my business. Just because you decided to watch me quite creepily through a window doesn't mean I have to tell you everything." He said.

"Reid, honey, it was all an accident!" Garcia said, flustered. "We accidentally saw you at the workout center, then we decided to go to this supposedly hip new club that you just so happened to own!

"Whatever, I'm out of here!" Reid got up pushing past them.

"You ain't going no where, Reid!" Morgan tackled him from behind, taking him to the ground for the third time that day. They started wrestling. The ladies wanted to join in, so they all dog-piled on top of Reid. Hearing the commotion, Hotch came out of his office to see the scene unfolding. Grinning, he ripped off his suit, revealing a superhero costume under it. Pulling a mask over his face, his outfit was complete.

"I AM THE BOSS-MAN!" Hotch screamed, jumping up on the catwalk railing. He jumped off, landing on top of the pile, screaming about liberty and justice. Then, one David Rossi walked in, dressed as a clown. He looked at the pile of agents in front of him and stared giggling. Popping a piece of bubble gum in his mouth, He blew a giant bubble that enveloped the pile. Disconnecting the gum from his mouth, the bubble floated up in the air, the people inside stuck. Just then, the president of the United States walked in. The agents, not noticing the POTUS standing in the room, pulled out their guns and started shooting away. The thing that happened next came in slow motion. A bullet, coming from JJ's gun, went straight out of the bubble and towards POTUS' head. Right before it struck though…


Section Chief Erin Strauss sat up straight in bed, breathing heavily from the strange dream about the BAU team that she just had.

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