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The sunlight peeked through the bedroom window as it slowly crept up Diana's beautiful face. Awakened from her sleep, she felt the warmth from both the sunlight beaming down on her and his body pressed against her back. Diana continued to lie on her side as she looked down at the muscular arm draped over her waist, anchoring her comfortably between him and the bed. Smiling, she slowly turned and faced her husband to watch him sleep peacefully. There was nothing better than waking up from a refreshing and relaxing sleep with Bruce, the love of her life – it was moments like these that truly made Diana the happiest. For a moment, it was just the two of them, by themselves, enjoying each other's embrace without a care in the world. It was the only time she could ever consistently count on seeing Bruce's face at peace. No pain to hold back, no Batman, no Bruce Wayne, no masks, no glare, no thinking, no analyzing, no logic, no missions, no troubles, no problems. Nothing. For a moment, that one moment, only the happiness they shared together filled their minds.

Diana couldn't help but grin as she continued to watch him. Bruce's face was so calm, breathing in a harmonious rhythm with the rest of his body. She looked down, seeing all the old scares and wounds that covered his otherwise perfect chest. Not wanting to wake him, Diana refrained herself from gliding her fingertips across each and every one of them. She would normally do so whenever she needed or wanted to remind herself of just how lucky she is to have Bruce alive and well. Diana's eyes drifted back up to Bruce's face until she saw his mouth slowly crack a smile. "Good morning Princess." Her eyes darted up to his as they stared at each other before he kissed her on her forehead.

Diana's grin widened as she playfully pushed Bruce away, making him lie on his back so she could rest her head on his chest. "I wish moments like these would last forever."

Holding her close, Bruce chuckled. "Moments like what? Waking up? We do that everyday."

Diana rolled her eyes while smacking him on his chest. "You know what I mean… besides, YOU don't wake up everyday."

"I don't?" Bruce smirked as he raised an eyebrow.

Diana crawled on top of Bruce, resting her chin on top of her hands as she looked down at him. "Half of the time I wake up in our bed by myself only to find you still working down in the cave."

Bruce began playing with Diana's hair with his fingers. "Well… if you woke up with me by your side everyday, you wouldn't cherish it as much."

Diana laughed. "Looks like you're coming to bed with me every night if you can't come up with something better than that. Care to try again?"

Bruce interlocked his fingers as he placed his hands on the small of her back. "Hmm… how about... If I woke up everyday with you by my side, I might take you for granted?"

Diana stared at him in disappointment. "Meh… what else you got?"

Bruce thought about it for a second before a grin appeared on his face. He watched Diana raise an eyebrow in curiosity. "Here is Princess Diana, the Champion of the Amazons… the all mighty, great, and powerful Wonder Woman. Have I done the impossible and made this once proud and independent Amazon become so dependent on the need to wake up with me by her side everyday?"

Diana hung her jaw in shock. So much for arguing… Bruce just ended it knowing that Diana's pride wouldn't allow her to say that she needed to wake up in his arms. "Manipulative bastard…" She pouted her lips as she watched Bruce's grin continue to widen. "Shut up" Diana playfully kneed him in the crotch as he started to laugh.

Bruce flinched before flipping Diana on her back. Quickly rolling on top of her, he pinned Diana's hands above her head with his. they lustfully stared into each other's eyes knowing that the mind games had begun. With Bruce's face inches away from hers, Diana couldn't help but bite her bottom lip as a mischievous grin formed across her face. His eyes slowly rolled down as his gaze fell upon her perfectly voluptuous breasts before moving onto the rest of her beautifully perfect and curvaceous body. Bruce took his time soaking in the perfection that was Diana as his sights returned to her pearly blue eyes. He watched Diana seductively lick her lips as she rubbed her silky smooth thighs against his. "First you knee me in the crotch… and now you're teasing me? You're going to pay for that…"

"My Lord… all your weapons and forces are in position and ready to strike." The nervous but faithful servant kneeled before his powerful ruler.

The room was dark as the only sources of light were emanating from the fire burning on the two torches standing on each side of the throne. The floor and walls were covered in grime and ash, further amplifying the cold dark atmosphere within the chamber. It didn't help calm the servant's nerves to see the dead bodies of the other servants who had the unfortunate task of reporting less than satisfying news to Lord Darkseid. The blood red eyes of his Master narrowed as he stood up. "Prepare my forces for the invasion of Earth. It is time for Kal-El to bow before me as I destroy everything he so foolishly tries to protect."

"Yes Lord Darkseid" The servant quickly rushed out the door to leave his Master alone with his thoughts.

It has been more than five years since The Justice League last saw Darkseid disappear with Lex Luthor along with the anti-life equation. Darkseid realized what Lex Luthor had already known about the powers of the anti-life equation the instant he touched the glowing artifact and was teleported to the edge of the universe. It was created to give its possessors the ultimate knowledge and power to rule the universe… to be able to know everything in the universe while having the highest mental intellect of any being. Wanting to be the sole possessor of this ultimate power, Darkseid immediately killed Luthor with his omega beam after forcing him to translate the inscriptions. Over the years, he mastered the powers of the anti-life equation while traveling from one side of the universe to the other, collecting the most powerful weapons and technological equipment to conquer anyone and everyone who would oppose him. Darkseid's journey through space left a trail of death and complete annihilation of the worlds that drew the horrible fate of having what he desired.

Darkseid walked out onto the balcony, watching his forces eagerly waiting to be teleported to Earth by the use of the Boom Tubes. His massive army stood in the millions, armed with the most powerful weapons in the universe. He gazed around his world of Apokolips, lava constantly bursting out into the atmosphere from the multiple geysers across the land and filling the ground with soot and grime. Parademons were flying through the crimson skies as ash clouds continue to grow from each and every volcanic eruption. If there was a place that truly defined hell, this was it. "I have waited a long time for this day Kal-El…On this day, the universe shill witness the dawning of a new era."

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