Adjustments: A Fire Emblem Fanfiction



My story? Well, it actually begins long ago. My name is Mihara of Staltone, country of the horse laguz led by Lord Keenan and his mate, Lady Gwenna. I, however, am no horse laguz. Rather, I am of a bird, but I am not like the nearby country of Ailon, with its swan laguz led by Lady Laurel. I am a sort of bird of prey, and instincts tell me I am a hawk. Why I am the only one, I have no idea. Our three intersecting countries, Nylonti being the last with its otter laguz, are not very large and are completely surrounded by water. I grew up here and love it here, despite my own mysterious background, and would do anything to defend it.


A young woman resting in her bed stretched and yawned, kicking the covers off of her body, which was clad in a nightgown. She ran a hand through her messy black hair that fell to just below her shoulders before running the hand down her face, sighing heavily. It was another early morning that she had woken. She just couldn't sleep lately… She had strange dreams about these two people with dark wings and a large enormous cat with a tiny sparrow on its shoulder. Whatever this dream was, it constantly woke her at least a half hour early from her slumber. Consequently, she couldn't fall asleep again and ended up waking her friend and roommate so that they could start their duties for the day. As she let her bare feet touch the chilled stone floor, she then stretched her deep red wings, which were about nine feet in length. Turning her nearly-glowing golden eyes to the other person in the room that was still asleep, she tiptoed over and shook her lightly. "Aislyn. Come on, it's time to wake up."

The other young woman in the bed grumbled unhappily and flipped over, her dark brown horse ears pinning back against her skull. "Go away, Mihara… I want to sleep for once…"

"You know that Lord Keenan is probably already up and waiting for us," Mihara pointed out, walking back to her dresser, selecting her clothes for the day. "I'm going ahead and changing."

Aislyn heaved a heavy sigh and remained still while Mihara changed her clothes. Though, she still went ahead and sat up in bed, removing her covers, revealing her black horse tail, her dark brown hair, and weary green eyes. Once Mihara called that she was done, Aislyn stood up, her legs a little wobbly at first. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and told Mihara, "Go on ahead. I'll meet you outside."

"Okay. But if you don't show up in ten minutes, I'm coming back to get you," Mihara threatened as she moved out the door, leaving a slightly pouting Aislyn, staring at her bed with despair. Once Mihara closed the door, she moved on down the enormous hallway until she reached the light outside. The sun had barely even peaked over the horizon of the mountains that surrounded the giant valley that was Staltone, with a grand lake in the center. Clad in her light green loose, sleeveless shirt that reached down to just below her waist and her tight-fitting capris that flared out at her shin, emphasizing her sandals that were black and reached up around her ankle securely, Mihara moved out towards the small cliff where the Staltonian palace sat, overlooking the valley. Sitting down at the edge and daring to dangle her feet over the edge, Mihara awaited Aislyn's arrival.

True to her word, the horse laguz was now ready, looking more awake and wearing her usual clothes of a dark green shirt with short sleeves, long jeans, and her black boots. She swished her tail back and forth, giving Mihara a threatening look. "Are you happy? I'm here, and I don't see Lo-"

"You don't see who, Aislyn?" boomed a voice of pure authority. Aislyn yelped, turned, and bowed as Mihara scrambled up to do the same. Before them stood a tall man with grown out black hair that reached into his brown eyes. Atop his head were golden horse ears that constantly moved, always listening for danger. His black tail was very long, nearly touching the ground, even though he was easily six foot three. He was giving the two a stern look before he softened his gaze and even cracked a smile. "Come now, you two. Stand straight. Thank you. Were you both heading out for your morning patrols?"

"Yes, sir," Aislyn replied, her face now straight and serious. Keenan was one man that held her complete respect, and she was an honored laguz to be his right hand woman. Mihara merely gave a silent nod, not quite as formal with him, but still polite and courteous to the man that had taken her in. He had found her in the valley as a baby, only two years old, and brought her in under his wing.

"Very well. Carry on, and I'll see you two at breakfast with the herd." Keenan turned and walked off, heading back towards Gwenna, who was waiting for him back at the entrance.

Aislyn looked back at Mihara and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Alright. See you in a little bit." With a flash of light brown light, in Aislyn's place then stood a very tall Morgan horse. She nickered and took off down the hill into the valley. Mihara watched her go, and then smirked slightly before running to the cliff and jumping. She soared through the air for just a moment before she was engulfed by a crimson red flash of light. Beating her wings, she raised higher in the sky, now in her full hawk form and much larger. She veered off towards the left side of the valley, leaving the right side to Aislyn. Her sharp eyes were turned towards the ground, looking for any signs of trouble or just anything that was out of place. Many times, there were injured horse laguz in the valley from fights with other men for a woman, and they never received aid until the morning, when either Mihara or Aislyn found them. For the longest time in Staltone, there had been no help given to the laguz who fought for a female, but as of late, many of them had received severe wounds and ended up passing on. With a tiny shudder, it made Mihara happy that she was never the center of a fight like that. After all…she was the only one in the three countries that was a hawk. Some swan men had made passes at her, but nothing too serious.

For her, it was rather lonely. Some days, she didn't mind being the only one, but after being the only one for around twenty-six years…it got tiring. She did long for someone to be with her, but she still wanted someone of her own race. Forget the whole "beggars can't be choosers" thing... I know that so many people are there for me. They always have been and always will be, but…that still can't fill this void in my heart.

On and on Mihara flew, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. As she reached the far end of the valley thirty minutes later, she turned around and began to head back towards the palace by going down the center of the valley. The palace was simple, yet very nice, looking somewhat like a regular barn. It had four stories, with Keenan and Gwenna residing at the top. The two floors below that were for guests and any who needed safe rest indoors, and the bottom floor held the kitchen, which was only used for guests, and the throne room, as well as other small rooms for idle conversations. To Mihara, it felt like a home she could return to, but it wasn't necessarily the home she was looking for. She wanted to see flapping wings, other birds, and more open sky for her to fly in…something more related to her domain.

She met up with Aislyn at the entrance to the palace once she returned, both having nothing to report to the other or to the Horse Lord. They walked into the palace, only to see that not a soul was inside. Aislyn frowned and muttered, "Maybe we took too long? Were they already out in the valley?"

"I saw them all heading towards the lake," Mihara suddenly recalled, having spotted the large herd moving off in the distance.

Aislyn glared at her and smacked her friend on the hand with her tail, drawing for a protest from Mihara at how it stung. "You didn't think to tell me already? Why didn't you go ahead and meet up with them?"

"Well, I figured that you might not have passed by them, yet, so…" Mihara trailed off. "Oh, whatever. I'll race you to them."

"Again?" Aislyn grinned, walking back outside. "Alright. Let's go on three. One…"


"Three!" they both exclaimed, shifting back into their full forms and shooting off towards the lake. While Mihara may have had the advantage to fly, the horse laguz were the quickest land creatures Mihara had seen. Aislyn was easily able to keep up with the hawk laguz, pushing her legs to run as fast as they could, Mihara flapping her wings to gain even more speed. The ground was a mere blur beneath both of them as they caught up to the herd, which had only been ten minutes into the walk to the lake. Mihara glanced down and saw that Aislyn was actually gaining ground on her. She attempted at speeding up just a little more as they came to the herd, but a breeze suddenly blasted against her, throwing her off-balance. Aislyn raced into the herd before rearing and whinnying with victory. Mihara regained her balance and steadied herself. Turning her gaze down to look at her, she grumbled, "If that turbulence hadn't hit me, I would've won."

"Maybe next time!" Aislyn's nickers sounded suspiciously like laughter, and Mihara sighed. From the head of the herd, Mihara saw Keenan turn back to see what had caused the commotion, and once he saw who it was, he merely shook his head and walked on, his proud golden mustang coat gleaming in the morning sun.

The hawk laguz continued to fly above the herd, watching them graze in peace near the shimmering lake. A few of the young ones even ran and jumped in, splashing about and swimming, making games out of it. They ran out and began to play a game of tag, sending water droplets flying around everywhere, but those they hit didn't mind or even hardly notice. Having the foals play was just a way of life. Once more, the slight tinge of jealously wormed its way into Mihara's feelings. Sure, she had grown up playing with the horses, but there was still no one to share the experience of flying with. All of them were too scared to ride on her back in their half forms, but she couldn't carry even the foals in her talons for fear of hurting them. Still…this feeling of emptiness…it hardly ever plagued her this much in a single day. Maybe I'm just getting a feeling that today won't be eventful, so I'm too busy thinking about other stuff, she muttered in her head. There had to be a reason for it, at least.

The day carried on slowly. The herd migrated from the lake to different parts of the valley, grazing, running, resting, chattering idly. Mihara spent a good bit of her day just flying. A few times she landed to rest her wings for a moment and speak with a few of the other laguz. She felt like a real part of their family…but in every family, there were many internal conflicts.

"…can't even win a simple race," came a chortle from a nearby colt of a draft breed. He was rather large for his two year old self, filling out nicely with white feathers on his legs near his hooves, contrasting from his dark brown coat, mane, and tail. His brown eyes stared Mihara down with a loathing in his eyes. Indeed, many conflicts came from those who didn't think that a bird belonged in the family of proud equine beasts, but that she should have been given to Lady Laurel, queen of the swan laguz. Still, Keenan stood by his decision to let her remain with the herd, and those who didn't approve were ordered not to bother her. Also, like in large families, there was always at least the one rule-breaker.

Mihara touched down onto the ground, not letting go of her full form. In fact, even though this young colt was very tall, she was still easily a foot taller than him. Her golden eyes pierced his own brown orbs, challenging him. "Is there something you would like to say to my face, Turent?"

Turent snorted fiercely from his nostrils, raising his head in defiance. "Say? Why, no, not at all. After all…my actions speak louder than my words…wouldn't you say?" The few other young mares gathered around Turent whinnied in agreement with him, swishing their tails about while gazing at him with fantasizing adoration.

Mihara could've puked at the sight of them. She spread her wings and screeched at Turent, completely spooking the mares. "Is that a challenge, colt?"

Turent hadn't even flinched at her actions, but continued staring her down as an acceptance. He turned towards the closest exit to the herd and began to walk. "Over here."

Mihara couldn't hardly even wait. She flapped her wings to lift off the ground, ignoring the questioning and slightly panicked look that Aislyn was giving her from a short distance away. Several times, colts challenged Mihara to a fight, but she rarely accepted because she knew that on both sides, there were unfair advantages…though most were on her side. She could easily fly out of reach of attacks and use air currents to her advantage, not to mention fly in the path of the sun to blind whomever she was fighting. …Something must really be bothering her today. She's not been herself…

Once they were a safe enough distance from the herd, Mihara flew low to the ground, within easy reach of the colt, who then pawed at the ground with anticipation. In the distance, the ever-watchful eyes of Keenan gazed, wondering why the two were starting a fight with each other. Aislyn approached his side, inquiring, "…Should I stop them?"

"No, let them be. Turent could use a dosage of humility." Keenan couldn't help but chuckle at the sight, remembering times from when he was but a young colt, picking fights to impress the equally young mares.

Aislyn ignored his ending chuckle, but noted on his first short sentence, "So, you believe there isn't any challenge here?"

"None whatsoever. Mihara will show him what it means to fight the sky. After all…it is her realm, not ours."

Mihara pretended to give off a yawn as she hovered before Turent. "Any day now would be very much appreciated. I would say that I have places to be, but obviously, that isn't the case. After all, I've been- oh…I've been here, with the herd, all my years…haven't I?"

Turent's eyes flashed with rage, and he charged without warning towards Mihara. As he was just within reach, he reared, jerking his hooves towards Mihara's wings, hoping to ground her and put her at his mercy. However, before he could even aim, she had dashed to the side and taunted him further by flicking his back with a talon. He screamed with anger and bucked, kicking his back legs out. Mihara carefully dodged those blows, as well, though it came a little closer than his first attack. "Are you sure you don't want to give up now and spare yourself any embarrassment, Turent?"

"Never!" Turent whipped around, trying to keep his prey in his line of sight. He pinned his ears back and snapped his teeth at her, trying to show her how serious he really was.

"Okayyy." Mihara sighed, nearly feeling bad for the young colt. Last time she had really fought, he had probably been too young to remember, or else he may not have challenged her. She flew higher into the air, lining herself up with the sun, dismissing his calls of her being a coward and running. Angling herself just right, she took a deep breath, reminding herself to be careful and not hurt him. She tucked her wings in and dove at him, her talons fully extended. As he saw her rapidly approaching figure, he froze, unsure of what to do. Before he even knew what had happened, Mihara wrapped her talons around his body, securing them under his belly, and lifted him from the ground. It took a lot of effort, because more developed horses were extremely heavy, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold him for long. Besides, it wasn't helping that he was now thrashing about violently, screaming, trying to break free and let his hooves touch solid ground again. "Stay still and you won't get hurt," she growled to him, tightening her grip.

Naturally, he didn't remain still. So, Mihara took him towards the lake, since the herd had come back for an evening drink before they went back towards the palace for the night. Once she hovering over at just the right spot, where she knew it was deep enough for him, she released him in one quick motion, the draft horse screaming the whole way down, crashing like thunder onto the water. It took two or three seconds before he broke the surface, gasping for air. As he swam towards the ground he could touch, Keenan was standing there, waiting. His eyes watched Turent pull himself from the water before looking at the Horse Lord with a frightened gaze. "…What is going on here, Turent?"

"M-my Lord…I'm-"

"Sorry, I know. Do you believe it was wise to challenge Mihara?"

"N-…No, My Lord…"

Keenan snorted quietly and turned his gaze towards Mihara as she landed close to him. She gave him a bow of her head. "I'm sorry, Lord Keenan."

"No apologies necessary, Mihara. I'll deal with young Turent. How about you take a flight and cool off? Xavier was expecting a visit from you soon."

Mihara paused, taking time to consider his suggestion. As Aislyn trotted near them, trying to analyze the situation, she nodded. "I'll do that. I could…use the time." Turning toward Aislyn as she spread her wings, she said, "I'll be back early tomorrow to help you, as usual."

"…Right. See you then."

Aislyn watched her close friend take off into the air and fly off, towards Nylonti, where the otter laguz lived along a coastline of beaches. She shook her head, but agreed that she could use some time to herself. With a look from Keenan, she cantered off, preparing to scout around the area once more before bed, into the settling darkness.

Mihara flew as fast as she could, wanting to get away from the others. She couldn't help but enjoy the adrenaline rush that fighting gave her, but that wasn't even a fight. She had only wanted to give Turent a little dose of reality, that she wasn't just a weak little bird, but rather, a master of the skies. There was a reason Keenan kept her around, and he needed to realize that. Still…she felt so conflicted about it all. Darkness had claimed the land when she reached the beaches, making it hard to continue flying all the way to the palace, where King Xavier was awaiting her arrival. She touched down on the beach in her half form, deciding to walk the rest of the way. She dragged her feet along the white sand, just out of reach of the waves that came calmly sweeping onto the shoreline. Small nighttime scavengers were out, scurrying about around her, searching for food. She watched them as she walked, her feeling of emptiness increasing. Her eyes caught sight of a spiky conch shell, perfectly formed, lying on the sand without an inhabitant.

She snapped.

Bending down to wrap her fingers around it tightly, she chucked it as hard as she could into the sea, a few hot tears of rage brimming in her eyes. As the shell splashed into the water, Mihara sunk to her knees, the tears spilling over. Her arms hung limply at her side as she sobbed softly, questioning why she had been the only hawk laguz in so many years…why she had been the only one, ever. There had to have been some strange magic involved in it… She looked at the ocean and the rising moon and loosed a strangled cry. "I had to have come from somewhere! I didn't just appear! I had to have had parents…! Someone… Someone like me…" Her voice cracked, allowing her to say no more. She couldn't believe how weak she was feeling. She never cried in front of anyone else, never allowed anyone to see her weakness. She tended to try and find the silver lining in what she could, but at the moment, everything looked absolutely grey and bleak to her. She felt lost, not having a true home…not having her own people…or even her own family.

"Now, now…such a lovely young lady shouldn't be crying like this, hmm?"

Jerking with surprise, Mihara turned her head towards the sound of the low, soothing male voice. She saw a young man standing there, the moonlight shining off of his icy blue hair that spiked upwards, giving her a gentle smile. Mihara quickly attempted at drying her tears, flushing with embarrassment. She hadn't thought anyone had been outside near her, but perhaps he heard her yells and thought something was wrong. Taking a closer look at him, she saw that he had two separate colored eyes, his right eye being a magnificent amethyst and his left eye gleaming a bright green. She then could note that he was a laguz, for she spotted his tail and ears that were the same shade as his hair. However, looking at his ears made her freeze. They were not of an otter's ears…they were too triangular… Mihara cleared her throat and inquired, "Who are you?"

"My name is Ranulf, miss. Please tell me…why were you crying?" Ranulf's voice seemed to display genuine concern for her. He didn't take any steps to get closer, though, in case he may frighten her. After all, she didn't know who he was.

Mihara gave a dry laugh. "A number of reasons." Pausing to think, she looked back at him. "Now, really… Who are you?"

Ranulf grinned, seemingly almost cat-like, and gave an approving nod. "The right question, indeed. I am Ranulf of Gallia, right hand to the young Lion King, Skrimir."

If Mihara hadn't been on the sand already, she would have more than likely fallen. The names rushed through her head. Gallia? Lion King? Skrimir? What in the world was he talking about? Just as she was about to ask him questions, he leaned over to be a little closer and suggested, "I think we should be asking a better question here, miss. Who are you?"

"Me…? I'm Mihara… A hawk laguz…"

"Now, now. That can't be all to you, can it?" Ranulf narrowed his eyes, becoming more serious. "Mihara…does the name Tibarn mean anything to you?"

"Tibarn…?" she repeated slowly. There was something familiar about it, but she couldn't quite place it. It felt…comforting, in a way. Like it gave her a feeling of safety.

"What about Altiaire?"

The second one was fainter, but still, she had no doubt that she had heard it before. But from where was another question entirely. "What…are they?"

"That's a little harder to explain. First off, let me help you up…and I'll show you." Ranulf extended his left hand to aid her. Hesitantly, she accepted it, letting him use his strength to lift her from the sand. "Would you like me to show you?"

Her mind swam with questions that desired answers, and here was a stranger that might hold some for her. He didn't seem very dangerous, but rather, a gentleman. He appeared to genuinely want to aid her, and she couldn't help but flush a little at his sturdy, warm hand. Not trusting her voice, she nodded. No matter who it came from, she needed to know more about her. She wasn't even questioning why he didn't ask her about her identity as a hawk, seeing as there were none in the three known countries. She'd ask him later.

He gave an approving smile and held tightly onto her head. "Very well." Raising his head upward, he looked towards the starlit sky. "We're ready, Yune."

Mihara barely had time to question the name he had spoken before there was a flash of light and darkness claimed her.


"Oh, why…darling…she's just beautiful!"

"Just as her mother is."

"Oh, but she's got your eyes. Look. Oh, and…how lovely her little stubby wings are… Her color will be similar to…to Trinity's."

"…Indeed. They will be, one day. She'll probably be just as strong, too."

"Like her father. Darling, what should we name her?"

"Well…I was thinking, perhaps…after your grandmother? After all, she helped us so many times during the dark days…"

"So…Mihara, then?"

"If that's what you would like. It's a lovely name."

"You hear that, little one? Mihara…"


Mihara groaned lightly as consciousness began to flow through her, erasing away the voices she'd heard in her dream. Now, she heard other hushed voices, whispering amongst her, but she recognized none of them, save for one sounding a little bit like Ranulf's. As she shifted, she could tell that she was lying in a soft bed, a thick comforter draped over her body. Not only that, but she felt rather lightheaded and sort of weak, like she had just run a short marathon. Did that all…really just happen? I was talking to…to Ranulf, and then…he said…Yune's name…? Slowly opening her eyes, Mihara saw a high ceiling, painted a light, sky blue color, giving the room an open feeling. As she turned her head to the side, she noticed that the walls were pained a few shades darker, and gray curtains hung from several windows that were around the room, trying to contain a small portion of light that was trying to flow into the room. After another moment, Ranulf's head showed up in her line of vision, a smirk still on his face, eyes sparkling.

"One would think you've not travelled like that before, Lady Mihara," he said with a sarcastic tone of voice.

"…Where am I?" Mihara croaked through her hoarse throat, not catching that Ranulf had addressed her as "Lady". Too many other things were circulating in her mind to catch every little detail of what was happening at the moment.

"A place called Altiaire," he responded, more gently. "A country of hawk and raven laguz."

His response stunned her into silence as her brain attempted at processing this information. An entire country of laguz like her, and she hadn't ever heard of it?! If there was such a place, it had to be across the waters, further than she'd tried flying before. Making the journey was extremely dangerous, though, and required at least a group of four. But now…she wasn't alone any longer?

"Not very chatty, eh?" another voice commented from behind Ranulf. As he stepped aside, Mihara took a moment to scan over the two people who she hadn't seen until just then. She could tell by their scents that they were hawks. The one she had spotted that spoke was the shorter of the two, his wings a lighter shade than his taller companion.

The only quiet words she caught from the taller one were, "I believe she is overwhelmed."

The trio's continuing dialogue faded from her ears as she focused on their wings. They seemed to light, so beautiful, so soft… She felt like reaching out and touching them, but she doubted her arm would let her…not to mention, she doubted they would just stand there and allow her to do that… But she had to prove to herself that she wasn't imagining their existence.

"…ara. Are you listening?" Ranulf suddenly demanded.

Mihara snapped away from her tiny fantasy and stuttered, still with a croaking sound, "Wh-what?"

He grinned once more with amusement, but with another hidden element. Like…pure happiness. It made her question what was going on. "You still don't believe? Take a listen."

Mihara noticed that Janaff had opened his mouth to add something, but he hesitated in thought, and apparently decided against it, closing his mouth. She then took a moment to listen. She spotted a balcony across the room from the bed she was in, catching that it was open. A light breeze blew in, carrying with it many sounds. She heard faint speech from outdoors, children's laughter, birds chirping, footsteps shuffling about…but most of all, she heard flapping wings. She turned to Ranulf for answers, but before she could even think to say anything, he approached her and offered to help her sit up. She really was rather lightheaded, and her stomach as empty as if she hadn't eaten in several days. "But…if I was…from here, then…why was I…there?"

"It's a long and complicated story," the taller one by the wall voiced first. "Perhaps Tibarn is the only one right now who can answer your questions."

That name… Mihara's vision began to swim viciously before her, and her head felt lighter than it had before. She heard a few faint shouts, and before she realized it, she was back down on the bed. Regaining control of herself, she heard someone say, "…doubt! I'd be in shock, too!"

A warm hand touched Mihara's shoulder, Ranulf's voice asking, "Mihara? Are you okay?"

"Well, no…," she managed to choke out. She was beginning to feel more confused than before, to the point of hopelessness. She was getting no answers, only more questions! Or was she still dreaming everything? "I just… I don't understand…!"

"…Janaff. Ulki. Ranulf. Leave me. I'll speak with her," came a low voice of authority. The ones who had been named turned their heads and nodded, Ranulf giving her a look of assurance as he left her side.

The doors closed and the Hawk King himself walked regally across the room, to the side of the bed where Ranulf had just been. Despite the fact that she had just nearly fainted, Mihara studied him as he entered. He was extremely well built, his large wings giving off their own powerful appearance, and his muscular form seemed intimidating, even in his half-beorc form. His face was stern, but once he looked at Mihara, it was replaced with something of a softer nature. Softer was the only way to describe it. "You…are Mihara, correct?"

Not trusting her voice, Mihara gave a slow nod. She attempted at sitting up, but Tibarn shook his head and motioned for her to remain still. "Do you know why you were brought here?" This time, Mihara shook her head decisively. "…I see…"

Silence fell in the large room, nearly driving Mihara crazy. The king of Altiaire was standing before her, apparently the only man with the answers to her questions, and he was barely even speaking! She tried to be patient and suppress the questions she most wanted to ask, thinking that he had to have his own reason for hesitating.

At last, Tibarn nearly whispered, "Mihara…you…do not remember anything, do you?"

This seemed to be an opportune moment to speak, as far as she was concerned. "Re…member? Remember…what?"

The words nearly seemed to catch in the king's throat. "When you were a young one…two years of age…you were stolen away from this country."

Mihara's heart pounded more fiercely now than it ever had before. Her eyes widened with even more confusion and shock, and she had to remind herself how to breathe. "What…what do you mean…?"

Taking a deep breath, he explained slowly, "Your mother had just put you to sleep…and someone snuck inside the castle. He stole you from your crib. Your…father went into a rage, chasing this person down, fighting to get you back, but…he was too late. The abductor had spoken with Ashera – the goddess. He paid a price and had you transported to the country you grew up in."

"H… How could you possibly…know anything like that…?" she muttered softly. "How? Is…it true? Is it true? Is it?"

Tibarn's eyes narrowed as he struggled internally to choose his next words. Mihara swore that if he took another five minutes to answer, she would…! Well, she couldn't actually physically harm him or anything, but she could sure let her disapproval known! She could-!

"Every word is true, Mihara. I know these things because…I…am…your father."


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