Keys to the Apocalypse

The clock was counting down and Mike the Counter-Terrorist was waiting for the clock to countdown. GO! The radio crackered as he bought a sniper gun, that is not too powerful but just right in the wrong hands. "Go! Go! Go!" he said over the radio wave just as bullets came blasting at him. "Fyred in the hole!" a friendly counter terrorist said but then went down and it made Mike angry because he was an old friend from elementary school. And then Mike jumped up from inside the beneath the crate and shot the Terrorist guy deadly in the throat with a bullet and him dropped a AK-47 and a grenade but Mike couldn't carry them with all his gear he had already. There was a lot of smoke, and Mike had to keep shooting even though he can't see. A bullet hit him but it is not a headshot so he doesn't care.

Mike stormed up the ramp just as some other Counter-Terrorists got shooted in the face. They went down and the blood was rather immense but he couldn't stop fighting, for he knew what was at stake. Lieutenant Commander Admiral Captain Reyes told him about the hostages they needed to rescue, and one of them was his ex-girlfriend, Samantha. Mike no longer loved her, but he felt a debt to her, as she was him first love.

A terrorist was shooting at him but Mike shot him first. He ran into the Terrorist hideout and threw a grenade that exploded and killed a couple of bad guys. He almost rounded the corner but was smart and threw a flashbang first so they couldn't see him and he ran in and shot with his Deagle because his M16 ran out of bullets.

When he got inside, he had to knife fight with a terrorist but he won because the terrorist clicked left instead of right. To Mike's horror, all the hostages were dead, except for Samantha.

"Samantha!" he shoot through his special helmet. "Are you all right?"

"No..." Samanatha say and bloody out her voice as she talk. "Mike I knows you came all the way here for me" Mike taked her hand "Shh samantha don't talk I will get you out of this palace!" and he turned aroundt o shot a terrorist that tried to sneak in on them. "...but you cannot save me" she says

"wHy?" Mike confusion.

"I never tell you" she crying. "I juts used you to hide my seksuality"

Mike face contorted into sadness. "This isn't about us," he explained.

"I still loved you, and it was all real. " she said with final voice of breath.

"No..." Myke cry out. "WHY WHY?!"

When he got onto the helicopter later, he cried on the six hour trip back to the U.S.

The End