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May 5th 2003

A few days ago Riley Poole had been hired by Benjamin Gates to handle all things technical about his project of finding the Templar's treasure. He was certainly glad to get work out of that stupid cubicle his company called an office. He was going to his first official meeting in Mr. Gates' apartment and his memory failed to store the number of his apartment. He walked into the lobby of the complex and raised his eyebrows at the sight of a beautiful amber headed girl probably 3 or 4 years younger than him standing in the lobby. Her locks of curly amber/red hair flowed to her shoulders her nails were painted a shiny silver color. He smirked to himself and walked up to her, "Hi I'm looking for Ben Gates do you know what apartment he is?" He asked. "Yeah third floor A8, why?" She looked up from her phone. Her eyes were an amazing color green. She was wearing a white blouse and a royal blue jacket along with a jean skirt-a mini one- and matching high heels carrying a black purse. "Thanks. I'm working with him on a project." Riley replied with a playful wink. She nodded like this was typical, "Oh, that. I'm his niece Rose." She extended her hand. Riley tried to keep his jaw from falling slack, this was Ben Gates' niece?! He must have had one Hell of a sibling! Riley thought. She looked over his shoulder after they shook hands, "Oh, I'm Riley by the way. Riley Poole." He said. "I'll-"
"Rose! What's the hold up?" Another man about her age maybe a year or two older came into the building. "Sorry, Will. I was just talking to, Mr. Poole." She said. "Uh, Riley's fine." Riley said. Will placed his arm around her waist and she smiled humorlessly at Riley, "I've gotta go. It was nice meeting you, Riley." Rose said although she didn't really mean it; he was working with her uncle. He looked like a total nerd too. "You too." Riley said walking to the elevator to go to his meeting with Ben. Rose frowned when her boyfriend stopped her in front of the door just in Riley's view cupped her face and kissed her softly wrapping his arms around her waist and the kiss turned into a make out session her arms moved around his neck no longer questioning his tongue in her mouth. Riley scowled, and stepped in the elevator. "Hey, kids you wanna do that get a room." The man at the desk said. The kiss broke off and they went outside to his car Rose turning a shade of pink in embarrassment.

July 17th 2003

A few months later Rose called her friend Bobby and invited her to go to the mall. They met up at the food court and went into Boston's store to look for dresses for their friend Sophie's bat mitzvah. Rose came out of the changing room and twirled around showing Bobby her dress barefooted her hair in a ponytail. "Whaddya think?" Rose asked Bobby. "Hmmm, cute. I like." Bobby said. "Hey-isn't that you're uncle's intern-tech guy over there, Riley was it?" Bobby asked pointing to the men's section where Riley Poole stood a girl about his age plain looking at his side. "Ew, yes. Don't stare! He's a total dork." Rose said narrowing her eyes at the jerk who kept trying to flirt with her. "I don't know he's kinda cute." Bobby smiled eyeing him casually. "Ew, Bobby that's gross." Rose said trying to see her backside in the mirror. "Hey we do it all the time." Bobby protested. "Yeah not with Riley though. He's a nerd, Bobby." Rose said snootily whipping around towards her friend. "You don't think he looks in the least bit sexy?" Bobby asked looking back at him. Rose sighed and turned towards Riley who was putting his arm around the girl's shoulders making her laugh. Rose felt a little bubble of anger twinge inside her and she scowled-wait a god dang minuteā€¦she thought, am I seriously jealous of her and him?! She asked herself looking at the ground now. She looked back up seeing him walk out of the store with her, Yes.