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Grace's P.O.V

It was morning and I was naked it bed. Woah, back track! Why was I in bed naked?! Oh god please tell me I didn't do with a stranger, wait why would I do that? I'm really stupid it has to be Jerry because if it isn't I soo screwed. I slowly turn my head around and in sigh in relieve as I see Jerry sleeping there calmly. He's looks so cute sleeping shirtless, his abs are to die for, I mean I could just- oh wait never mind I remember what happened. Jerry said he wanted to show me a cool dance move and he started to do amazing dance moves and it was he was swawesome, oh dear god he's rubbing off on me. Anyways with him dancing around and the house always naturally being hot. Jack doesn't like the cold and he puts on the heat like all during the year even summer! He said something bout always taking his shirt off and showing off to Kim but I wasn't really listening. Anyways back to last night he I took off my top leaving me in my bikini top, and Jerry took his top too since he was dancing around. When he took off his shirt I couldn't help but stare at his solid six pack and when he was dancing he flexed turning me on. I mean boys with abs total turn on right?! So I totally slammed my lips on his and started a make-out session but something about me being in a bikini top and him shirtless turned us on more so we ended up having sex. And holy Christmas nuts he was amazing and swag! Oh God I'm turning into a girl version of Jerry. Then it hit me.

"Shit" I hissed as sat up, causing Jerry to wake up.

"What it do babe" Jerry said tiredly as he leaned to kiss me

Aww he's so good to me I thought as I kissed him "You is what I did"

"Damn straight women!" Jerry chuckle

I laughed and said, "put on a shirt"

"Well you didn't mind last night!" Jerry said back

I gasped and hit his chest and got up to take a shower in the bathroom

After I finished taking a shower, brushed my teeth and changed clothes I saw fell back to sleep so I headed downstairs to see that Mindy the maid had just told the cook to make food. I thank her before sitting on the couch thinking how was I suppose to tell the girls me and Jerry had sex. Jerry on the other hand would probably bragged he got some with me. Ugh boys. 2 minutes later Kim came downstairs changed and had a thinking face on.

"Hey sista" Kim greeted

I laughed "Sup bitch"

"I have to tell you something but don't freak out" Kim said

"Me too" I said

"Me and Jack... We had sex" Kim said then covered her hands in her face

My eyes widen and a huge weight was taken off my shoulders. I sighed in relieve

"Well...?" Kim started "Aren't you going to freak out or something"

"No and thank god I was so worried but since you did it too I'm not the only one" I said

"Wait.. Hold up.. You and Jerry did what Jack and I did? We did the se thing right correct me if I'm wrong" Kim said motioning her hands between her and me

"Nope blondie here solved the mystery" I joked

"Shut it!" Kim exclaimed

"Wait where are Adam and Bridgit?" I asked

"They left in the afternoon yesterday and wanted me to pass a message to you saying they had 'business' to do" Mindy said to us putting air quotes around business

"They so did it" both me and Kim exclaimed

"Don't you agree Mindy?" Kim asked

"Yes totally!" Mindy exclaimed with a laugh, she was one to gossip "Also your breakfast in done, The rest of the girls are int he kitchen already"

"Thanks" we replied

We made our way to kitchen and Stacey and Julie were already seated at the island.

No one's P.O.V

"Morning" Stacey and Julie greeted the two girls

"Morning" Kim and Grace replied taking the seats across them

"So anything interesting happen last night" Stacey said in a knowing tone and smirked with Julie

Kim and Grace look at each other before saying "We had sex last night with our boyfriends"

"Ew a foursome?" Julie said scrunching her nose up

Stacey laughed and Grace and Kin who were both taking a sip of OJ both did a spit take and screamed "WHAT! NO"

"Joking geez" Julie said holding her hands up in defense

"I swear you gave me a mini heart attack!" exclaimed Kim clenching her hand to her heart

"It's what I do yo, oh god Jerry is rubbing on me" Julie said

"I know what you mean chica! Oh god there I go again" Grace said

"Shouldn't we wake the boys?" Stacey asked as they finished their breakfast

"I think Jack is still tired" Kim said blushing a little

"Yeah Jer-bear too" Grace said turning a little pink

"What did you guys do go for like 4 hours?!" Stacey chuckled

"No!" both girls countered

"Milton is probably tired too" Julie said quietly

"Same goes with Eddie" Stacey said

They all looked at each other before bursting out laughing loudly.

"We all had sex last night didn't we?" Kim asked the group giggling

"Yup" they all replied laughing

"What should we do?" asked Grace

"Call up my hot cuz?" Stacey suggested

"Singer or Actor?" asked Julie


"The one with a ripped body and the song that they guys hate but we love so much?"




*Phone convo*


"Sup Austin! how is my favorite hot cous-"


"How dare you think I was asking for a favor"


"Okay so I was but can you come over?"


"no way!"


"FINE!" "Girls come here, we have to say We Love Austin Mahone and he is super hot"




"At Jacks house, you know the way right?"


"Yup that one, see you soon cuz love ya bye"

*End Phone convo*

"I Love His Song Period" Julie and Grace exclaimed

"I know right and how he dances in the music video!" Kim added

"And how he cousins with the amazing Stacey" Stacey added laughing

"Morning" was said by 4 tired shirtless boys

The girls didn't even hear then as they were still fangirling over Austin

"His eyes like seriously to die for" states Julie

"Hello 4 boyfriends here!" Eddie said

"What? who, oh hey" the girls said as the went back to their conversation

"Well looks like we can eat breakfast" said Jerry as the boys walked into the kitchen


"I GOT IT!" the girls screamed as they raced to the door

"Hello Austin Mahone at your service" Austin said

"Come on in" Kim said then they dragged him to the living room

"We've missed you!" Grace said as she hugged him. While she did that all the girls joined into the hug as well.

"AHEM! Who's that" Asked a jealous Jack pointing at Austin

"Jackie stop being mean, that is a him and him is Austin Mahone" Kim pouted to Jack

"Please tell it's not-" Jack started

"Yup" Julie finished for him

"Chill dude wasn't going to steal Kimmy away from you, I got my eyes for another girl" Austin said as he stepped away from the girls "I just came here to entertain my baby cousin"

"By only like 5 months" Stacey pouted

"Whatever" Jack mumbled

"Plwease Jwacky, don't be mad" Kim said in a baby voice and gave him puppy dog eyes

Jack groaned, "Not the eyes Kim"

"Jackie!" whined Kim still with the puppy dog eyes

"Fine Kimmy" Jack replied sighing

"Thanks babe" Kim said and gave him a peck on the lips

"I want more" Jack whispered into Kim's ear

"Nuh uh later now tell the boys to get changed!" Kim said shooing him off

*Time Skip Austin left already*

"So should we start another round of truth or dare?" asked Milton as the gang were in the living room in their PJs

"Sure" they replied

"Let's do couple Truth or Dare" suggested Grace

"Okay" the gang replied as they sat in a circle

"Us first!" Julie said as she spun the bottle

The bottle spun and it landed on Stacey and Eddie

"Alright Truth or Dare?" Milton asked


"Are you guys truly in love with each other and hoped to become married one day?" asked Julie

They both looked at each other and smiled, "Defiantly"

"Aww total Seddie moment" cooed Kim

"I want a Kick moment!" pouted Jack

"What like in your bedroom butt naked?" joked Grace

"GRACE!" hissed Kim while Jack held her down just in case

"Yes Grace that would fantastic!" Jack replied

"JACK!" Kim yelled hitting him in the chest repeatedly

"Ow Kim stop abusing me!" Jack exclaimed

"Just spin the stupid bottle!" Kim said

The bottle spun and landed on Grave and Jerry

"Truth or Dare"


"each remove a article of clothing from each other"

They both removed each others shirts and spun the bottle and landed Jack and Kim

"Truth or Dare"


"Tease Jack and turn him on after that he can't touch you and you can't touch him until the game is over unless it a dare"

"WHAT! That's not fair!" Jack exclaimed

"Dares a dare Jack" Grace retorted smiling

"Hate you" Jack sneered as Kim got up and smirked at him. this isn't going to be fun.

After 10 minutes Jack got a boner and had to force every ounce of his body not to kiss or slam Kim against the wall and kiss her.

Jack groaned "I really hate you guys"

Jerry and Grace stuck their tongues at him while Kim spins the bottle.

The game ended after 50 minutes. By the end the girls were smirking and the boys had red hand marks all over their body. That night, all the boys found out that the girls wear the pants in the relationship! Hahaha

"I'm tired" Kim said

"Me too" answered Grace "Let's go"

With that Kim and Grace helped each other up the stairs with Julie and Stacey following them. Since the girls wanted to be with each other they went into the upstairs living room and sleep on couch. Since the boys were too sore to move they just sleep downstairs in their current positions

The next morning the girls were awoken by Reid, Jack's butler Since Mindy went out shopping

"Girls, Kim has a message from Ms. Crawford and Ms. Anderson"

"Thanks Reid and please wake up the boy please, it might take awhile" Kim replied before taking the phone and leaving the room.

"Yeah If you need help just whisper our names into our boyfriends ears and say we're in trouble" Grace added

"Or if that doesn't work wave Bacon in their face" Stacey added

"And of course if that doesn't work yell fire or just plan scream" Julie said

"Thank you girls, breakfast in ready when you're changed" replies Reid before walking downstairs

"Thanks" the girls shouted after him

"Okay so we have to babysit" Kim said as she walled back in the room

"Wait who and age" Julie asked

"My adoptive cousin, my favorite one and also Jack's boy cousin who's the same age as him, which is like 7" replied Kim

"Wait, are we babysitting they cute one that always says Kwimmy?" asked Grace

Kim nodded her head

"And the one that already has a boyfriend that she really wanted to show you?" added Stacey and Kim Nodded her head again

"OMG SHE'S ADORABLE" The girls screamed excitedly

"I mean how hard could it be? Two 7 year olds right?" Kim said as the girls walked into their rooms and changed for the day.

Kim came out first sporting ripped denim Short shorts with an off the shoulder crop top. Julie came out next wearing a baby orange romper then Stacey came out wearing denim yellow shorts with a pink ruffled blouse. Lastly Grace came out wearing the same as Kim but a different top.

"Twins" Kim and Grace said as They all walked downstairs for breakfast

When they came downstairs they saw Reid struggling to wake up the boys.


"Go get the door Reid we got this" Grace said as the girls advanced to their boyfriends and Reid headed towards the door

The girls jumped on their boyfriends and straddled them, they then dove in for a kiss. But still they didn't wake up.

"Girls its time for plan Ice" Stacey said with a smirk the other girls smirked while getting up to go to the kitchen.

When the girls returned they each had a bowl of ice in their hands. They advanced to the boyfriends once again.


The girls poured the ice into the guys pants and when I mean in the pants they mean in the boxers.

"AHHHHH" screamed 4 boys as they shot up from the coldness in their pants and the girls snickered at them at their attempt to get the ice out of their pants

"Get changed and also Jack your cousin here and we have to baby him with my baby cousin as well" Kim said as the she followed the girls backed into the kitchen

"Awww" the girls cooed as they saw 2 toddlers holding hands

"Kwimmy!" a little girl shouted as she let go of the boys hand and ran to Kim. She had long dirty blond hair an blue eyes unlike Kim who had doe brown eyes. But of course the little girl was adoptive.

"Olivia!" Kim laughed as she picked her up

Kim then passed Olivia to Stacey who passed her to the other girls.

Kim walked up to the little boy. "Hello there cutie you must be Leo"

"Hehe I'm Leo but where's Jackie?" he asked. He looked almost just like Jack but a toddler version

"Aww your so cute" Kim cooed and picked him up

"You very pwetty like Livvy" Leo said

Olivia blushed and all the girls awed

"So Livvy why were you holding hands with Leo boy here?" asked Grace

"He's my boyfriend" Olivia said proudly running to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek

The girls but their hands over their hearts again and said "Awwwww"

"So he's your boyfriend? Well he's a keeper" Kim said grinning

"And if she's your girlfriend you better keep her safe" said Jack as he wrapped two arms around Kim

"That was not Swag yo! Oh hey little Leo Sup bro nice got a girl Swag" Jerry said

"Jer Jer" Leo said giving Jerry a leg hug since he wasn't tall enough

"Haha that was funny thought plus you guys didn't even fuc- Ow what was that for!" Stacey said

"Children" Kim hissed

"Ooops I mean you didn't even fudging wake up" Stacey stated

The guys rolled their eyes and everyone went back to eat breakfast

Hopefully this day was going to be easy.