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Classes were going on, and three girls sat side by side each other, talking in whispers, lest the teacher hear them. "We would be having our themed Halloween Party! So here are the details…"

"I really hope that we could see Ni— the Twins again…" Lj said, trying to ignore the fact she nearly said 'Nico'. She was doodling in class again but she promised herself last month that she would pay attention to the class now since she really wanted to be on the class' Top 5 highest students but she would always tear a page from her Advanced Algebra notebook and doodle with it.

"Haah… Another day… and I am officially bored." Jimel said, twirling her hair with her finger. "And I would be more than glad to see Mico again." She added shamelessly.

"You're right." Dane agreed. "…and for that matter, all of them." The three authors gave an awkward sigh.

"Goodbye class. You can take your recess break now." The teacher said.

"Goodbye and thank you, Ma'am." The class said in unison.

The teacher went out and…

"Hey." Jimel said, catching the attention of the other two girls.

"What?" they both asked.

She fumbled at her bag, and pulled out something… A brown, wooden box. Just a small one, though. A very, very small one.

"What is that for?"

"What are you gonna do with that?"

"It's not only them that can travel to other worlds you know…"

"You're not telling me that…"

"Are you planning on going there?"

"Exactly. You see, before Mico went, he handed me something (no questions, you just didn't see it) and it was this." She opened the box, to show four rings in it: two green and two blue.

"Do not touch anything. Once you do, you might just disappear or stuff. So do not. Got it?"

"How did you know?"

"Did you try it already?"

"Nooo… But I read in the book Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew a little like these rings. One can make you go to another world, and the other back here, to earth."

"Really?" Dane didn't really believe on the Co-Author but it's worth a try.

"Cool." Lj was really excited in trying it out, not bothering what would happen next.

"I know right."

"There's just a problem."


"What is it?"

"Number one: I don't know which color can make us go back. Number two: there are only four rings, two for each person. And there are three of us."

"You're right…"

"Then how are we going to do this?"

"AH! I got it! I got it! In that same book, I read that if one person holds the ring, and someone or something holds him or her, it would go with them."

"We've solved the second problem. We could just get two rings and always hold each other so if one… vanishes, all three of us would."

"How about the first one?"

"We… okay… I could hold both colors at once, both let them go in different pockets, blue in the left, green on the right."


"Great idea."

"Here we go then." Jimel got hold of one blue ring and another green. Then slowly, she put it on her pockets, checking if she put the blue one on right and green on left. "There!" she breathed a sigh of relief.

"How are we going to the other world now?"

"Hold my arm or anything for that matter."


"I already told you, didn't I?"

"Oooh, yes."

"Okay then."

Lj and Dane held Jimel.

"And now…" she touched her blue ring, but it doesn't take effect.


"Nothing happened."

"Now I know." Swiftly, Jimel held the green ring, the other two still holding her. And the next thing they all know, they were in a… sandy place, stars out in a night sky, and a star, only it was nearer the Earth.

"SUCCESS!" Dane shouted.


"SUCCESS!" Dane shouted.

"Whoah." I really thought Jimel might be out of her mind… What I mean is… it's impossible… right? But well, we already saw Selene and the gang in our world, so this should be true.

"Shoot." Jimel exclaimed.

"What?!" Dane and I both asked Jimel at the same time. I mean we've successfully travelled…

"Yes… I know, we've successfully… travelled… But… where the hell are we in Amberground?!"

She's right. Where the hell are we? I remembered in the anime that if you're nearer in the light, the more you're near in Akatsuki. So based on the light of that star here…

"I think we're in Yuusari."

"Yes! Lj's right!" I began to jump up and down.

"What I was asking was… Where the in the world are we in Yuusari?! I mean… what if this place is gaichuu infested? Or…"

"Jimel." I called her.

"Or… or deserted?"

"Jiiimeeel!" Dane shouted.

"Or this place is a long way off civilization? Oh, what are we going to do?"

"JIMEL!" Dane and I both shouted this time. Like really, really shouted.

"What?!" she finally came back to her senses.

"Calm down oka-"

Suddenly we heard a huge, huge noise. I think I've heard it before but I was too scared to look at it.

"What did I tell you? GAICHUU!" Jimel screamed.

I… well, just to make the long story short, I panicked.


"What did I tell you? GAICHUU!" I shouted at the top of my voice. Until I saw someone run past me. It was Lj. When I realized that the gaichuu's getting nearer, I decided to run too, following her.

Dane? Where's Dane? I looked back, but I felt like it wasn't a great idea doing that. You see, the gaichuu… has the features of a cockroach… And Lj and I really hate cockroaches. I ran, not even looking to see if the gaichuu's still after us, or Dane is also running, or if she's safe. Because when you see a thing that you really hate, ten times bigger? What else can you do? Would you talk to it like, "Please don't eat us Mr. Gaichuu!"

That was until I saw someone with Lj. She was inside the arms of another boy, sobbing and whimpering… Wait a minute… Bee uniform… and looking a lot like… Nico… Wait a minute… Nico?! Is he one of the Twins? Hold that thought… THE GAICHUU IS STILL MOVING! (A/N: Speaking of which, we found a cockroach on our classroom right behind my seat. GROOOOOSS!)

"You two stay here. We'll kill that thing." 'Twas Nico. Wait… we?! Nico and Mico. Oh.

They went there to kill that huge insect. I shuddered, seeing the cockroach dead.

"Scared?" I glared at Mico. Or Nico. Or whoever he is.

"Guys, y'kay?" I heard my own voice… My very own voice. Oh. Aaliyah. Yeah. I remembered.

"SIS!" Lj's voi— ah! Selene!

Selene walked towards me and helped me up while Dane was standing in the distance with Aaliyah while Mico was with Lj, helping her up.

"Looks like Lj's scared of humungous cockroaches." I teased, "Looks like I win the dare!"

Lj gave me a pouting look and turned her back against me. "Come on, let's go back to the Bee Hive. We have to inform Largo about this." Mico said. Aaliyah and Selene nodded and dragged us back. Aaliyah took a couple of Letter Bee scarfs and placed it on our shoulders. I've always wanted to have these long scarfs but the scarfs Aaliyah gave us were longer. It was supposed to be near our ankles but it reached longer than that.

Lj was choking Nico while Nico was choking Mico and he was also choking Dane and Dane was choking Lj.. That was fun. Aaliyah told us to go back to the Bee Hive and stay there until Thunderland can think of a way on how to get back to our world, but still, I, no, we don't plan to go back yet. It's too boring.


"Alright! Let's get back to the Bee Hive and surprise Largo!" I shouted until Aaliyah covered my mouth: "Sssh, we're still in the territory of the gaichuus, you don't want to be in that situation again, right?" Aaliyah said, looking at Jimel and Lj who had disgusted faces.

"Fine." I whispered.

We were walking for a while now, and whenever I would look back, I would see Jimel and Lj laughing and blushing since they were walking beside the Acacius Twins: Lj with Nico and Jimel with Mico. (A/N: I've been imagining the NICO here in our school. The other two authors would really tease me about HIM.)

"Are we there yet?" I exclaimed, wanting to sit down and to eat.

Aaliyah shrugged. "Almost. Once you see orange lights then the artificial sun is becoming brighter and brighter, then we're nearly there."

"We're at the outskirts of Yuusari, so we'll just have to pass by a town and we're there. It's a good thing that Mico and Nico were on a delivery until they both found you three, being attacked and chased by a gaichuu, again… just like the time when we went to your world and a gaichuu entered." Selene added. Lj and Jimel were looking at Selene weirdly until Alee and Arielle shouted,

"We're here!"

A big, huge building with lots of windows and we found a big water fountain right outside. This must be the Bee Hive. I saw Lj and Jimel running towards the Bee Hive while Lj and Selene both tripped at the stairs, Lj stepped on her long scarf while Selene got herself slid on a puddle. Aaliyah and I face-palmed ourselves until Mico and Nico kept on laughing. I walked right beside Nico and asked him something…

"Do you like Lj?"


Okay, this is just too cool to be real! I pushed Jimel towards the Bee Hive until an unexpected happen; I tripped on the scarf Aaliyah lent me and also, Jimel helped me up, "Wow, you and your fictional character are REALLY alike. It's a good thing we made this fanfic and you became the Author." She finished with a creepy laugh. (A/N: Did I mention that we were wearing school uniforms?)

"Haha, very funny." I fixed my school uniform and took the dust off. I raced inside and left Jimel until I noticed that Dane wasn't with us. I looked outside but I was blocked by a tall woman who was blonde and had her hair tied up. In the anime, she's… oh… she must be Aria Link…

"Lj! Lj!? Where are you?" Jimel and Dane shouted while Mico and Nico walked in casually. I waved my hands until Aria asked,

"Are you going to apply for Letter Bee?"

"No… um, Miss Aria, have you seen Lag and Zazie by any chance?" I asked. Aria's eyes widened and seemed shocked. She gave a sigh,

"You must be one of the Authors they have been talking about, right?" Aria replied until Dane and Jimel came by beside me. "Oh, and the two Authors are here too! I'm going to go tell Largo-san that the three Authors have come."

"Okay." Was all the reply we gave… We looked behind and saw Aaliyah together with Raphael, I think, while Selene was being teased by Zazie once again, and Mico and Nico were outside together with Dalton and Euclid. Alee and Arielle were playing with Niche, Steak, and Kyle (A/N: In case you forget, Kyle is Raphael's dingo, Dalton is Nico's dingo, and Euclid is Mico's dingo.)

Hmm, I wonder what's happening to our school right now…

Meanwhile at their high school…


"Come on people! Start decorating!" said their class president and everyone started working. Another student, Vina, asked,

"Ericka, have you seen Lj, Jimel, and Dane? They were absent ever since the teacher told us to decorate for the Halloween Party." Ericka, the class president, shrugged.

"Sorry, no. But here's their cellphone number…"

Everyone is busy to prepare for their Halloween Party, and Lj, Jimel, and Dane were marked as absent for two whole days…

Back at the Bee Hive…

Lj and Jimel were strolling about together with Aaliyah and Selene, they look like twins to Dane who decided to leave them quadruplets alone until she found Mico and Nico who were still outside the Bee Hive. Dane walked towards them and asked,

"So, do you guys have crushes?"

Mico and Nico gave Dane a weird look, "Wow, for an Author, you really go straight to the point." Mico said.

"You're wrong about that, I'm just the Extra Author, my job is to inspire the Author to go write the stories and to tease her to Nico—" Dane stopped and saw Nico blushing, "The Nico I meant was from our world. Don't feel that too much." Dane continued.

"So, the Author is Lj, the Co –Author is Jimel, and you being the Extra Author?" Mico clarified until Lag and Sylvette came.

"Dane-chan! You're here! Why didn't you tell me that you were coming? I would have made my specialty soup…" Sylvette squealed. Dane gave a weird laugh and turned to see Mico and Nico and she dragged them into the tree where Zazie and Selene always hang out.

"So tell me, Mico! Do you like Jimel?" Mico turned away and replied,

"But the Author wrote in the story that I fell in love with Selene, right? So how can I fall in love with Jimel?" (A/N: This gave me goosebumps.)

"Idiot, the Author decided that. And besides, during our Chemistry lesson, she was always saying 'Mico' while she's asleep. And Nico! Do you like Lj?" Dane kept on shouting much like Aaliyah.

"I-I… uh…" Nico stuttered.

Dane gave a tired look and a very long sigh. "You guys, ugh… You are just like the boys from our school and I'm very tired of your looks and personalities."

"I like her." They suddenly shouted, simultaneously. (A/N: Seriously?)

Dane laughed and stopped, "really? Hahaha! I knew it!" she stood up and jumped up and down until Lj and Jimel got back, looking beat. They lied on the grass and slept.

"So… tired…"

"I can't… believe… that the… Bee Hive… is soooo… BIG."

They slept soundly and peacefully while Aaliyah and Selene went towards Sylvette's house together with Lag, Zazie, Mico, Nico, the Authors, and the dingos.

"Wow!" Lj exclaimed. Jimel and Dane went upstairs and went room-to-room while Sylvette was making her usual soup. Lj sat on one of the couches while Nico sat next to her and Mico went upstairs to go check on the two authors.

"Supper's ready!" Lj, Jimel, and Dane rushed towards the dining room and saw a big pot of soup. Lj and Jimel wanted to taste it since the soup they saw in the anime was just a simple, orange soup. Lj was a bit excited while Jimel already took a bowl and a spoon from Sylvette. Dane was already pouring some soup unto her bowl. Lag and the others were wondering why they would be excited over Sylvette's soup.

The three authors took a sip when suddenly…

"Uhh~" was their reply. Lj was looking sick while Jimel looked like about to throw up. Dane was looking at the spoon and then put it back down. A while later, all of them finished their supper and this let Dane sleep with Niche and Steak while Sylvette was cleaning the dishes. Jimel and one of the Acacius Twins were outside, talking and chatting…

"How many days has it been, when we last came to your world?" Mico asked.

"I think, about 3 months." Jimel replied.

The two kept on chatting and chatting. Lj and Nico were doing the same but except, they were teasing each other which were obviously and kinda cute…

Their love lives? It got even better…

After 3 days in Amberground…

Jimel took a peek in her pockets and looked the rings which were still there. As she tried to remember what color of the ring did she touch that brought them here to Amberground.

"You chose the green ring when we were at our world, so I think you should touch the blue ring." Lj exclaimed. Dane was sitting on one corner, saying good bye to Aaliyah, she obviously doesn't want to leave the fun world towards her boring life.

"We have to go now, who knows how long we have been staying here in Amberground," Jimel said, but Lj and Dane shook their heads, "…so Lj, what if we were here for like, a month, that's a good way to get dropped out from high school, and you'll never get the chance of hopping into the Top 5 Best Students…" Lj's face changed and grabbed Dane,

"Dane! Come on!" She really wanted to become one of the top so she won't lose.

Dane shrugged and hugged Aaliyah, "I shall carry your ways on how to ship people in reality. Farewell, master."

Ma-Master? Were both Jimel and Lj's thoughts. Lj walked towards Nico and hugged him, unexpectedly. Nico hugged her back while Mico walked towards Jimel and also gave her a hug.

"You'll come back, right?" the twins asked the two authors. "Of course we will." The authors replied.

"Bye!" they were in front of Sylvette's house. Lj held hands with Jimel and Dane, while Jimel touched the green ring and they were gone without a trace. They were flashed for a second and once they opened their eyes, they saw their lockers, doors, classrooms, and of course, their classmates.

"GUYS! Where have you been?" Their classmate, Vina, asked, hugging them one by one.

Lj and Jimel explained that they caught flu and were absent. Dane asked how many days has it been and Vina's answer shocked them the most,

"3 MONTHS?" Lj fainted, with her soul saying: "My life is doomed, I'll never get to be one of the Top 5 Students now…"

Jimel's mouth was still open, now she knew the ratio of their time plus Amberground's time. They have been to Amberground for 3 days and each day in Amberground is equivalent to a month here on Earth. Lj was crying rivers on the floor while Dane had an emotionless look, she doesn't care.

"And this time, we are asked to prepare for our JS Prom, we are Juniors now anyways." Lj gave a sad look,

"And then we'll become Seniors, then it's off to College." Suddenly, the three authors hugged.

"I'll miss writing fanfictions with you!" Jimel cried.

"I'll miss being a Space and I'll miss teasing Lj with *toot*" Dane cried next.

"I'll miss—Wait… what?"

Then, Lj, Jimel, and Dane, together with the rest, went shopping, make-up, and they are enjoying their last days of being a 3rd year high school student…

Meanwhile at Amberground…

"Huh, looks like Dane left something, it's her pouch. Good thing it's empty." Sylvette said, who was cleaning her room. She picked up the purplish-pink wallet and carried it downstairs while Lag and Niche also put something in the center table.

"Sylvette-san, Jimel left her ponytail." It had a huge purple ribbon in the middle. Sylvette picked it up and looked at it, while Niche spoke,

"And Lj left her handkerchief… Niche found it there." Niche pointed to the couch while Sylvette also picked it up. "I'm going to give these to the twins, and the pouch to Aaliyah." Sylvette rushed outside and saw the twins walking just in front of her.

"Nico, Lj left this handkerchief. Can you hold unto it until they visit again?" Sylvette handed the pink hanky while Nico accepted it.

Sylvette turned to Mico. "Here, this is Jimel's ponytail. She also left it… would you mind—"

"Sure." Mico replied. Sylvette thanked them and ran towards the Bee Hive and found Aaliyah.

"Aaliyah-chan! Dane forgot this, her pouch." She handed the pouch to Aaliyah and kept it.

I wonder if they really meant leaving their stuff behind… how sweet of them… Sylvette's thoughts led her straight home, with a smiling face.

ME: Where's my hanky?!

SIS: My favorite ponytail!

SPACE: I do hope there is no money inside that pouch!

TRIO: Why did we have to leave those behind?!

ME: Anyways, we hoped you enjoyed this episode we made!

SIS: Wow, and then Author's back to normal.

SPACE: That's because her hanky was given to Nico.