Ok, so I'm writing this to get it outta my system. It's a sorta side project. So onto the prologue... After te disclaimer. Just so ya'll know, whenever something is in parentheses (like this) it's an authors note.

Disclaimer: I do not own SSB, Anberlin, Florence + Machine, Lord of the Rings, or saddly *sniff* nutella... :'(...


What would you do if you were invited to a private school called; Smash School. To be completely honest, it makes me wanna smash things. Well anyways, here's my story of hoe I got to be invited:

Typing on my laptop, licking a spoonful of nutella, listening to the music blaring from the living room. This is where I spend most of my summer afternoons. the song that is currently playing is: Addicted to Love, by Florence + Machine. My life is spent alone, silent, bored, and well doing nothing... At least that's my life during the summer.

I share a house with five other people, four of which are females. That causes a lot of bathroom problems, not to mention that we only have two bathrooms... Not fun... I barely own anything in this house. Except my room, but my sister does have to walk through it just to get to her room. More typing, a few songs later and a new song comes on. Alexthymia, by Anberlin:

"Don't try to wake me up
Even if the sun really does come out tomorrow
Don't believe anything you say
Anymore, in the morn, in the morning
Bricks to this old house are breaking
Steel would have weathered but now forlorning
It's alarming how loud the silence screams
No warn, no warn, no warning
Addictions fill the table where the family used to sit
And conversate
Conversate to the sounds
To the sounds of a record player
With it's jumping needle and the lights that grow dim over time"

I sing along to the song with almost perfect timing.

"Jay! Can you get the mail?" My mother calls from the downstairs bathroom.

"Ok," I call back, I get up and dash out the front door. Down the stone stairs on our front patio, down the small hill to the street. I reach the mail-box. I open it, avoiding the spider that reminds me of Shelob(Lord of the Rings), which inhabits it. Flipping through the envelopes, I'm surprised to find a letter adressed to me.

The letter is from, 'MH & CH' whoever they are. I rip the envelope open. I read it and soon find out that I have been invited to a school called... Smash...? School...?

"Ok then..." I plop the mail down on the table by the door. I walk to the downstairs bathroom where my mother is doing her curly blonde hair.

"Hey mom, you don't think this letter is a prank do you...?" I ask, handing her the letter. She looks it over before replying.

"No this isn't a fake... In fact, the King and Queen of Hyrule attended this school. It accepts any age students, and teaches not only normal curriculum, but also many fighting styles." She states matter-of-factly.

"Cool! The queen AND the king..." That's right, I'm hylian. but people here in Termina call us elves because of our ears. I'm an imigrant, from Hyrule, in Termina... Yup... Ever since the hero of time, twilight, oracles, etc. etc. Married princess Zelda, the princess of destiny, they've made quite a few changes. Not bad schanges, just changes.

Hylians move to Termina. Terminians(is that what they're called?) moved to Hyrule. I was pretty glad to move to the more futuristic Termina, and away from the 'old fashioned' Hyrule. Blah, blah, blah that's about all, ya now other then when I packed and got picked up by the Smash Bus. For some odd reason it has a painting of an explosion on it.

So that's where I am, on a weird bus with a bunch of random people. On my way to Smash School, located at the Smash Mansion. I'm seated in the very front, waving out the window to my parents, and sisters. Here ya go, on your way to a private school. Great, you've never even been to a public school! How are you going to survive?! Why are you talking in the third person? I face-palm as the bus goes at the speed of light, maybe past, and telaports away to an unknown world called... Smash School.

Ok, that's chapter #1... Yaaaay *says pathetically*... sorry I'm really tired, it's 12:40 in my time zone so... yeah... Goodnight!