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Chapter 37(Master Hand)

What's another hard excercise?

"You called us Master Hand?" Link says, standing by the other eleven original smashers.

"Yes, I need you to investigate something." I explain.

"What exactly?" Samus asks.

"A series of, er, how should I put this? supposed natural disasters have been occuring all over in the smash world." I continue to explain.

"Like-a what?" Mario asks.

"Like avalanches, small earthquakes, small tornados, etcetera, etcetera." They all gape. including Jigglypuff, and Pikachu.

"Pika pi?"

"Yes, avalanches."


"Yes small earthquakes."

"Small tornados?"

"Yes small tornados."

"Etcetera, etcetera?" We all turn to Captain Falcon, who's mouth seems to be mre a-gape then the others.

"Uh, yes." I answer.

"So what's causing all this?" Ness asks.

"You all remember Tabuu, and how he used subspace bombs?" They all nod.

"But what does that have to do with these natural disasters?" Fox asks.

"I believe some one, or rather something is responsible for these 'natural' disasters. Whatever it is has power not unlike Tabuu's, but much stronger." I say. More gaping.

"S-so, Tabuu is back?" Captain Falcon asks, fear drizzled heavily on his voice.

"Perhaps, or perhaps something worse." And they Gape bigger.

"So wh'd you call only us, I mean other then being the original smashers; we're not special!" Samus exclaims.

"I called you, the originals, because you all have the most experience. Plus, I need to keep the other's here to teach the students." I say.

"O-a-kay." Mario says.

"Let's-a go then!"


"Myst, what are we doing?" I whisper to my odd friend.

"I wanna know what Mh wanted all of the originals for." She whispers back.

"Oh... Why?" I whisper again.

"Just 'cause." She replies, still whispering.

"Oh." I whisper as she puts her ear up to the door.

"What are they saying?" I whisper after a few minutes.

"Tabuu? Powerful? I can only make out a few words, but it sounds bad." She whispers.

"Oh no, they're coming." She hisses at me, then grabbing my wrist, she drags me into a nearby, abandoned classroom. We hide behind the door, listening as the door to MH's office opens. Footsteps pass our room, and we wait for them to disappear. Moments pass.

"Ok, I think they're gone." Myst whispers.

"'Kay." I say before sneaking a peek through the small window in the door.

"Yup, coast's clear." I say, and we exit. We dash back to class.

(Master Hand)

"Oh dear." I groan.

"WAT?!" Crazzy Hand asks, a bit too loudly. Actually, I tae that back; he said it WAY to loud.

"Those two girls, they were listening in." I explain. Oh my, I've been explaining quite a bit today.

"Oh. SO?!"

"Too loud Crazy. Too loud." I groan, finger a-tap on the wooden desk.

"Sorry. So?"

"It may cause some unwanted complications."


"Where do we start?" Ness asks.

"I say we split up into teams of three." I suggest

"Good idee-a." Mario says.

"Ok, I'll take Pikachu, and Ness." I say.

"Come on-a Luigi. You a-too Captain-a Falcon." Mario beckons for them to follow him, and they head for the mountains.

"Ok, Jigglypuff, Fox, let's go." Link says, and they head off to the forests.

"Yoshi!" Yoshi says, then dashes off to the wastelands, bringing Kirby and DK with him.

"Alright, time to go. You guys ready?" I turn back to Pikachu, and Ness.

"U-huh." Ness nods.

"Pika!" And off we go.

(Third PoV)

"Will all highschool students please gather in the Foyer." Master Hand's voice echos 'round the Mansion through intercom. A steady flood of teens is created, making it's way to the Foyer. Soon a crowd of teens are gathering around the front steps where Master Hand, ans his brother Crazy Hand await them.

"Welcome, is everybody here?" He says to the many teens. A few minutes of quieting down, and they all seem to be listening. Yes; seem.

"Alright, you've all been called here becuase I have a bit of explaining to do." Murmurs of agreement, and murmurs tainted with confusion fill the air.

"You are all probably wondering about why you all were told to make Final Smashes." More murmurs coat the air, even thicker now.

"Do any of you recall the subspace war?" Nods, and yesses are seen, and heard.

"You all remember Tabuu?" More nods, more yesses.

"He may have been revived." Gasps of astonishment.

"Yes, but with your Final Smashes, combined with the older smasher's, you may be able to defeat him." Silence reaigns in the room as the cold reality sets in.

"Of course, your help may not be needed. Aside from that, safety drills, and extra training will be taught. The younger students, elemtary students, and middle students for example." Still silence.

"Do you all understand?" He asks, very sternly. The highschool students nod, a bit dumbly.

"Good, now return to your regular scheduled classes." The students do exactly that. The crowd disperses.

Somewhere else...

Of course, there were two girls who were NOT at the gathering. If you hadn't already guessed, yes, it is Jay, and Mystique.

"Maybe we shouldn't be doing this..." Jay says, definetely not as enthused as she was a few moments before.

"Yes, don't you wanna see where they're goinbg? Or why they're going?" Mystique asks, looking at her, completely seriously.

"Yes, and no. Both?" Jay says, a bit confusedly.

"Oh whatever, if you're gonna chicken out, then go ahead. But I'm continuing on." Mystique walks after Samus, Pikachu, and Ness. They did listen in on the smasher's conversation earlier. Jay gulps, looking around. Her imagination acting up as usual. After a few more moments of scaredy-catness, she chases after Mystique.

"Hey! Wait up!"

Back in Sheik's and Sonic's 'speed and stabilty' class...

"Hey!" Sheik's voice rings out, making a few of the student's cower.

"Where's Mystique and Jay?!" This snaps Sonic, and some of the students into attention.

"Huh? Oh yeah, they are gone. You don't think they're skipping, do you?" Sonic asks Sheik.

"Well if they are, I swear I will make them do this obstacle course twice. Then have them do ten thousand push ups, five thousand sit ups, and, uhhh. What are some other hard exercises?" Sheik turns to Sonic, who shrugs.

"Well that doesn't matter! They will be punished! Ooh, that's it!" Sheik turns to Sonic, and whispers something to him. He nods, then they turn back to the class.

"C'mon class! This is a special field trip, or rather, a remedial lesson. We're going to find those two girls."

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