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Chapter 38(Sheik)

The all-too-mysterious Mystique, and her sidekick: The flighty Jay.

"Where are those girls?" I wonder aloud as I march ahead of my small group. Me and Sonic had split up to find the two female trouble-makers, but have yet to succeed.

"Uh, Sheik?" April's looking at me with those pathetic puppy dog eyes.

"I told you; call me the great Sheikah, and that goes for all of you!" I look back, and point at the other teens while saying this.

"Ok, great Sheikah do you think that Mystique and Jay or ok?" She really does look pathetic, but not in the cowardly way.

"I'm sure they're fine, just getting into trouble," I look away from her.

"As usual."


I march proudly across the wastelands, heading towards the forests. And from the forests, to the other places the original smashers went.

"Uh Mystique, maybe we should go back..." Jay mutters, obviously scared.

"Why, so we can stay and train, locked in the walls, or as some like to call it: safe?" I ask.

"Uh, yes...?" She says hesitantly.

"And that's..." I pause for effect, pointing up.

"Exactly," One step forward.

"What," another step.

"They," and yet another.

"Want," my voice gets lower, stepping even closer.

"You," Almost a whisper, and ever so closer.

"To," less then a foot away, and loud whisper.

"Think." I whisper so low, but Jay heard, after all I am only inches from her face.

"Uhhh," she says, retracting her head back.

"Ok." She's says like I'm crazy.

"You keep on thinking that, and I'll go back." She turns, and is about to take a step, but I grab her shoulder.

"Wait, I may need your fire, or ice magic." I explain. She sighs, and her shoulders slump.

"Fine." She groans, then turns back to face me.

"Alrighty then!" I turn also.

"Let's go!" And I lead her towards the green splotch on the horizon. That's the forest. But I wonder, where are the smashers who were supposed to investigate the wastelands? Oh well, I'm sure they're just somewhere else. Hopefully. Time passes, almost quickly but not quite. First it's minutes, then hours. Then it feels like days, but the sun is still high.

"When are we gonna get there?" Jay whines.

"Soon." I brush her off, at least that's what I consider a brush off.

"How soon?" She whines harder.

"Just soon." I gasp out. She's starting to agravate me. More minutes pass before,

"How long is soon?" Jay asks.

"I do-"

"Is it like, a few minutes? Or maybe a half-hour? Or may-" She says before I can answer.

"Why'd you cut me off?" I cut er off with my own question.

"Well you cut me off!" She explains.


"Just now."

"No, I mean why'd you cut me o-"

"Look!" She points ahead. I then realize we had stopped to argue, and I was facing her.

"There you go again," I look though, even if she is being annoying. Oh, it's the forest.

"Finally! Now we can get out of this godforsaken heat!" Jay cries, dashing forward to the cool shade. She stops, and plunks herself down by a tree.

"Let's take a break!" She calls from over there. I walk casually over.

"But we haven't accomplished anything." I scold.

"We should press for-" BOOM! We freeze.

"What was that?" Jay whispers.

"I don't know, but it came from over there." I point to the right, or rather the north-west.

"So- HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" I hear her call from beind me, as I dash towards the sound. I stop, and hide behind a tree, grabbing Jay and hiding her before she went ahead.

"Let's climb up, and see what's happening." I suggest, and she nods. I grab a branch, and heave myself up. I go grab the next one quicly, then the next one. Soon; my feet are barely even touching the wood, and I'm at the top. Jay follows, much more cautiously, and much more tediously. It bores me to death to wait for her.

My mind is taken away from my cautious friend though as another boom resounds through the forest. I practically fall from the noise, it's just SO loud! I look down to Jay, and am relieved to see her clutching a branch frantically, eyes squished shut. I look back up to see where the boom came from. A giant shadow covers my eyes.

I can barely see, but the shadow passes. I look down, but no evil's there. Instead, I see a battered Link, a squashed Jigglypuff, and Fox. Fox looks a bit silly, what with his fur all standing on end, but he looks pretty bad too.

"Jay, get back down the tree!" I call down. I didnt ave to, 'cause she's only a few branches lower then me.

"Kay." She says, then pulls out her bladewhip. She swings it, letting loose all of the blade, and whipping it at a solitary branch She swings down from there. Me? Oh, I just jump from branch to branch down. When we both are on the solid surface, we dash over to the fallen warriors.

"There out cold." Jay points out.

"No really?" I say sarcastically, but grab onto Fox's arm.

"C'mon, let's take 'em back to the mansion." I stop in my tracks, realizing how ridiculous I sound.

"So you want to drag back a grown Hylian man, an unnaturally large fox, and a puffball?" Jay retorts.

"Ok, do you ave any better ideas?" I ask, genuinly curious.

"It's getting late, see." She points to the sun, which is peeking through the branches of trees, but also nearing the horizon.

"Ok, and?" I urge her to continue.

"And, we could make a fire, maybe find something to eat, and just camp out here. Then tomorrow, one of us can go back for help." I frown. Of course she thought of a smarter idea then me. My life isn't a movie. I sigh.

"Ok," I set Fox back down.

"You get firewood, I'll get food." Jay suggests.

"Fine." I grumble, then go off in search for some stray wood. The sky painted red, yellow, orange, purple, and a few splotches of blue. It's actually pretty easy getting firewood, and I soon have a stack in my arms. I head back to the small clearing, but trip on the way.

"Oof!" Ah a classic face plant, and also a bloody nose from hitting it on one of the peices of wood. I wipe away the streaks, and get back up. It takes a few minutes to reclaim the stray pieces, but soon have them all. Siging, I start for the camp, again. The walk back seems longer then before, but I pay it no mind.

I reach the clearing, eventually. Jay still isn't here, I wonder what happened to her. I shrug, then delve back into the dark recesses of the forest. By te time I return from my second trip, my blood is dry, and the moon is shining down prettily. I turn this way, and even that way, but don't see Jay I guess getting food is pretty hard.

"Maybe I should look for her? Nah, she can handle herself. Then again, she may've tripped like me, only knowing her she would've broken a leg or something..." I trail off after hearing a groan emenate from one of the unconscience smashers. I turn slowly, and Link is up, rubbing his head. He looks around, and notices me. I'm frozen, like a deer in the headlights.

He notices me, and I give a little, awkward, wave.

"Hehe, hi." I say, yes very awkwardly.

"Wait, how did you get here?" He asks, suspicion high in his voice.

"I uh..." I trail off again, but this time because I see a shadowy figure aproaching the camp. Link turns to see what I'm staring at. I let out the breath I had not known I was holding when I see it's just Jay.

"Finally!" I cry to her, and she rolls her eyes. Link glances from me, to Jay, he's clearly confused.

"I found some fo-" Jay stops when she sees that Link's awake.

"Please explain this to me." Link says.

"Well, uhhh..." I begin, but of course, don't end.

"Ok, as your teacher, and leader, I order you to tell me." He says sternly.

"Mystique wanted to see what you guys were doing, and she dragged me along." Jay says quickly, all in one breath.

"So we were trekking across the wastelands, and we reached the forest." I say, also quickly, and also in one breath.

"I wanted to take a rest, but Mystique insisted that we move on." Jay continues the story, still very quickly.

"Then we heard the boom, then climbed a tree to see wat was happening." I continue, with out missing a beat.

"Then there was another boom, and a really big shadow." Jay adds some arm gestures to her part of the explanation.

"We saw you guys down here, and we came down from the tree." I point to the tree we were in.

"Mystique wanted to drag you guys back to the mansion, but I suggested making a camp instead."

"So I went to get some firewood, and she went to get some food."

"I don't know what Mystique was doing, but I got some of this... fruit, I think?" She asks herself.

"I came back with the firewood and Jay wasn't here, but you were waking up... So yeah..." I trail off.

"The end?"

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