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It took several days to dig out the students of Smash School. Most of those students had thought that cavern would be their grave. The rest just tried to stay conscious. And even after it all, not all of them returned to their school. Some felt so traumatized that they needed to return to their families for awhile.

The rest just tried not to break down into sobs whenever midnight, dragons, or even caves were mentioned. A few had even acquired a new fear of the tight, enclosed spaces. Most eventually grew out of it, but some never really did.

Many months past, and the students who had returned home came back to the school. They all grew accustomed to the latest training camp Sheik had envisioned them, and soon made it a reality. All-in-all, the days blurred together, similar to a prison, but a bit different.

It was much funner, especially during many of Snake's chemistry classes, which was how a certain mystical gal got many of her detentions, though she never got any suspensions. Oddly enough.

It wasn't until several months later, only days before a new school year when Master Hand received a... Weird message...

Master Hand thought. What did it mean? He had to figure it out, or he would go crazy. And everybody knows that a Hand going crazy would result in terrible consequences for all of them. Crazy Hand as reference. And so, Master Hand thought some more. He only had three days before the new school year would arrive.

And that would mean new students, new teachers, and new daily visits from Mystique, most of which would be arriving today to get settled in. That was something Master Hand did not look forward to. Master Hand decided to check the message again. It was a simple e-mail, and someone had typed it in a certain font to make it look creepier.

Master Hand,

You may have defeated us once, but you will not succeed again.

We are here always, you shouldn't even bother to watch your back,

we're watching it for you.

Expect something big to happen, something very big.

Forever watching you,
The Butterfly

Master Hand thought a bit more. He had a vague idea on what it meant. It was all very simple of course, what confused Master Hand though was that he expected some hidden message. It didn't appear to have one though. Don't evil people usually have hidden messages to make their 'game' funner? Then again, every evil man Master Hand ever went up against was insane, so that made sense.

Maybe these people weren't at least half sane. Hopefully they were half sane. Then they would be easier to predict.

But who was The Butterfly?

The End


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