It was around two o'clock in the morning on November the 18th, in the year 2028. Kotomi Leeblossom sat in her hospital bed, asleep. Muriel Bagge, Kotomi's mother, sat on a small couch with Austin Leeblossom, Kotomi's son. Austin was fast asleep while Muriel was reading a small novel. Kotomi went into labor while visiting her parent's house, sending her to the nearest hospital. Her mother and son stayed by her side.

At two thirty, Kotomi awoke and screamed in pain. Muriel put down her book and called her husband Eustace to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Doctors rushed into the room and Eustace appeared minutes later, taking Austin into the lobby. Muriel grabbed onto Kotomi's hand and the doctors started helping Kotomi have her baby.

Nearly an hour later, Muriel walked into the lobby. Austin was asleep on Eustace's lap, but was unshaken when Eustace stood up and put him in the seat.

"How is she?" Eustace asked his wife, with a touch of fear in his voice.

"She's fine..." Muriel said, then looked at the floor. "It's the baby that's not doing well." Austin stirred in his sleep.

"What's wrong with the baby?"

"Why don't ya see for yourself?" Muriel said grabbing Eustace's hand. Eustace let go and picked up Austin, who was only seven at the time. Muriel led the two to Kotomi's room.

Kotomi was asleep, and the baby sat in a small baby bed next to her. Eustace laid Austin down on the couch and picked up the new baby. The baby looked normal, except for four spider legs sticking out of her back.

"W-What's wrong with her?" Eustace asked. Muriel put her hand on Eustace's shoulder.

"Her father." Muriel said. "He's half Arachnichimp. That's an alien." she continued.

"Wha?" Eustace muttered. "And where is he now? Runnin' off like Austin father?" Muriel shrugged.

"I don't know, hun."

Later that morning, around eleven to be exact, Kotomi was awake and doing much better. The baby was also fine, but was asleep. Austin was also awake and laying on the couch, playing his handheld video game. Muriel, Eustace, and the doctor stood around Kotomi's bed.

"So," the doctor said. "What the little girl's name?"

"Roxie." Kotomi said. "Roxie Jade Leeblossom."

"She just a darling!" Muriel said, her arm around Eustace's torso. Austin scoffed.

"I wanted a brother." Austin said, then turning over on his back so he faced the couch. Eustace and Muriel chuckled.

"All little boys want a younger brother!" Eustace laughed.

"And dogs!" Kotomi said. "He's been begging to get one of those."

"Well, why don't you get one?" Muriel asked. Kotomi sighed.

"I have two kids now. Do you think I'll be able to keep up with a dog too?"

"I would love to adopt a small puppy." Muriel said. "Our house gets lonely in the middle of Nowhere."

"I don't want no stupid dog." Eustace muttered.

"Oh, Eustace!" Muriel cried. "Let's not fret about that now! Let's talk more about our new granddaughter!" she continued as she walked over and picked up Roxie. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"She is." Eustace said with a smile. Austin scoffed again.

"But those legs." Kotomi said. "They make her look just like her father."

"I'm sure that won't be a problem!" Eustace said. "It makes her looks tough!" Austin turned back around.

"Girls can't be tough!" Austin cried, but everyone ignored him.

"Mind your manners, young man." Kotomi yelled. Austin continued to play his game.

"But she's still beautiful!" Muriel said, then smiled and blushed.

Days later, Kotomi left the hospital and took Roxie home to her house in Pokey Oaks. As they settled back in, a loud boom was heard from down the street. Austin ran inside, his shoes covered in mud.

"That professor guy blew his roof up again!" Austin yelled.

"Leave him alone, Austin. He's a nice man and is just doing science. Now go back outside before you wake Roxie." Kotomi said. Austin shrugged and ran back outside. Kotomi laid Roxie in her swing and opened a book. She glanced over at Roxie's spider legs. "Yep. Just like her father."