Years later, Roxie was now 15, and she looked like any other normal teenage girl. Except for her back, where four large spider legs broke through the skin. She had recieved her father's alien genes, cause the spider legs to become a part of her. Roxie didn't mind the mutation. In fact, she thought they made her ten times better! With every kid in her school scared of being stabbed by the legs, they all acted nice to her, and treated her with respect.

And Roxie lived a normal life, with her spider legs. She lived with her mother and older brother in Pokey Oaks, and everything was normal to them. Until that day.

Roxie was engulfed in her math test at Pokey Oaks High School that day in March. She reached the last problem on her test when her pencil snapped. She raised her hand and stared at the teacher sitting at his desk.

"What now, Miss Leeblossom?" he muttered.

"I broke my pencil. Can I sharpen it?" Roxie asked. Her teacher sighed and nodded. Roxie stood and skipped over to the pencil sharpener. As she placed her pencil in the device, the ground started to shake and loud rumbles echoed throughout the school.

"Earthquake!" Roxie's teacher yelled. "Everyone under your desks!" Roxie doved under the nearest desk and held on. Then half the room collasped, crushing everything and everybody on that side. Roxie's desk was on that side of the room, and her face grew shocked. Then the school continued to collasp, and green ooze spread everywhere.

The shaking stopped and Roxie stood up from under the desk. Everyone in her class was dead, except for three other kids. The school was gone and blood started oozing out from under the rubble and mixing with the green ooze. Roxie started crying, realizing her best friends were dead. She looked to the street to see monsters lurking everywhere. Each monster was covered in the green ooze, and some had hints of blood scattered over them. One monster looked over to see Roxie in what was left of her classroom. It roared, changing Roxie's sadness to complete horror.

The monster pounced at Roxie, who quickly ran to the side and on top of the rubble. She continue to run to the grass, which was covered in the green ooze. As Roxie ran, she looked up to see that the sky had turned a sickly green color and another planet was visable. The planet was also the same color as the green ooze and seemed to have other planets and moons attached to it's surface. Roxie's horror was slightly lifted when she heard the distant sirens of pocile cars speeding towards her. One halted to a stop in front of the school and the back door flung open.

Roxie ran over to get in when she saw Professor Utonium in the driver's seat. Roxie jumped in and slammed the door.

"Professor!" she yelled. "What's happening? Everyone in my school is dead and those monsters just appeared and the sky is gr-!" She was interuped by the sounds of the Professor driving the car over several monsters.

"Stay calm, Roxie!" the Professor yelled. "I'll explain it later, right now we need to get your mom." he continued. Roxie's eyes grew huge.

"Mom! What if she's hurt, or worst, dead?" Tears continue to stream down Roxie's face. Then she started sobbing. "Austin! He has to be alive." She sobbed.

The Professor took a sharp turn and slammed right into Roxie's front yard. He honked the horn and a young woman with long brown hair peeked through the curtains. The curtains fell together and the front door swung open. The woman threw herself in the back seat and latched onto Roxie.

"Thank god you're ok!" she yelled. Roxie hugged her back.

"I thought you were hurt, mom! I was so worried!" Roxie sobbed. The Professor looked at the mother and daughter.

"Kotomi, where's Austin?" he asked. Then the passenger door opened and a young man jumped in.

"I here, now drive!" the man said. The young man was 21-year-old Austin Leeblossom, Roxie's older brother. Professor Utonium stepped on the gas and drove back to where the school was.

Blossom, one of the famous Powerpuff Girls, flew around the sky above the school shooting herr laser eyes at the monsters. Then all of a sudden, the police car was lifted from the ground. The Professor rolled down the window and the giggles of Bubbles were heard from below the car. Blossom pointed towards Downtown Townsville and told Bubbles to fly them to Dexlabs, then the car flew off.

The car lowered to the ground outside of Dexlabs, then fell with a thud when Bubbles flew out from underneath. Everyone stepped out of the car and over to a Dexbot that teleported you inside the lab. Bubbles latched onto the Professor's torso and hugged him.

"Thank god you're ok..." she muttered. The Professor patted her head.

"Go back to Blossom. She can't do this alone. Do it for Buttercup." he said. Bubbles released and nodded, then flew off with a blue beam of light trailing behind her. The Professor then gestured for the Leeblossom family to teleport inside Dexlabs. They nodded and did so, and the Professor followed.

A 16-year-old Dexter McPherson stood at the edge of a large computer screen and a complex keyboard. Next to him was his robot partner, Computress, who was ordering Dexbots to create more weapons that were displayed everywhere. Professor Utonium went straight to another computer as DeeDee, who was now the same age as Austin, skipped over to the Leeblossoms.

"Hi, Austin!" she said. Austin waved. "Here come over here!" she said grabbing his hand and tugging him over to another computer. Kotomi put her hands on Roxie's shoulders and pushed her over to the Professor.

"What is going on?" Kotomi asked. Roxie shook as she stood.

"I still don't know." the Professor said as he messed with the computer. "We lost contact with the KND Moonbase this morning. Now I see why."

"Planet Fusion!" Dexter yelled from across the room. On the large screen in the middle of the wall was a screen cap of the KND Moonbase's radar from this time last year. "This is all my fault! If I never discarded the KND's files, we could have prepared!" he continued, zooming in on the radar. Right by Mars was a large green ball. Roxie trembled and walked over to Dexter.

"Planet Fusion?" she muttered. "Are we under attack by aliens?" Her spider legs fell to her sides. Dexter turned to her.

"Yes, Roxie, I'm afraid so." he said. He turned to Computress, but kept his hand on his keyboard. "Computress, pull up a call to Mandark Industries." Computress made a small beep sound and then a large picture of Mandark's face appeared on Dexter's screen.

"What do ya want?!" he said. Roxie backed out of Dexter's way and listened closely.

"What information do you have on you're Nano project?" Dexter asked. Mandark started laughing.

"Mr. McPherson, why would I give out my Nano information to, of all the people in the world, you?!"

"For the love of science, Mandark! Don't be stoopid!" Dexter yelled. "Do you not realize we are being invaded by aliens!?"

"Oh, that's what's been bothering my Mandroids? How about that, huh?" Mandark continued to laugh while Dexter scowled at the screen.

"Ok, listen." Dexter yelled. "I know we are in the middle of a contest to see who could make the best file for a possible Nano project, but we could put our ideas together and defeat the aliens!" Mandark stopped laughing.

"What if they're friendly aliens?" Dexter slammed his face into his keyboard.

"You are stoopid." he muttered, then hung up on the video call.

The Professor made the Leeblossom sleep at Dexlabs for the following week. Dexter helped set up a program called the Academy, where new recruits could train to join the war against the aliens, who were soon identified as Fusions, lead by Lord Fuse, the mastermind behind the entire Fusion Fall operation. Areas that were hit the worst when Fuse attack were trapped inside force fields to keep the green ooze, which was identified as Fusion Matter, from destroying other areas. These areas were known as Infected Zones. One of these was what was left of Pokey Oaks High School. The Leeblossoms were permitted to go home, but were alerted to stay on their toes because another attack could happen at anytime.

Kotomi was setting the table for dinner the day they got home. She had the TV in the living room on, and the sound echoed throughout the house. Roxie sat at the table at stared at her empty plate. The news suddenly flashed on the screen and showed images of Megas XLR and the Dynamo Powerpuff frozen in Fusion Matter.

"Goat's Junk Yard has been officially declared an Infected Zone, and the Dynamo Powerpuff is being removed to a remote located while officials start to clean off the Fusion Matter." the news anchor annouced. Kotomi placed spagetti on Roxie's plate and Austin sat down at the table. Kotomi continued to put food on her plate and Austin's, then sat down.

Dinner was eaten in complete slience. Austin kept looking at his mother and his sister. Roxie never touched her food and just stared at it. Kotomi was eating, but also staring downwards. Austin decided to break the slience.

"Are you gonna talk or what?" Kotomi looked up.

"We're a little shook up, hun." she said, then forced a smile. Roxie slammed her fist onto the table and looked up.

"A little shook up!?" she screamed. Kotomi's forced smiled dropped to a shocked expression. "My best friends DIED right in front of my eyes. I was chased by a freaky green alien. Everyone I know is dead! And you think I'm a little shook up? You clearly don't understand what is happening. There are aliens out there killing people as we speak! And all you can say is that you're a little shook up!? I have no idea what is wrong with you, right now! And if you think I'm going to sit here and do nothing, then you're wrong!"

"No, honey. You don't mean...?"

"Yes, mom! I want to join the war."