((Before we start this chapter, I'd like to thank Zerowing21 for beta reading this chapter and making corrections. Thanks!))

Roxie stood in Dexlabs among dozens of other teenagers waiting to sign up to join the Academy and the war against Fuse. Her mother agreed to let her join the war, but only if brother went along. Austin stood next to Roxie, messing with his Nanocom.

"Wow," he said. "At 3:23 this morning, Fuse launched an attack on the Spaceport. It's been announced an Infected Zone." Roxie grabbed her arms in fright.

"I'm scared." she muttered, looking away at the floor.

"Scared?" Austin said, looking at her upon her in amusement. "My little Spiderman is scared of a couple of aliens?" Roxie shoved Austin.

"Don't call me Spiderman!" she yelled, attracting some attention.

"Ok, ok! But seriously! Roxie Jade Leeblossom is scared of aliens? You are one!" Austin yelled in a taunting tone. Some of the kids behind them started whispering to each other.

"Don't remind me. The last thing I want people to think of me is that I'm one of them. I'm just a semi-normal 15-year-old girl; big deal." Roxie said. It was her turn to sign up for the Academy. She stepped on a platform and stood still.

A glass cylinder rose on the edges of the platform and soon it began to scan Roxie. She felt a small tingle and giggled slightly.

"State your name." a robotic voice beeped.

"Roxie Jade Leeblossom." she said.

"State your parent's names."

"Chester and Kotomi Leeblossom." Roxie said, even though it felt funny to say her dad's name, since he left the family when Roxie was born.

"State your origin."

"I'm seventy-five percent human and twenty-five percent Arachnichimp." The girl announced and soon after a loud beep played, hurting Roxie's ears.

A suit of gray armor materialized before her, which she promptly ran her fingers across as to get a feel of the material. "Dress in these and report to teleporter." the robotic voice beeped. Roxie grabbed the armor and scampered off to a changing room.

Roxie stood by three other kids, who were also dressed in gray armor. Roxie's armor had small holes in the back to allow her spider legs to poke through. One kid stepped up to a secondary platform and a Dexbot, armed with what appeared to be an odd weapon, shot a beam at him. The kid disappeared in an instant, leaving a cloud of red smoke behind him. Roxie gulped. Then tensed up when a hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned around to see Austin, who was also dressed in gray armor.

"Did that thing really need to ask me what my origin was? I'm clearly a human." he said, clearly annoyed. Roxie giggled.

"You ready?" she asked her bother.

Austin nodded and then grabbed her hand.

"Still scared?" he asked her.

Roxie squeezed Austin's hand in response and nodded. "That gun. Where does it take us?"

"The Null Void," Austin answered. "It's this creepy place where that alien kid puts bad guys or something like that."

"Oh... It sounds scary." Roxie said. The kid in front of her was shot with the Null Void gun and disappeared from sight. Roxie gulped, realizing it was her turn to be teleported to the Null Void. She latched onto Austin's midsection and cried.

"What, Rox?" he asked, hugging her.

"I'm scared, Austin! I don't want to go!" Roxie bellowed. Austin held Roxie's face up and looked her in the eye.

"Roxie Jade," he said softly. "You can do this. You are the bravest person I've ever met. I believe in you. Don't chicken out now, Spiderman." he winked at her. She stood and nodded.

"O-Ok." she forced herself to say. "I'm going." Roxie trembled slightly and then stepped up to the platform. She stared at Austin, before she closed her eyes and held her breath.

"Hey, Rox," Austin yelled. "I love you!"

"I love you too." Roxie said as the Dexbot shot her with the Null Void gun.

In the blink of an eye, Roxie stood on a large mass of land, under a sick red sky. Many of other teens in gray armor ran around the land mass. Roxie looked around, seeing small buildings and masses of land floating off in the sky. She gazed ahead to see rows of orange guns. She walked forward and picked one up. Austin appeared behind her and also picked one up. Roxie stared over to see numerous small Fusion monsters that were shaped as raindrops.

"Don't ask questions, just shoot." Austin said as he opened fire upon the monsters. Roxie gulped and did the same. She continued to destroy monsters and followed the directions given by many plumbers who helped in the training. Roxie and Austin were soon promoted to the Training Zoo, and continued there. Once there, they rested for the night, only to be woken up at the crack of dawn.

The two continued to fight the tamed Fusion Spawns and gained new armor. It came to the time where the two could get a special floating companion called a Nano. Roxie stepped up to the teleportation pad, only to be turned away.

"What!?" Roxie yelled once she was told that she could not obtain a Nano. "What do you mean I can't get one!?"

"Nanos are not compatible with aliens, EVOs, and ones who are able to use magic." the Dexbot buzzed. Roxie crossed her arms, stamped her feet and started to pout.

"But I want one! They're cute!" she whined. Austin stepped up to the Dexbot.

"I'll get one and you can play with it later." he said, before he was suddenly teleported away into the Fusion chamber. Around ten minutes later, Austin returned with a miniature sized Rex floating next to him.

"So you can't give these things to EVOs, but you can make them based off of the EVOs?" Roxie scoffed and pouted even more.

"This unit does not hold an answer for your question." the Dexbot buzzed. "Please continue training and remember that every day is a great day for science."

Roxie and Austin left the Dexbot to continue their training, which was coming along nicely. Austin soon obtained a second Nano based off of Alien X, which made Roxie moan some more. They both finished up their training missions and were directed to a portal with two plumbers standing next to it. There was also a screen beside the portal, which had a recorded message from Dexter on it. The video looped over and over with Dexter congratulating everyone for finishing the testing, and signing off with;

"... it's always a great day for science!" Then the DexLabs logo would flash and a robotic female voice would say;

"This message was brought to you by DexLabs incorporated, where it's always a great day for Science."

The plumbers allowed Roxie and Austin through the portal, which brought them to the top of a large mountain. Mount Neverest, the tallest mountain in the world. Several large screens were floating around the base that was built on the top of said mountain, and each screen played the same video that played back in the Training Zoo.

In the center of the base stood Computress, Dexter's robot assistant, and four adults, each wearing crazy armor and standing by signs depicting their guides. Roxie and Austin walked up to the assistant and said hello.

"Welcome to Mount Neverest!" Computress hummed. "Congratulations for completing the training. Now you must choose on whom you wish guide you through the war." The four adults all buzzed with excitement.

"Choose Mojo Jojo!" said a girl wearing a Jojo Minion outfit.

"No choose, Double D!" screamed a boy wearing a robotic Wilt outfit. "He has tons of treasures!"

"Ben Tennyson is the obvious choice!" said a boy wearing Heatblast armor. "Imagine having the wielder of the Ultramatrix as your guide!"

"But you guys are all stooped," said a girl wearing Dynamo Blossom armor. "Dexter is the best guide, I mean, he did create the entire Training Zoo and Nanos!"

The four began to yell and nag at Roxie and Austin to choose their guide. Roxie stepped back and screamed at the top of her lungs. The four became silent right away and Roxie stopped screaming.

"Ok, now that we have that out of the way," Roxie said. "I choose Dexter as my guide." The boy in the Dynamo Blossom armor high-fived Roxie.

"Well I choose Jojo." Austin said. "I'll live a little."

Computress registered the two to their guides and then moved out of the way, revealing yet another portal.

"This portal will take you to Sector V." Computress buzzed. "Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 5 are currently there and are willing to assist in any way possible." Computress gestured for the two to walk through the portal. "Please save the world."

On that note, the siblings rushed through the portal and appeared outside of the Tree house in Sector V. They looked around to see many people running about. Most of them were fighting Fusion Spawns scattered throughout the area. Roxie suddenly heard wood snap above her, which caused her to jerk her head up. Numbuh 2, the bigger member of Sector V, was falling to the ground with several wood planks falling with him. Roxie pushed Austin out of the way and she jumped over with him. Hoagie landed on ground with a dull thud, then was hit in the head with several wooden planks. Roxie jumped up and rushed to his aid.

"Hoagie, are you ok?" she asked, helping him up. He rubbed his head.

"Yeah I guess," he muttered. "Guess that'll teach me not to try and fix wooden Tree house!" Numbuh 2 then started to laugh uncontrollably. Roxie forced a giggled and picked up the wooden planks.

"Here you go, Hoagie." Roxie handed the planks to him, which he grabbed.

"I guess I'll to ask Numbuh 1 if I can use super-duper-gorilla glue on the Tree house." Numbuh 2 blushed. "Well, see ya Roxie! Don't die!"

Roxie pecked Hoagie on the forehead, causing him to blush harder. He scampered off and Austin walked up to Roxie.

"Kissing ten year olds, are we?" Austin joked. Roxie shoved him.

"Shut up! He's a nice kid!" Roxie sighed. "Well you need to take me home so I can go to bed."

"Excuse me?" Austin barked. "I'm not your personal taxi driver. I'm your brother, whose making you walk home."

Austin started to laugh and walked down the street. Roxie smirked and caught up to him.

"Isn't your car outside DexLabs?" Roxie giggled as Austin struck a poker face. He started to run off towards DexLabs, with Roxie laughing where he stood.