So this is how it will end for me huh…this is how I will die? Bleeding out and without a voice, soaked to the bone with no possible means of escape or help…yet I suppose that's how HE wanted it to be…he wanted me to die, and die alone…

Thick fog rolled over the deathly silent streets of London, bringing with it a heavy rancid stench of the Thames and decaying flesh, deep in the near unlivable part of London the boy laid soaked and helpless. Hidden in the dark depths of a never ending alley he was surrounded by trash and his own life's essence, the downpour falling heavily upon the near dead Neko boy without mercy, forced to witness his own blood mixing with the pools of water which formed around him. Pale and half lidded eyes took in his surroundings slowly, he was alone, unable to cry out for help, and unable to move due to the magnitude of his lethal wounds. Unable to heal from the previous injection he was given by Dok, he was utterly helpless and the mere thought brought tears to his glossy iris eyes.

His current situation was brought on by his previous decision to deny Major and not take on the mission he was given, his mission to destroy the great Lord of Darkness, yet how could he accomplish such a mission when nothing but terror and fear etched its way into every crevice of his being at the mere utter of the elder Vampire's name. It was inevitable that he not take on the mission yet the Major didn't understand his reason nor listened to him as he tried to give an explanation. What happened next seemed like the slowest few moments of his lifetime, gang beaten to near death after his healing capabilities were stripped from him. Tortured until he had no voice to cry out for mercy or help, then left to die and fade in the streets of the town Alucard lurked. A true nightmare brought to light before his very eyes.

As he felt the weight begin to seep away from his body, he was slightly grateful that death was coming fast and gracing him with a sense of weightlessness, the pain which once poured over his body much like the rain, lifted only to leave behind a numb sensation. Slowly closing his eyes, he was prepared to accept his inevitable fate and embrace the darkness which was death, yet his heart seemed to not want him to rest just yet. His brown fur coated ears flicked as he caught a distant sound, no not the sound of the rain or a voice, it was the sound of boot clad feet approaching him at a leisure pace. An image of the red dressed Vampire was bombarded upon his closed eye lids, causing them to open almost instantly as his breathing picked up along with his now unstable and impossibly fast heart beat. Slowly and painfully craning his neck to the side, he looked to the mouth of the alley and shook as the towering frame of his nightmare stood at its opening. His eyes which grew weak were only able to make out the emotionless face that the Vampire wore, when the male's lips parted and he spoke, his words only fell upon increasingly deaf ears.

The Vampire then approached, yet at the same time Schrödinger's body began to slip from it's upright position leaning against the wall, it seemed like the world moved slower while he fell, he expected to hit the rain and blood soaked cobble stone floor yet was more then surprised when a flash of red met his gaze and he was caught by the large Vampire. Hoisted into Alucards arms he lay limp and without the ability to fight the large male as his entire body felt light yet heavy at the same time, his muscle unable to respond to the screaming demands his brain sent out. All that escaped him was a pained whimper while he looked up at Alucard, meeting his gaze which was shielded by the orange and yellow reflective shades he always wore. Yet upon closer inspection and possibly due to his disorientation and blood loss, for a moment the Neko had a thought that the male holding him, was not a man to fear. As he looked into Alucards eyes, he swore for a moment he saw pain, loneliness and abandonment, the destroyed eyes of a being abused for endless years.

With difficulty that was unexplainable, Schrödinger reached up slowly and with bloodied fingers, pulled the shades from Alucards eyes and felt his breath leave him at the sight he was met with. Deep and dull crimson eyes met his, different from the normally glowing and bright fear inducing gaze that haunted his dreams, slowly his hand began to fall yet made brief contact with Alucards pale and smooth cold cheek. A shiver then ran threw Schrödinger instantly from the contact that lasted no more then a second, his blood smeared on the tall male's cheek yet it didn't seem to bother him. Alucard tore his gaze away from Schrödinger who still looked up at Alucard regardless of the fact they no longer held eye contact. Alucard then made his way out of the alley and towards the car that waited patiently by the curb, opening up the back door with ease he slid in and sat, clutching Schrödinger close and still holding him in his arms and lap. Reaching down he grasped a towel and wrapped it around Schrödinger's wet and shaking form before nodding to Walter. Taking the signal Walter drove off towards Hellsing, all the while Schrödinger continued to look up at Alucard curiously, unaware that his hand was clutching to the fabric of Alucards slightly wet red jacket.

Pulling up to the gates of Hellsing and getting passed security easily, Alucard got out of the car once it stopped near the entrance of the large estate, opening the doors once more he made his way without words to his chambers. All the while Schrödinger looked around curiously, having only seen the inside of the Hellsing manor once and only briefly at that seeing as his head was also blown off that day by the same man that now held him in what seemed to be a protective way. Schrödinger then snapped to attention as he noticed he was going down a stair case into what appeared to be Alucards room, why he was being brought here was beyond him but he remained silent nonetheless. Looking around and taking in his surroundings, he took note of Alucards lifestyle, a throne sat near a book shelf indicating the male read. A book already sitting upon the throne which had a barrage of cracks in its spine, possibly Alucards favorite book then, near the male's desk sat a violin case as well as a record player with a collection of records. The Vampires coffin was near a seemingly never used and overly large bed, a nightstand next to the bed with another book upon it and a lamp.

To say Schrödinger was learning a lot about the vampire would be an understatement, from what he saw he now not only knew that the proclaimed heartless killer had his hobbies, but also lived a some what normal life style aside from what he did on missions and how he survived. Alucard continued walking, carrying Schrödinger over to the large bathroom; he turned on the tap and ran a bath for Schrödinger before pouring in some healing oils into the water. Placing Schrödinger on his feet, Alucard knelt down on one knee and began to take the wet towel off and wasn't that surprised when the Neko placed his hands on Alucards shoulders for support as his legs were still very unstable. Alucard began to strip Schrödinger carefully, making sure to be gentle while removing his clothes as the fabric of his clothes clung to his wounded skin. Once Schrödinger was completely bare, he picked him up once more and gently laid him in the warm water, he was pleased to hear a relaxed and grateful sigh escape the younger boy's lips as the water washed over his throbbing and painful wounds. Once Alucard slipped off his large red coat and rolled up the sleeves of his black under shirt, he looked around and grasped the body wash and a cloth.

Pouring a generous amount of body wash onto a cloth, Alucard began to run it across Schrödinger's skin, trying to be careful around the wounds as he didn't want them to either reopen or bleed more. After his body was scrubbed, he washed Schrödinger's blood stained hair and was amused as the young boy's ears flicked some of the shampoo at Alucard, hitting his cheek. Alucard only chuckled softly at Schrödinger's silent look of apology, the Vampires chuckle was his way of telling Schrödinger no harm was done, after Schrödinger was completely cleaned Alucard was about to drain the tub he was stopped as Schrödinger reached out with the cloth and ran it across Alucards blood stained cheek. Alucard was silent for a moment before he gave Schrödinger a light form of a smile before draining the tub and helping the boy stand, wrapping him in a fresh towel he carried him once more out of the bathroom and placed him in a seated position on the bed.

Walking back to the bed with a first aid kit in hand he sat next to Schrödinger and began to clean and wrap the boy's wounds, all of it was done in silence and each wound he wrapped he would let a drop of his own blood smooth over the wound before the gauze covered it. Schrödinger just watched intently, curious as to what the Vampires blood would do for his wounds but remained quiet and didn't question him while the large male worked, once his wounds were wrapped and Alucard tossed away the bloodied disinfectant wipes, Schrödinger managed to smile at him as a thank you. Alucard only nodded and ruffled Schrödinger's hair playfully as he walked to his dresser and pulled out a large white dress shirt and a pair of overly large track pants. Making his way back to the bed he began to dress Schrödinger in his clothes before pulling aside the blankets and tucking the male in. Schrödinger just looked at Alucard with such a dumbfound expression and Alucard couldn't hold back his laugher which made Schrödinger smile in the process.

" Sleep, when you wake I might still be at rest, if so, use the phone next to you and dial 1, you can ask Walter for anything you'd like, he will bring it to you without question. Do not get out of this bed unless you need to use the washroom, I don't want you to stress the wounds, as they could reopen even with my blood healing them." Alucard explained as he stood from the bed, only to look at Schrödinger questioningly as he grasped onto Alucards wrist lightly. Even Schrödinger seemed surprised from his own actions and quickly withdrew his hand with a slight pink hue dusted across his cheeks, the blush made Alucard laugh once more before he brushed aside Schrödinger's blonde bangs and turned out the light. "Get some rest Schrödinger." Alucard said lightly, a few candle's turned on which where perched on the walls, giving a warm and soothing glow which filled the room.

Alucard made his way to his coffin and pulled aside the lid before stepping inside and laying down, pulling the lid over him he sighed contently as he was drowned in utter darkness. Yet he was still aware of everything surrounding him, meaning he knew that Schrödinger was turned on his side facing Alucards coffin in silence and in thought, and it then took only a few moments for Schrödinger to feel tired. His eye lids closing and staying shut while his breathing evened out, a soft mutter of goodnight escaped his lips and met Alucards ears before the Neko boy was embraced by sleep. Alucard also welcoming the darkness that clawed at his eye lids, allowing himself to fall silent and his breathing to halt completely, falling into a peaceful deadly slumber.

As night fall came once again, Schrödinger finally woke with a light sweet taste in his mouth unlike the normal odd flavor he had when he woke, with a shrug he slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before he looked over at Alucards coffin. He pondered if the vampire was still in there at rest, yet his thoughts were silenced as he could hear the sound of the shower running. Turning to then look at the bathroom, he pulled aside the blanket slightly and unbuttoned the white shirt he was given, looking at the bandages that had begun to unravel from his sleep. His head snapped up when the water shut off and Alucard emerged from the shower in a pair of black slacks, his towel draped across his shoulders and upper body dripping from the water that coated his body.

Alucard instantly looked at Schrödinger and flashed him a light smile, his smile then turned into a small frown as he saw the bandages were falling off and stained with more recent blood stains. Grabbing the gauze and disinfectant spray he made his way over to the bed and sat down, stripping Schrödinger of the shirt before taking off the old bandages. Cleaning them once more and wrapping them again, Alucard stood and tossed away the old gauze and looked over at Schrödinger as the Neko looked down at his lap as if uncertain of a thought. Alucard shrugged it off, content with his own thought that if the young male wished to speak then he would, Alucard wouldn't need to press the matter and thus he didn't, instead he walked to his drawer and pulled out a fresh black dress shirt and slid it on before running the towel threw his tousled black hair.

Tossing the towel in the laundry basket then running his fingers threw his hair; he looked back over at Schrödinger who still sat in silence on the bed and released a light sigh before he walked over to him once more. Sitting next to him on the bed, Alucard looked at him curiously, for a while Schrödinger didn't look up at Alucard, yet once he did it was only for a moment before he leaned close to gently kiss the still Vampire on the cheek. Once he sat back down, it wasn't a shocker to see that Schrödinger was blushing and that Alucard was more then surprised, yet with a light laugh Alucard ruffled the Neko's hair and smiled at him. "Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?" Alucard asked while he stood once more and made his way over to his personal fridge, needing his own source of nourishment in the morning to start off his day properly.

"Um…I am a little hungry and I'll eat anything you're willing to give me." Schrödinger said in an almost hesitant voice which made Alucard arch a brow curiously.

"You make it sound as if you shouldn't request anything from me; you are my guest are you not? You are free to ask for anything from me." Alucard said as he took out a blood pack and tossed it in the microwave and heated it up, while it was warming up he made his way over to the nightstand and picked up the phone. After calling Walter and requesting him to bring Schrödinger some food, he hung up with a thank you then walked to the microwave to get his own little snack. Consuming it as fast as possible, he wasn't all that surprised when Walter came into Alucards room a few moments after Alucard had requested something from him. A tray full of fresh foods was placed on the bed where Schrödinger was still laying, his eyes opening wide at the different foods that were found on the tray before him.

With a light nod and smile from Alucard, Schrödinger began eating yet managed no matter how starved he was, to eat slowly and savor the taste of the food he was consuming, to have food hit his other wise empty stomach caused a soft moan to come from him. Alucard only chuckled and began slipping on his boots and belt with his guns strapped to it, obviously getting ready to go out on a mission as he was getting extra ammunition from a trunk which was filled with different types of weapons. Once the Vampire was deemed ready for his mission he looked at Schrödinger and gave him a two fingered salute and a wink before he slid on his shades and made his way to the door.

"I'll be back in a few hours, take it easy, bathe if you wish or watch some television, just as I said don't stress your wounds or yourself; you are still regaining your strength of course." Alucards tone was friendly and soft as well as strict; the tone itself would be enough to make Schrödinger listen with full attention even without listening to Alucards words. Slowly he nodded as he was still eating, Alucard nodded as well before he made his way out of the door and closed it behind him silently, parting from Hellsing and out to the streets where his mission took place.

It left Schrödinger alone in silence to look around the Vampires room; he then let his mind wonder as to why Alucard was taking care of him and why he had kissed Alucards cheek when he feared the male. Yet did he really fear him now? Did he need to fear him? Pulling away the sheets and slowly walking around the room, he nearly tripped on the overly large track pants that sat on his hips. The white shirt he wore still unbuttoned and open to expose his bandaged chest seemed to fit him like a dress compared to how tight it was on Alucard. Making his way over to the elder males throne he climbed upon it and sat for a few moments before looking at the book that was perched on the arm rest, looking at the pages he was surprised to see that the words weren't even written in English.

Leaning back against the red and soft padded backing of the throne, he closed his eyes and found himself enveloped in Alucards scent; it seemed to slam into him much like the force of being hit by a truck. Yet his bodies reaction to said scent was even more confusing to the young male, as if in stages his body grew heated and flushed before his nether regions also started to react, his member seemed to pulse as his breathing became faster and harder for him to control. Arching his hips up and sliding the track pants down to his ankles, he looked down to see he was indeed fully erect just from the sheer over powering scent Alucard left on the throne.

With a curse he hesitantly reached down and grasped himself, causing him to gasp and shudder with glee as his arousal twitched in anticipation, soon he was stroking himself in a firm grasp, giving occasional squeezes to the leaking head with just enough pressure to cause both pleasure and pain. Reaching his other hand up, he ran his index finger across the outer shell of his fur coated ear and pictured it was Alucard running his lethal teeth across it. This image caused Schrödinger to moan as his hips bucked into his hand, so his personal fantasy continued, instead of his hand stroking himself, it was Alucards, his large hand teasingly stroking over the younger males aching arousal with such slow movements it caused Schrödinger's breath to hitch.

He ached for release and pictured Alucard whispering into his ear, asking him for Schrödinger to beg the Vampire to let him reach release which made Schrödinger's grip on his member increase to a near painful level yet it was still pleasurable nonetheless. With a broken cry of Alucards name he met his release and saw a flash of white as he bit his bottom lip and pumped himself until his orgasm was complete, slumping against the throne with labored breathing, he looked down at his cum coated hand and blushed. Wiping his hand off with the shirt, he stood and pulled up the track pants then took off the shirt and made his way to the bathroom where he rinsed it off then tossed it inside of the laundry basket.

Once he climbed back inside of the bed, he attempted not to think about what he had just done and put the tray of empty food on the nightstand, pulling the blanket around him, he turned off the lamp and laid down, trying to fall asleep once more. Yet once he closed his eyes and fell asleep, his thoughts and dreams were more of his perverted fantasies that had his hand resting down his pants and his fingers wrapped around his once more erected member. Yet while he slept, he was unaware of the fact he was releasing soft moans and cries of Alucards name, all of which Alucard himself could hear off in the distance of the town from their newly established blood connection that was formed during Schrödinger's healing process. To say that Alucard was having trouble now focusing on his task at hand was an understatement as he wished to do nothing more then rush back to the young male of his dreams, and make his fantasy, apart of reality.

A.U: This story was actually requested by Jameis a while back ago, I was just busy and stuff and couldn't get to work on it so I decided once I got back from treatment and stuff I'd work on it. Thus it's completion, um this is an ongoing story yet I don't know how much time I'll have to work on it as I'm actually gonna re-write and fix every other story, I need to edit them and stuff because my grammar and even writing itself has improved immensely and reading my old stories makes me want to tear out my hair. So this is the new story, hope you enjoy it and Jameis, I hope it was worth the wait.