"Do you like it when I touch you here Schrödinger?"


"Good, now…I think it's about time you got your punishment for disrupting me earlier today on my mission…don't you think?"


That's when he woke, yet as he woke, a moan tore from his throat as his back arched high off of the bed due to the orgasm that rippled throughout his body and caused his entire small form to shake uncontrollably despite the heat that over whelmed him. Once he fell back upon the bed, panting heavily and heart beat pounding in his ears, he looked down shamefully and cursed as he removed his hand from the confines of the black sweat pants and looked at his cum covered hand. With a sigh he swung he legs off of the bed and inspected it to see if he had gotten any of his release on the bed, content with the thought that none left his pants he made his way to the bathroom once again. Washing his hand thoroughly then removing the pants and using a cloth to clean them, he looked at himself in the mirror and sighed once more.

The fresh bandages that covered a good majority of his upper body were still in place and as secure as when they were first wrapped, his swollen eye was healed and so was his split lip and torn ear. It looked like he suffered no injuries aside from the white bandages around his body, standing there in the bathroom fully nude, he curiously began to unravel them and felt his eyes widen as his wounds were gone. Not even scars remained from any of the deeper flesh wounds he suffered; slowly he examined himself, running his fingers over the places he remembered he was injured. Pressing upon the flesh experimentally every once in a while to see if he would feel anything, yet to his surprise everything was normal about his body. Still in his bewildered state, he didn't notice when Alucard opened up the door to his room with an emotionless expression and covered in blood, yet Alucard sure as hell noticed Schrödinger.

With a silent sigh, Alucard walked over while taking off his hat and gloves, once Schrödinger heard the articles of clothing fall onto the ground; he slowly turned his head and looked at Alucard with slightly red cheeks. Alucard half smirked as he made his way into the washroom and began inspecting Schrödinger's back, knowing that from the beating the young one received he also had some spinal damage. Schrödinger didn't question him, he just looked in the mirror so he could see Alucard and see what he was doing, his tail curiously swaying behind him in the process. Alucard chuckled softly as the tail coiled around the inside of his thigh, yet didn't make any attempts to move it as he pushed Schrödinger slightly so he was leaning his hands on the sink's ledge. The little blush that was on his cheeks only increased with the barrage of thoughts that entered his dirty little mind, mentally cursing himself he attempted to think of other things and succeeded in preventing him from getting aroused once more.

"Tell me if you feel any pain." Alucard said casually as his gloveless hands began to dance across the smooth and flawless pale flesh of Schrödinger's back, Schrödinger simply nodded as he closed his eyes to focus on the touches so he could detect any discomfort or pain. Yet the more he focused on the feather light touches that made their way over his back and his shoulders and around his spine, the more he pictured those hands doing other such things to his body. Biting his lip and scolding himself once more, he opened his eyes and met the worried gaze of Alucards burning red eyes in the mirror, Schrödinger then realized Alucard probably thought a spot on his back hurt from the pained expression on the young Neko's face. "Did that hurt?" Alucard asked as he ran his fingers back over the spot he saw Schrödinger's pained expression showed it's self on, yet this time his face remained calm and collected like no pain was found so Alucard waited for a reply.

"No, it didn't hurt." Schrödinger explained as he gave Alucard a small reassuring smile, the Vampire though, didn't know if Schrödinger was lying or hiding something, so he continued his little exploration of the males back and after an approving nod he lightly patted the Neko on the shoulder. "It appears that your healing abilities have returned which is good, your other wounds have also healed but I'm curious as to whether or not your nerves and responses to touch are completely restored." With that Alucard began pressing the larger nerves and pressure points lightly on Schrödinger's back, looking at his face for the corresponding reactions to the touch. As his hands descended, the reactions shifted from slightly pained or relaxing to that of pleasure which made Alucard smirk. Schrödinger though, unbeknownst to Alucards plan, was biting his lip hard enough to nearly make it bleed as he held back the moans the vampire almost had coming from him, yet he wouldn't allow himself to release any of the sounds as to not embarrass himself.

As Alucards hands drifted lower and neared Schrödinger's tail, Schrödinger was blushing softly and nearly panting, his head was bowed so that Alucard wouldn't be able to see his expression and he was trying his hardest to not let blood flow to his nether regions. Which was very hard as Alucard grasped the beginning of his tail that came out of his flesh, Schrödinger released a light mewl while he dug his claws into the counter top and shook softly. Alucard smirked and began to massage his thumb into the tail as his hand made it's way across the rest of his tail slowly, eliciting other small moans and mewls to come from the blushing and ashamed boy. Once he reached the tip of the tail, he pressed his thumb flat on the rounded end and rubbed it in small circles that caused Schrödinger's back to arch and a breathless moan to come from his parted lips, his head tossed back slightly and ears resting back against his head. A small whimpered cry of Alucards name slipped past his lips and made Schrödinger blush all the more brighter, slamming his hands over his mouth he screwed his eyes shut in embarrassment.

"Oh, did you enjoy that Schrödinger?" Alucard asked right next to Schrödinger's laid back ear, his voice sounding like a purr laced with lust which made Schrödinger's now hardening arousal grow erect all the more faster. Alucard just chuckled as the tail wrapped around his wrist and held it securely, with a smirk Alucard pressed Schrödinger's body closer to the sink's frame and captured a fur covered ear between his teeth and nibbled on it teasingly. Making Schrödinger moan once more and his now aching arousal leak pre-cum from the swollen head, Alucard then placed his free hand upon the quivering Neko's chest, teasing the pearled and pink buds between his fingers and smirking as Schrödinger continued to moan. His hand continued its downward path, leaving behind lingering and torturous touches that made Schrödinger bite his lip or press back into Alucard, baring his neck in submission. In one swift motion Alucard pinned Schrödinger's chest down onto the cold marble surface of the sinks counter top, bent over and fully exposed for the vampire to ravish to his black hearts fill.

Releasing his wrist from the Neko's tail, he moved closer and wrapped his hand around Schrödinger's arousal while his other hand reached up to grasp his chin, a teasing finger sliding back and forth over the young boy's bottom lip. Alucards hand moved at a slow pace while applying a good enough amount of force that Schrödinger wouldn't be able to reach release but he would be able to feel the barrage of pleasure that left him breathless. The Neko's cat like tongue captured the teasing digit and sucked it into his mouth, running his tongue over it and coating it in saliva while he also used it to muffle his moans and cried of pleasure. Alucard continued to smirk as he trailed feather light yet scorching kisses down the back of Schrödinger's neck, sucking on the flesh every now and again to mark him. Slowly raising Schrödinger's head by using his extra fingers to guide his chin, he forced Schrödinger to look in the mirror and at his reflection so he could see what Alucard was doing to him. The Neko's eyes widened as he moaned while he continued to suck on the finger, his gaze fuzzy and glossy from the pleasure he was enduring.

Once Alucard felt like the finger was coated enough, he pulled it away from Schrödinger's lips and chuckled at the wet plop and whimper that followed; Alucard simply hushed him and trailed the finger downward before flicking it teasingly over the Neko's twitching entrance. Instantly Schrödinger's eyes opened wide in shock yet moaned as Alucard gave his aching arousal a little squeeze, the Neko's nails clawing at the slick counter surface as he longed for release. He pressed his forehead into the hard surface supporting his chest and groaned as the finger entered him slowly, moving around slowly so that Schrödinger would be able to get used to the feeling. Alucard removed his hand from Schrödinger's arousal and reached to the medicine cabinet and opened it, retrieving the lubricant he closed it once more before removing his finger from inside the panting boy. After coating his 3 fingers, he slid one back inside of Schrödinger and was satisfied as the entrance was easier and he good move the finger deeper within the boy in an attempt to find his prostate gland.

Placing the little bottle of Lubricant on the counter, his hand returned to Schrödinger's arousal and began pumping him with his thrusting finger, smirking as Schrödinger moaned loudly and pressed back into the finger, leading Alucard to believe he had found what he was looking for. Swiftly adding a second finger his pace increased as did his hand which was being slicked up with the leaking pre-cum that flowed from the head of Schrödinger's erection down the base. His hand then moved faster and all Schrödinger could do was take it eagerly and moan and cry out Alucards name which only made the Vampires movements quicken and become slightly more forceful which Schrödinger seemed to love. Far to quickly though Schrödinger could feel his release approaching fast, pressing his forehead harder into the surface of the counter, his hands went down and wrapped around Alucards wrists yet did it did nothing to stop his movements.

"A-Alucard..! I-I'm going t-to cum!" Schrödinger rasped out in a pleading voice, whether or not it was a cry for him to quicken or stop, neither of them knew nor apparently cared as Alucard smirked and quickened his pace. "Then cum, Schrödinger." Alucard purred in the Neko's ear before he trailed hot kisses down the boy's neck to his shoulder and grazed his fangs over the quivering and sweat slick skin. He felt nails being stabbed into his wrist yet he didn't care as he knew it meant the Neko was close to release, which he obtained with one more rough stroke and ruthless stab of his prostate. Schrödinger then met his release and cried out Alucards name in pleasure while his hips bucked to ride out the rest of his orgasm, Alucards hand stroking the pulsing member in order to get every last drop out. Once Schrödinger was complete and satisfied, Alucard lifted his cum coated hand to his lips and licked off the warm essence that covered it and growled in approval at its taste. Removing his fingers and wiping his hands off with a cloth, he smirked at Schrödinger then chuckled as he picked up the shaking boy and walked to the large bed before laying him down upon it.

Leaving Schrödinger for a moment to clean up the mess in the bathroom, he returned and began to wash the still slightly shaking Neko with a warm cloth, removing any residue of the lubricant or the males very own release. Once all was cleaned, Alucard placed the blankets over Schrödinger and ran his fingers threw the boy's golden bangs and looked into his hazed iris eyes for a few moments. Schrödinger's eyes soon began to clear and he looked into Alucard crimson gaze silently, slowly a smile etched its way across the young boys face as he listened to Alucard chuckle. Reaching forward, the Vampire caressed Schrödinger's cheek and was slightly surprised as the Neko reached out and grabbed hold of the collar of Alucards shirt and pulled him down and closer. With slightly reddened cheeks Schrödinger tilted his head up and inched his way closer to Alucards lips before they fell half lidded as Alucard sealed the last remaining bit of space to kiss the younger male. The kiss was slow, passionate yet controlled and calming but still managed to leave Schrödinger breathless once Alucard pulled away, with a half smile Alucard ruffled the blonde's hair and stood from the bed. He still needed to do a few things before he would be able to take rest, it was at least 3am and the sun would rise in a few hours which gave Alucard time in-between to relax.

Schrödinger curled up on his side in the bed and sighed in relaxation and content as he closed his eyes and yawned before slowly falling asleep while Alucard exited his room to recite his field report from that night. Returning to his chambers after an hour of being in his Masters office, Alucard was more then happy to remove his large jacket and unbutton his shirt while he heated himself a blood packet. After consuming his meal in a bag, he tossed it out in its designated bin then shed away his shirt while he made his way to the bathroom for a needed shower. Cleaning himself and taking his time to shed away the cold dead touches he suffered that night from the horde of ghouls, he exited the bathroom and changed into something more fitting for rest. Yet he wasn't tired enough to rest so instead he grabbed his favorite book, poured himself a nice goblet of blood wine and sat on the other side of the bed next to Schrödinger and read in silence. Minutes passed before he felt Schrödinger wrap and arm around his waist, looking down from his book with a soft chuckle, he noticed the young boy was still sleeping regardless of the fact he was clinging to the elder's waist.

Placing his goblet down on the nightstand next to the bed, he reached down with his free hand to gently stroke and caress the boy's mess of blonde hair, even massaging his brown ears from time to time and smirking as he felt Schrödinger's chest rumble as he purred. That's when he felt the cat like tongue flicking across the skin on his upper thigh; he was wearing his favorite pair of black track pants which were filled with holes that Alucard really didn't mind. It just seemed that Schrödinger had found use of one of them, disregarding the males little loving licks, he continued reading in silence or attempted to, the hand that was coiled around his waist appeared bold as it began to slightly pull down the waist band of Alucard pants. Placing his book down next to his goblet, he was prepared to wake Schrödinger and move him away yet was slightly surprised that when he looked down to do so, Schrödinger was already awake and smiling softly up at him. Alucard curiously arched a brow, wondering what the boy's motives were as Schrödinger moved to straddle Alucards waist causing the Vampire to groan softly as the Neko ground his hips against Alucards in an intimate way.

"Schrödinger what do you think you are doing?" Alucard asked with a smirk as he slid his hands up the boy's naked back and cupped the back of his neck, pulling him closer so that their foreheads were pressed together. Schrödinger smirked slightly, his hips continuing to grind against Alucards in a slow and teasing fashion which was making Alucard growl in approval at the pleasure filled actions.

"You helped me, I want to help you." Schrödinger said in a soft and nearly shy tone, once more Alucard arched a brow yet wasn't given enough time to ponder what the Neko meant as Schrödinger kissed him boldly. Alucard was more then happy to join in the kiss, easily taking dominance in it and plunging his tongue into the Neko's heated mouth , tasting his prize eagerly which caused Schrödinger to moan. While Schrödinger had Alucard distracted with the kiss, his hand dipped below the waist band of the Vampires pants and grasped his hardening arousal making Alucard pull back from the kiss with a pleasured hiss.

Leaning his head back against the head board of the bed, he closed his eyes and released deep and low moans while Schrödinger stroked the Vampires hard arousal, softly kissing across Alucards neck, he went down until he was face to face with the large and thick girth he stroked. Leaning forward, he ran his cat like tongue across the head of the leaking erection and purred at its taste while Alucard dug his heels into the bed and whispered a hoarse curse in some language Schrödinger would never know. Taking that as a good sign, he continued to lap at the slit which produced the taste he grew addicted to, once he saw fit that the head was stimulated enough, he took the rest of the length slowly into his mouth. Relaxing his throat and taking as much as he could deeper down his throat, his hand massaged the remaining amount of flesh his lips couldn't get, with a slow pull back, his tongue made swirling circles and pressed against the flesh of the hot arousal while he moaned at the same time.

Alucards hand came down to grip Schrödinger's hair, running his fingers threw it and fisting it from time to time which earned him a heated moan which in tune caused Alucard to growl from pleasure. Schrödinger's free hand went down to cup and fondle Alucards sack, massaging his thumb in slow and small circles on the smooth patch of weighted flesh which tightened more and more in his hand. Alucard cursed once more which would had made Schrödinger smirk if he could, instead his pace only quickened which apparently caught Alucard off guard as he growled again and fisted Schrödinger's hair tightly. Yet it didn't cause the Neko any pain as he continued to pleasure the large Vampire, enjoying the deep and lust filled sounds that came from his slightly parted lips, the tips of his lethal fangs exposed and glistening in the candle light. Bending his head down, Alucard watched the blonde and couldn't help but feel all the more aroused as he watched his own girth disappear and reappear inside of Schrödinger's sweet and wet mouth. Biting his lower lip Alucard felt his erection pulse and shuddered slightly as Schrödinger began to quicken once more, with another growl of pleasure, Alucard released Schrödinger's hair and placed the hand on his shoulder instead. Feeling his movements and guiding them as he relished in the blissful pleasure the small Neko was feeding each and every over whelmed and stimulated sensation.

"Schrödinger, I'm going to cum…" Alucard said in a low voice that was laced with desire and lust, Schrödinger simply moaned around the pulsing girth within his mouth and quickened, Alucard silenced by awe watched while Schrödinger continued to pleasure him until his release tore through his body with a loud moan.

Alucards hips nearly lifted off the bed slightly as he tossed his head back, moaning loudly while he released rope after rope of his release into Schrödinger's eagerly awaiting mouth, feeling the Neko's throat constricting with each mouthful he managed to swallow. Releasing Alucards now satisfied arousal with a wet pop, he licked his lips then adjusted Alucards track pants and yelped slightly as Alucard pulled the blonde boy up once more and kissed him deeply until Schrödinger felt light headed from lack of oxygen. After pulling away from the kiss, Alucard looked into Schrödinger's eyes and smirked while the boy panted and tried to catch his breath, teasingly baring his teeth, Schrödinger did the same in a playful manor which made Alucard chuckle. Tucking the boy back into bed and wrapping the blankets around his still nude form, Alucard laid down as well and held Schrödinger while the Neko cuddled up to Alucards side, falling asleep in a matter of minutes. Once more Alucard was drowned in silence aside from the strong beating heart within Schrödinger's chest and the boys breathing, the candles in the room were snuffed out and Alucard yawned before his body grew cold as he embraced sleep.

For the first time in over 2 centuries, Alucard slept on a bed with a still living and breathing person at his side that held placement in his damaged and blackened heart.

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