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*Nicole (OC) POV*

That case was rough I thought to myself while driving home. This job was fairly new to me still and I wasn't yet used to everything we were faced with. It wasn't easy. After a year I thought I could get over it, but now a year and three months in, I'm not so sure you can ever truly get used to it. Maybe it's just one of those things.

I pulled into the driveway and sat in the car for a minute, the thought still on my mind. Even after the time I had spent with the team and the relationships I had established, I still wasn't sure if I was good enough to do the job. The thought of leaving scared me and I knew I didn't want to go down that path. I pushed the thought out of my mind and got out of the car.

I shuffled through my bag to find my keys and unlocked the door. I immediately stripped on my way up the stairs and hopped into the shower. The warm water felt so good and I was so reluctant to leave, but after about twenty minutes I accepted defeat and put on a T-Shirt and a pair of sweats. I climbed into bed and fell asleep instantly.

I'm not sure what caused me to wake up, but when I did, I was horrified. Standing next to the bed and hovering over me was a shadowy, hooded figure. I stared down the barrel of his gun pointed towards me in shock.

"What d-" Before I could even get two words out, the man commanded me to stand. I did, hands raised, and he smacked my face hard with the gun. I lost my balance, hitting my head on my nightstand on the way down. I was hit with a rush of pain, but everything blackened moments after.

When I opened my eyes, I cringed - the pain in my head pouring over me. I turned my head side to side, searching for a clue as to where I was, but it too dark to make out anything. Then it all sank in. I just wanted to wake up and be able to go to work and see my team again, but I knew this was no dream. I had to accept that. I found myself bound to a chair, my hands cuffed behind me as if I were being taken in like the sick bastards we catch regularly.

Suddenly, I made out the sound of a door being opened and a stream of light flooded the room, and soon the lights were turned on. Instead of looking at the man descending the steps, I took the time to scan the room. The walls were hard concrete and not much lay in the room except for a camcorder, a laptop , and a stack of what looked to be newspaper clippings.

"Look who's awake. So nice to see you conscious Nicole." The man smiled. He still wore his black sweatshirt, but took down his hood. He was middle-aged with short hair and a medium build. He looked familiar but I couldn't tell where from.

"W-who are you?" I asked, staring him down. He smiled devilishly and my stomach churned. This man was obviously sick.

"Don't recognize me? Is that right? You've seen me plenty of times." He walked towards the camera and turned it on, connecting it to his laptop. I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

"I-I can't seem to place it honestly." I said watching him play with the laptop for a moment. He turned it around so that the feed from the camera faced me. I swallowed hard.

"Think hard. You know me. You've seen me many times." he said, not smiling anymore. It hit me. I did know him. He hung around with the reporters whenever the team made a statement to the public regarding a case. But it was more than that. I also saw him in public places such as on a street corner or in the store. I told Derek about it, but he said I should be flattered I have an admirer. I wasn't serious about it then, so neither was he. Now I wish I would've been.

"Jake Drummer. What do you want with me?" I asked, staring at the man with hard eyes. I had talked to him before when he stood with the reporters and asked his own questions although he obviously wasn't with them. He didn't bombard me with questions and accusations which was a relief, so I answered the few questions he asked. Damn.

"It's quite simple really. I want you. Only you." he moved to touch my cheek and to lift my chin to look at him again when I looked away. I cringed at his touch. He walked towards the table and moved a chair to sit in front of me with the supposed newspaper clippings in hand.

"I have every printed article that features you in some way. You're quite the photogenic girl aren't you?" he smiled, showing me the articles one by one. He began to read every word of each article. I hoped Derek would remember. He was my only hope.

*Back At The BAU*

"Who would have an interest in abducting her? We need to think hard. I know this case is personal, but don't let that get in the way and cloud your judgement. Think." Hotch ordered, pacing the room, staring at the team in the conference room.

"D-do you think she's okay. I'm concerned about the blood..." Garcia walked into the room carrying her laptop.

"We have to assume the answer is yes. Does anyone have anything to offer up? Maybe someone who kept their distance but who's eyes always seemed to be fixed on her?" Hotch asked the team.

"Someone who showed interest, maybe even talked to her, but didn't appear to be a threat?" Rossi offered up.

"The abduction occurred at night and there was obviously forced entry. She wasn't friends with this person and was threatened by them for a reason or another, probably a gun. Had no weapon been present, she would've fought,harder than most. The UnSub most likely knew this about her." Reid said, analyzing what they had seen at the scene of abduction.

"I might know someone..." Derek finally chimed in after listening to what he was supposed to be looking for.

"Who did you have in mind?" Hotch asked urgently.

"There was this dude she told me about that always seemed to pop up. She said he asked her questions and hung around while we gave statements to the public. He didn't seem to be any harm, especially because according to her, he was kind and didn't interrogate her for answers. I remembered she mentioned that he definitely wasn't a reporter though." Derek recalled, hoping it would help.

"Where else did she see him? Did she say?" Reid questioned.

"I think she said she saw him at a store occasionally and around town like the post office and everything. You think he could be our guy?" Derek answered, searching for the team's reaction.

"Sounds like a classic stalker to me." Prentiss said while the others nodded in agreement.

"What type of thing would he want with her? Why is he stalking her?" JJ asked trying to help further the profile.

"Well there's no denying she's attractive and maybe the fact a woman was in this line of duty sparked his interest." Hotch said speculating the situation.

"Morgan we need a name. Did she ever say a name?" Prentiss asked, hoping the answer was 'yes'.

"She did say, but I can't remember what it was." he admitted shamefully.

"Morgan you need to think. What was his name?" Hotch asked in a harsh tone, slamming both hands on the table, leaning towards Morgan. All eyes set on him.

"Umm...J. It started with a 'J'. I remember that." he said, still ashamed he couldn't come up with more.

"John? Jordan?" JJ asked hoping to spark his memory. He shook his head.

"James?" Prentiss added. Again Morgan shook his head.

"Jared? Jacob?" Garcia added, knowing she didn't need any profiling skills to help with this one. He began to shake his head, then stopped.

"Wait. Jacob. Jake. His name was Jake. I'm sure of it."

"Score one for Garcia..." she said quietly in a victorious tone.

"Last name." Rossi said not ready to cheer just yet.

"It was...Dra-...no. Drenner? Damn that's not it either!" Morgan was frustrated.

"C'mon. Her life is at stake here. You know this." Hotch said angrily trying to push him into remembering.

"Drammer...Drum..Drummer! It's Drummer. Jake Drummer." Morgan scrambled to get out.

Garcia typed the name into her database as fast as she could.

"What have you got?" Rossi asked.

"Umm, charged twice with stalking two different young women. The first one five years ago, the second two years ago..."

"What jobs did these women do?" Hotch asked anxious for answers.

"The first was a laywer, the second a judge."

"Women in high positions who help to uphold the justice system." Reid analyzed. "That's gotta be why."

"Do we have an address?" Rossi asked impatiently

"Sending to your phones...now." Garcia smiled hitting 'enter'.

"Thanks, Garcia. Let's go." Hotch ordered rushing out the door with the rest of the team.

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