Sort of picks up from where Ava and Peter, my other fic, left off. Message me for suggestions for more firsts.

He takes her to her favorite Mexican restaurant to make up for getting them detention that afternoon.

True to his word, he opens the door for her and pulls out her chair for her, but she insists on going Dutch.

She informs him that she is Puerto Rican but she likes Mexican food. He tells her he is part Irish and German and a bunch of other things but he likes Italian the best.

"It's the one European ethnicity that I am not," he jokes as he steals one of her enchiladas. She laughs and doesn't mind because she's already stolen some of his fajitas.

They talk about their favorite books and their favorite movies. They gossip about Nick Fury and their team.

It's nice talking to him one on one, she realizes. He's usually so obnoxious when he tries to outshine Sam and take the lead, even though she does have to admit that he has a hang on this superhero stuff more than they do. She learns about how his parents died and how he credits his dead uncle for pushing him into the role of a superhero, after being bitten by a radioactive spider. She learns that he first started using humor to keep him from getting overwhelmed in stressful situations but he still thinks of himself as a naturally funny guy. She now understands that he is quick witted and is always on his toes because he wants to minimize as much damage as possible, especially when a villain gets out of hand. Still, his impulsive nature sometimes gets him into more trouble than it gets him out of it.

But that's part of why she likes him.

It's nice holding a conversation with her without her rolling her eyes at him or calling him an idiot. He gets to learn a lot about her when he stops cracking jokes for minute and just listens. He learns that the first White Tiger was her brother (he didn't know there had been more than one) and she wants to honor the family legacy. He learns that she is an orphan too, like him, and she lives with her sister. He now understands that there is a reason she never stops pushing herself and never takes anything less than seriously. Still, her rigid, by the book nature can hold her back instead of propelling her forward.

But that's part of why he likes her.

He lets her know that it's okay to be scared sometimes and failure can happen to the best of them. She nods and tells him he's not a bad mentor.

When he's not being an idiot, of course.

All in all, they had a good time on their first date.