Cloud and I appeared in a weird place. The floor was like water and there was glowing crystals in random places sticking out of the ground. Cloud was in his usual attire with Zack's Buster Sword. His blonde hair defying gravity and his blue, glowing Mako ,eyes staring into my crimson Mako red eyes. I was in my usual attire which is slightly similar to my older brother, Vincent's. I was wearing black caprice similar to Tifa's, a black tank top, black low top converse, a red bandana on my forehead like Vincent's, and a red tattered matching cape. My black hair went down to my waist and my skin was beautifully pale. I look a lot like my brother but I acted a lot different. I wore black leather gloves as well.

I carried my gunblade in my right hand. I looked around to see nine others staring at us. I felt a gloved hand grab my waist and pull me closer. I looked up at Cloud Strife, my boyfriend for three years. A man in full knight armor, with bluish blonde hair and soft blue eyes, stepped forward.

"Who are you two?" he asked in a stern voice

"I'm Yuki Valentine and this is Cloud Strife" I smiled up at Cloud.

Cloud blushed and looked away.

"Who are you all?" I asked

"I am Warrior of Light, my lady" the guy who stepped forward introduced

"I am Firion" a man with short spiky bluish silver hair that was long and in a pony tail in the back, with dark bluish grey armor and light blue grayish cape and multiple weapons said.

"Cecil, Lady Yuki" a man in dark armor bowed, I blushed

"No need to be formal" I smiled

"I'm Bartz" a boy with short brown hair, blue eyes, a light blue tunic and cape and tights introduced

"Onion Knight at your service" a little boy in red and orange armor smiled

"T-Terra" a young girl with blonde hair and pink attire stuttered

"Squall" a man who looked about Cloud's age with brown hair, a gunblade like mine, and a scar running across his face said emotionlessly

"Zidane's the name my fair lady" a short boy with a monkey tail grinned. I giggled and rolled my eyes

"Tidus" the last smiled and held out his hand which I gladly took with my gloved one.

I let my hand drop back down to my side and grinned

"Pleasure to meet ya'll"

"Do you two remember how you got here?" Warrior of Light asked

"Cloud and I just finished Sephiroth and Kadaj off when Loz and Yazoo blew us off a building and then we were consumed in to a bright light, and then ended up here" I explained.

Cloud nodded in agreement

A bright light flashed behind us, we turned and saw a beautiful woman with long pale blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, and she was a white gown.

"I see you all are acquainted" the woman said

"I am Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony and I summoned you all here to help me defeat Chaos, God of Discord. He has summoned your arch enemies as well" she spoke with gentleness.

"And what would happen if we don't?" Squall asked

"Then all your worlds will be destroyed" Cosmos answered

We all agreed and got our weapons ready.

"Stay close" Cloud said as he stood beside me

"Don't worry Cloud, I can take care of myself" I smiled at him and he blushed and turned away.

Cosmos disappeared and we watched as mountains rose and lava burst out. A demon with two horns formed from the mountain. Twelve figures walked in front of the demon who I assumed was Chaos. I spotted two familiar enemies, Sephiroth and Kadaj. Cosmos had already told us who all was there. Thunder boomed above us, I looked up to see light beam out of the dark clouds and a white cloud formed into Cosmos. Warrior of Light ran first and we followed. We jumped in to the battle field and were met with Chaos's army. Warrior of Light clashed swords with Garland; Cloud blocked a hit for Light with his Buster sword. I clashed swords with Kefka; I used the Materia invented in my arm. Terra came and helped me; Kefka shot pink lasers at us. I jumped away onto a floating crystal piece with Firion.

Terra made a force field around herself; the lasers reflected and fell towards Onion Knight, Bartz, and Garland. Onion Knight jumped and hit Garland multiple times before jumping away and having the lasers hit Garland and lasted Onion Knight blasted into the air. Bartz summoned a sword cloned to Onion Knight's and ran towards Ex-Death.

Cloud fought Cloud of Darkness, she fired beams at him but Cecil blocked then shifted into his light form and charged his brother, Golbez. Squall ran up the mountain while fighting Sephiroth. Firion and I fought Emperor, he used his magic and the pieces we were on tilted. Firion and I fell but Firion used a clip and it attached to the piece and swung around to catch me.

Ex-Death was trying to suck Bartz in to the void but Bartz held on to a clone dagger to Zidane's that was dug in the ground. Zidane fought with Kuja, Kuja blasted Zidane with his magic and sent Zidane twirling through the air. Tidus back flipped towards his father, Jecht. They clashed swords and Jecht swung his big sword but Tidus flipped away and spotted Zidane still in the air. Tidus back flipped towards him, I jumped and positioned my hands.

"Tidus!" I shouted and he flipped towards me.

He landed on my hands and I lifted him in to the air towards Zidane. Tidus twirled near Zidane and Zidane wrapped his monkey tail around Tidus's leg. Tidus twirled his leg and Zidane a couple times before shooting him through the air, towards Ex-Death. Zidane clashed with Ex-Death, freeing Bartz from his grasps.

I fought with Ultimecia, she flung me back and when I landed, the ground lit up around me and beams shot out and blew up. I squeezed my eyes shut but felt nothing. I reopened my crimson eyes to see Cloud, Squall, and Warrior of Light shielding me. Everyone stood by us as we ran at our enemies. Each of us started glowing. I ran at Kadaj as I, myself, started glowing red as did Kadaj. Then everything went black.

When I awoke I was next to an unconscious Squall somewhere.

But where was Cloud?!