I was floating in a bright light, my eyes were now closed. I felt a warm hand on my forehead.

"Mother…" I whispered

"Again? Why is everyone calling me Mother lately?" Aerith's voice asked.

"Guess they must be fond of you" Zack's voice laughed silently.

"Time to wake up Sister" Kadaj's voice whispered in my ear.

I then felt myself falling and little hands hold me up. I opened my eyes to see children surrounding me;

I was in Aerith's church in the small pool of water.

I stood up and looked around to see Tifa, Yuffie, Red XII, Cid, Barrett, Marlene holding Cat Sith, my brother Vincent, and Denzel.

"It's just like she said"

I looked over at a small girl with brown hair in pigtails and Geostigma.

"Wait here and Cloud and Yuki will come"

I smiled and ruffled her hair.

I walked over to Denzel and stretched my arms out to him.

"Come on, I got you" I cooed

"Go ahead, go to your mother" Tifa lightly pushed him towards me.

"Mom…" Denzel whispered to himself

I lifted him up and set him gently in the water. I cupped my hands and put them in the water.

I lifted them and let the water drop over Denzel's head. He rubbed it against the Geostigma on his forehead and it disappeared.

He smiled and hugged me around my waist, everyone started cheering and kids with the stigma started jumping in the water, their Geostigma disappearing.

"Last one in is a rotten egg" Yuffie yelled jumping into the air.

I laughed at her and told Denzel to go play.

Strong muscled arms wrapped themselves around my waist. I leaned my head against Cloud's broad chest.

I looked over at the church entrance to see Aerith helping two children and walking over to Zack, who was leaning against the door frame.

Aerith turned and smiled

"You see, everything is ok"

she turned and walked past Zack.

He smiled, waved, and went to catch up with Aerith.

"Yuki Valentine, marry me" Cloud whispered in my ear.

He pulled out a box and kneeled on one knee and opened the box revealing a diamond ring. I smiled and nodded my head furiously

"Yes Cloud Strife. I will marry you"

I took off both my gloves and let Cloud slip on the ring on my ring finger.

Everyone started cheering and clapping. I hugged Cloud tightly and got out of the water.

We all went home afterwards and Tifa and I started planning the wedding. The wedding would be held in Aerith's church in 2 months on February 14th on Valentine's Day and my birthday.

I had officially adopted Denzel and he started calling me Mom and Cloud Dad.

Life was great.