"You have got thirty seconds to live. I suggest you make the best decisions in that time frame."

Today's command: Fight on!

Space. Space is all around the universe. Where there is matter, there is space somewhere nearby. Where there is space, there is also dark matter. This matter pushes all things out, but some other anomalies have come from this.

The El stone for instance. The El is a giant crystal radiating energy for life to exist. Without it, all life would cease and the planets would become desolate. This dark matter gave us this, but it's always seeking to take it back.

The demons were born from the Dark El, a version of the El meant to counteract its sole existence. Since the beginning of time, the El life forms and the Dark El life forms have been at constant war with each other.

The cosmos will look down on all of us, but that won't stop the El Search Party. A red haired man clad in a cloak with a trim of fire and a logo of an infinite amount of swords in the middle casually walked onto the deck of the ship. An explosion rocked the side of the ship, but he pushed on.

"Damage report?"

The nasod unit monitoring the ship's vitals answered aloud, "Secondary engines overheating, and the ship's hull is pretty damaged."

"Anything else?"

"No. The main engine is still working fine and the cannons are sturdy as ever."

A man clad in heavy blue stood on the other side of the bridge. He said, "Good. I always knew my Destroyers could never be destroyed themselves."

The red haired man said to the other, "So all the lights in space are our enemies now?"

The blue man said, "It sure looks like it. I'm sure Freitunier can handle them all now!"

The red hair smirked. "Hah! Like all those lights are even worthy to be called our enemies. We've faced worse than death itself, and these punks think they can break us?"

The nasod unit reported to the red hair, "Cannons loaded. On your orders, captain."

"Excellent." He waited for a while, then shouted back, "All units, fire at will!"

The blue man on the other side donned a mask and wings and jumped off the bridge onto the ship hull. He went to the nearest cannon and yanked it off. He started spinning with the cannon, and using the momentum that he gained, pushed himself off the ship with the cannon and fired it at anything that moved.

A man who had the striking semblance of a crow ready to dine walked onto the bridge. He shouted, "All men, battle stations! They can't escape us now!"

The cannons were now firing as fast as they could. The nasod unit was in her battle station, firing off concentrated beams of light from her fingertips. The red haired man joined her and asked her, "Pretty isn't it?"

The nasod unit nodded. Right now, she did not need much of a distraction. "Why yes. Lighting up the dark is what you planned to do from the beginning, if I recall correctly?"

He replied, "Yup. I've always been afraid of the dark, and only you know that. But do you know how I face my fears?"

"You slash it in the face. Just like all your other problems and fears that you have."

The man walked out of the battle station and summoned his sword into his hand. He walked up to a microphone and projected into it, "El Search Party, fight on! They can't stop us now! We'll show heaven and hell themselves the power of our will!"

The front of the ship glowed and giant blades emerged on the side. "I'll slash all the stars in the heaven out of existence of time and space itself! When we're through with them, not even Henir will be able to bring them back!"

The nasod unit stopped firing lasers and smiled. She joined the red hair man at the microphone and leaned in to shout:



The red haired man smirked, and I looked at him. He was probably noticing the differences in how I acted since he first met me. No matter. I am no longer the same queen as before. I am the goddess of light now; I will bring pain down upon our enemies! If there's a problem that needs to be solved, punch it in the face!