"Embrace the darkness!"

I stared at the little red squirrels eating the trees in front of me. I heard the clown to the side of me scream my name. I watched this light display and shouted to nobody in particular, "What the f-"

"Speka, help me!"

Today's lesson: Wherever I go, everything dies.

I joined Kira-Kira's tribe of dark magicians to learn more about dark magic. Ever since I was a little girl, those tales of magicians who could create storms and split entire oceans apart. I tried to join a magic school here in Elder, but this place is pretty run-down. It's ruled by a tyrant and the school system in this city sucks.

"The pain!"

I once found a book in the school library that covered just a few basics of dark magic. While not illegal, people often associate the darkness with evil, and with good cause.

"There's a bucket of water right there; do you think you could get that for me, girl?"

I was orphaned at a young age. We were originally from Feita, you see. Feita's home to some crazy shi-

"Damnit Speka, are you deaf!?"

Screw this. I'm gonna take this scroll, and stick it straight up his ass! And so I did.

"Screw off, clown."


Where was I? Oh right, Feita. Feita's right next to Velder, one of the places on this blasted continent with good weather, and Bethma, one of the places on this continent that's completely bare, save a few dinosaur bones. Feita's a border-town, I guess you could call it. There's a tower in the middle of it that only the really religious people go to, but one day-

"I'm still on fire here. Nice job with the scroll though. You really stuck it somewhere safe."

there was an earthquake. Earthquakes are common in Feita, so my family just shrugged it off; however, the soldiers didn't go to the tower straight away, which I thought was odd. The town guardians usually go to the tower after an earthquake, god forbids anybody know the reason. But I know the reason. When there's an earthquake, demons come out. Sure, I was what, 4 at the time? But I'm not making up a story here. The soldiers must have been tired after something and the demons invaded our poor little town. My mom was killed, and my dad barely had enough time to take me away from the place to go to relatively safe, but way hotter, Bethma.

Damn, I hated Bethma. The weather's hot, the town seems rugged like all hell, and the community. Damn the community too. They're so mean; all they ever talk about are cows, cows, and cows! My dad became drunk on a regular basis and started to leave me home for days on end.

"I think I'm dying now."

"Good. Stop interrupting my story." Ah, there's a rock. Let's aim this carefully and- "Hyah!"

"Wait what are you doing?"

The boulder struck him square in the side and he was sent flying through the crimson forest.

Anyways, it got to the point where the town had to take me away from my father, and when that happened, I took up an interest in magic to keep myself from growing bored. Unfortunately for me, I was pretty bad at magic. I learned how to shoot out fireballs and that's it. What I found out from a travelling group however, is that dark magic is super easy! My first spell within the darkness tree of magic was some void thing that sucked everything in. It took up almost no energy on my part, and the results were extremely satisfying.

Bethma grew a bit paranoid of me though and sent me away to nearby Elder, where I could learn even more about dark magic! But it being ruled by a tyrant and all... yeah, the school system here sucks.

"This is quite hot."

"Shut up. I'm still telling my story!"

I had to learn my magic from other means. I tried the library. I found a couple books about magic in there, but they were almost all useless.

One day, a festival was held in Elder. There was a circus act, and the clowns performing there used magic to do their tricks. To the normal eye, it must have seemed quite strange, but normal, for a clown to pull off stunts like those, like pulling huge objects out of their ears, or balancing on top of a tightrope. That was on fire. But I knew better. I knew that the only way they could take out those objects with ease was with dark magic.

After the show was over, I went and spied on their little camp. What do you know? They really were using dark magic. I walked straight up to what seemed to be their leader and demanded entry. And that's how I came-

"Are you done telling your story yet? Can you help me now?"

I looked past the boulder I threw at Kira-Kira and shouted, "I just made an active-effort to kill you! Why would you think that I would want to help you?"

"Because then I'd haunt you forever and ever!"

"I've seen worse than a creepy clown make ghost threats at me." I pulled out a compass to find north. I looked north-eastish to find the direction I should go to get to Elder village and without looking back, I said ,"See ya later, clown."

I was walking through the streets of Elder as normal, and watched with a wicked smile as people made an active effort to avoid me. Such is the life of a dark magician, but I didn't mind. I kind of liked the seclusion from society. Peace and quiet is the way to go, let me tell you that! Heehee! Ah, but this life is quite boring. The most interesting thing to have happened to me this past year was definitely that forest fire...


Oh damnit! I must have been so busy daydreaming I didn't even notice there were people not trying to avoid me! Wait, not trying to avoid me? I looked up and saw a bumped into a strange looking girl with abnormally white hair. Probably an albino.

And she turned around, and what do you know? She's not albino. You see, albino's have red eyes (I think), but this one doesn't. What's up with that? Oh, I almost forgot my manners.

I said to the girl, "Sorry about that miss. I guess I wasn't paying attention."

She said back to me in an odd diction that said she didn't know how to effectively communicate, "Oh, that's okay. "

I looked past her and noticed a purple-haired girl looking at me weirdly. She looked familiar... oh wait, she's the one who burned down the forest.

I tried to confirm this by saying, "So, did you see that forest fire in the shadow forest? It's the talk of the town now."

The girl uneasily said, "Uh, yeah. Not every day you see an... a forest fire. They're pretty bad, aren't they?"

The white haired girl nodded.

I remembered that they weren't avoiding me and I asked the two, "You girls aren't from around here, are you?"

The purple haired girl said, "Just visiting. Here on some... magician stuff."

I nodded, but without purpose. "Uh yeah. You're a magician too? I'm a dark magician here, and people here know that, so they usually try to get away as fast as they can."

The white haired girl said, "So that is how you knew we were not from this village."

The girl held out her hand and with an confused expression said, "My name's Aisha?"

Something about this seems rushed, liked it was forced to happen, albeit too quickly. Nonetheless, I took her hand and shook it. "Speka. Pleased to meet you!"

Aisha pointed to the other girl, "And she's Eve."

I said to Aisha, "She looks different. Like, not the different that separates you from me, but completely separate from us..."

Eve said, " Do not worry about it for now. I am just... not from around here. Far away, in fact."


"... Long... story?"

"Yeah, like really long."



I looked around at the empty space surrounding us three girls. I pretended I had a watch and looked down at my forehand. "Oh, will you look at the time? I've got to go! Ha ha ha ha..."

Aisha smiled awkwardly and spoke with uncertainty. "If you'd like, you can, um, stay with us if you're not wanted here and have nothing to do here?"

I raised an eyebrow. I said to her, "How do you know I have nothing to do here?"

"You told me. Right now."


Aisha turned to Eve and said, "Well, I got something out of her! That's got to count for something right?"

"I told you how to do that," the silver one replied.

Something clicked in my head and I said to them, "Wait, you're inviting me, a dark magician, to come with a group of strangers that I don't even know?"

Eve said, "Yes."

Aisha added to her, "We're all really strong. If you get out of hand, we can easily put you down!"

I lowered my hat over my eyes and smirked. "You don't have any idea what I'm capable of."

Eve said, "Your body is that of a 16 year-old."

"Age doesn't mean anything."

Aisha jumped up a bit when I said that. She turned away and started walking away.

"Hey, what's with her?"

Eve motioned for me to follow her. Without thinking, I did.

Today's lesson: Wherever I go, everything dies.

Only matter of time before I manage to kill something with these guys. Either purposely, or by accident.