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Brittany's POV

There must be at least 200 girls here, and each one looks more skilled than the next. This is my first big soccer tryout, and by big I mean HUGE. All these girls were gathered here to tryout for the William McKinley Soccer Club (WMSC), the best premier girls club in all of Ohio. I turned to my best friend Sugar as she was putting in her shin guards.

"Oh my gosh I'm so nervous, look at all this talent!" I huffed and plopped down next to Sugar to re-tie my shoes. "I don't think I'll make it."

"Come on Britt! You were the captain of our high school team all four years, the first freshman captain ever! You're amazing." I blushed at Sugar's compliment. High school had in fact been an amazing time for me, I was the super hot soccer star. The only bad part was that I almost didn't graduate, but I did, and now that high school's over I need to make this team and make something of my life.

"Well thanks, but if I make it, you'll make it too! You're the best forward in Ohio!"

Sugar winked at me and stood up, "you know it sweet cheeks!" I chuckled to myself and stayed on the ground to stretch while Sugar went to the bathroom. While I was stretching my hamstrings a ball came out of nowhere and hit me in the forehead. I squealed in surprise and wiped the grass out of my eyes.

"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry! My friend can't aim…" someone said, running to get their ball.

"Trying to knock out the competition, huh," I chuckled and finished wiping my eyes out. I was stunned at the girl I saw in front of me. She had smooth tan skin that was glistening with sweat in the heat, and her arms and legs were perfectly toned. She bent down to pick up the ball and I quietly gasped at her perfect ass. Turning around, she looked at me and laughed.

"Hahah, maybe. I'm Santana by the way," her plump lips were such a distraction that I almost forgot to answer.

"B-Brittany. I'm Brittany" I blushed because of my inability to speak to the perfect girl standing in front of me. Then something hit me, "Wait, Santana Lopez? Starting Midfield for WMSC?"

"When did I become famous?" she chuckled to herself. "And yes, that's me!"

"I have a poster of you on my wall!" I said excitedly, and she shot me a strange look.

"When did they make a poster of me..?" She looked confused, but at least not creeped out.

That was not what I meant to say. "I mean of the team. I have a poster of your team on my wall," I backtracked. She smiled and nodded in understanding.

"That's cool! Good luck today, Brittany. I'll keep an eye out for you," and with that she ran off to join a group of girls that I assumed was the rest of her team. Call me a pervert but all I could think as she walked away was, I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave…

I hadn't noticed that Sugar was back until she spoke, "What are you looking at?" she must have followed my gaze because she chuckled lightly. "She's hot, who is she?" I laughed at sugars straight forwardness. I had only told her about two months ago that I was lesbian, and she took it so much better than I thought she would. I knew she wouldn't hat me, but what I didn't expect was that nothing would change with us (except her trying to set me up with girls now instead of boys).

"That's Santana Lopez, and yes, she's smokin'. DIBS!" I yelled, even though it was unnecessary because Sugar was straight.

"All yours," she smirked.

Suddenly, a voice boomed through a megaphone, "LADIES. IF YOU ARE HERE FOR THE TRYOUTS GET ON THE YELLOW LINE." Girls started rushing into line, I stood up and grabbed Sugar to make sure I didn't lose her in the chaos. "AND NO FATTIES."

I was drained after tryouts, the sun was beating down on us the whole time and everyone was so good that I had to work really hard to stand out, but I think I did. At least Santana kept looking at me. She was pretty much all I could think about the whole time, I mean she was super hot. But it was more than that too. She was sweet, at least during the 30 second conversation I'd had with her, and I knew I had to get to know her better, so I had to make the team.

When I got home I quickly jumped into the shower. After, I went into my room and looked at the poster on my wall. Well, more at a certain Latina on that poster.

"Hey Britty, Whatcha lookin at?" I looked over and saw Stacey come into my room and hop on the bed with me.

" Just the team I just tried out for. I really want to make it," I sighed and looked at my phone. I knew I wouldn't get the accept/reject call until around 7, so I had 2 hours, but I was so anxious.

"I know you will! Oh and Sugar too, she'll make it," I smiled and hugged my little sister, she was just so calming and supportive. She'd come to every single one of my highschool games, even in my freshman year when she was only six.

"I sure hope so kiddo."

She stood up and pointed to the poster, "She's my favorite. She plays the same position as me, she's so cool. Dontcha think?"

I grinned widely at her, "yeah she's awesome, I met her today. She is really pretty…" I was staring at the poster but out of the corner of my eye I saw Stacey cock her head at me and smile.

"You have that thing in your eye," she grinned.

I scratched my eye, "What thing?"

"The sparkle!"

"You lost me."

"Someone has a crush!" she laughed and skipped out of my room.

How my little sister can read me so well, I'll never know.