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Brittany's POV

Claire was so sweet. I can't believe she didn't just drop me off at my place and leave, especially when I was balling my eyes out.

After we left the club, she walked me to my door and the second I got in, I couldn't stop the tears from falling. Before I knew it, she was leading me into my living room. She pulled me onto her lap and let me cry into her shoulder. I wasn't thinking straight, all I could think about was how much I missed Santana, and how she didn't even say hi to me that night. It was really and truly over.

"Brittany, it's going to be ok," Claire tried to comfort me as she patted my back.

"You can't know that," I sniffled back at her.

She mumbled something that I couldn't understand and then said, "But I do."

I looked at her because she sounded like she knew something I didn't. Something she definitely wasn't supposed to tell me. "Claire, what is it?" I asked in a broken tone.

Sighing, she looked up at me, "Brittany, if I tell you this, you can't tell Santana, ok?" I nodded. "Ok, she got her contract-"

Claire stopped in the middle of her sentence because we both heard someone coming into the room.

When I turned around and saw a dark figure in the doorway, it took me a second to realize it was Santana.

"S-santana?" I stuttered towards her.

She looked at me, then looked at Claire, then ran out.

Within three seconds I heard my front door open and close, and in the next 10 seconds, I heard a car pull out. I knew it was too late to go after her.

Just then I realized the position she had just seen me in. I was on Claire's lap, with my head buried in her neck. It probably looked like we were making out. I jumped off Claire's lap and stood up.

"Oh my god, what just happened?" I asked Claire.

"I think she thinks we…" she said back.

"But we weren't!"

"I know, I would never do that with you!" she quickly said back.

"Wow, thanks." I honestly didn't care, but that was kind of a rude thing to say.

"No, I mean… Ok well I have to finish telling you this. Me and Santana are friends, we have been for a while. She sent me over to flirt with you to see if you'd flirt back."

"Why would she do that?" I asked, utterly confused. Nothing was making any sense and it really did not help that I had so much on my mind.

"She wanted to see if you were still interested in her because… because she got your guy's contracts changed so you're allowed to date."

I was at a loss for words. I literally had no idea what to say or do, because one part of me was screaming with happiness that I could be with Santana. The other part was so stressed because she had just seen me in what looked like a very compromising position with her friend.

Honestly though, Santana's crazy. If she had just told me that we could date, everything would be perfect right now. But no, she had to go send Claire after me. Although, I did see Santana's point to all this. She's a proud person, and if she had ran up to me and said we could date and I shot her down (not that I would EVER even think about doing that), her pride would be so damaged.

Claire was still looking at me with a cross between a scared look and a sympathetic look.

"Thank you…" I began. "Thanks for telling me. I can finally have her. Well if I can fix all this," I motioned to everything around us, because really, everything was messed up.

"I know you can," she half-smiled at me.

And I believed her. I knew I could fix all this and get Santana once and for all, because love always wins, right?


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