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My name is Ashlethen Gecko Grace Moria but most people have the option of calling me Ash, Ashes, Ashley, or Ashlethen. Pick one of my names and call me that I really don't care as long as it's those three choices. I am the only child of Gecko Moria and I'm an it, but that just means that I have a males chest and build and the rest is female shit.

As for a fact I never knew my mother since she died in child birth but she must've been a Fishman since I have light blue coloring for skin color, shark teeth, gills, webbed feet and hands, and a shark's fin coming out of my back. Although all I have from my father are his horns, shadowy eyes, purple nails, and laugh. My hair's brown with an inch of the tips of it being blood red while I have stitches running around my neck since an accident that happened to me when I was born.

I also have my father's power of the Kage-Kage devilfruit or Shadow-Shadow devilfruit as it's also called. Weirdly enough I can swim around in water while he can't. Something about genes or whatever crap.


It's been fifteen years since my birth and three months after my birthday on the last day of May and so far my father's taken me to live on Fishman Island for a couple of years. Too bad we didn't make it through customs and now I have to live down in the Fishman District for a couple of years.

Father's smaller ship Embarked was anchored a bit out of sight of the district as I said my goodbyes to the servants and my parent.

"I can't believe you're making me live here"! I ranted.

"Ashlethen please try and understand that your mother always wanted you to come and learn at Fishman Island". Father said.

"Does that mean she's a Fishman"!? I questioned.

"Listen we're not fighting about this right now young one"! He barked. "I'll never speak of her personally and you know that! Besides my little baby coming to live here isn't easy for me"!

"Father I'm fifteen years old I'm not your baby anymore"! I barked.

He grabbed me and held me up to his face. At first he glared at me about my remark but then quickly smirk as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"This move isn't easy for me either father"! I whimpered. "I'll miss you like crazy"!

I let go of his neck and he kissed me on top of the head.

"Oh you'll always be my little baby young one". Father smirked. "Truly if it were any word other than your mother's I wouldn't dare let you leave my side little one. Just remember I'll be back in a couple of years to pick you up. Until then study hard and don't forget that you can write to me anytime about anything little one".

Following another long hug and a few more kisses on top of the head I grabbed my stuff and hooked my own giant scissors onto my belt before one last hug before leaving the ship. Once I was about a mile away from the ship I watched as Embarked sailed off and back up to Thriller Bark. I quickly prayed for a safe journey for my father's return to our main ship and then turned around to the gloomy looking district.

"Well maybe it won't be that bad being away from the servants and father". I said.

Then I recalled my very close zombie friends Gyoro, Nin, Bao, and Hildon and was nearly brought to tears over the long time I'll be gone. Thankfully I recalled that I was supposed to find my school, find our my classes, teachers, and where I would be staying.

"Hopefully I'll come back to Thriller Bark with tons of stories about my fun time here". I tried being cheery. "That is if I do have a fun time here at all". Dammit I wasn't helping myself.

After wondering through the district for a few hours I finally found the school. Note: Never take directions from a Blowfish Fishman dressed in a robe.

The building seemed about ready to cave in on itself but I entered it anyway. It looked a little bit better on the inside but not by much. Lockers were broken and dented while classrooms didn't even have a door on the hinges of the walls. Every glass item around this joint was broken into a million pieces, but let's just say the wall were luck to be standing still.

I finally found a teacher around this place and questioned him about the classes. He was a Carp Fishman.

"Yo teacher dude where do the students go around here to learn"? I asked him.

"You must be new". He sighed. "Listen kid not a lot of kids come here so everyone that does receives the same schedule, same teachers, and same classes. Here take one".

He handed me a piece of paper with the list of classes and who they were taught by at what times.

"Have you never been to school here before kid"? He questioned.

"I've always been homeschooled by my father until he made me go here". I said.

"Hm, well have a great first day of school in about an hour". He stated.

Once he walked off I looked at the paper and my first class actually started in an hour.

Subject 1: History

Teacher: Mr. Bat

Room: A6

"Mr. Bat"? I smirked. "What the hell I thought this was a school run by fish not mammals".

Either way I ended up walking down to room A6 and much to my surprise I found an actual door leading into the room. I knocked on the door and heard a glass bottle break after I did that.

"Come on in you lazy student"! The teacher yelled out.

"The man must be drunk"! I thought.

Upon entering the room I saw that a couple of students were already here. None seemed friendly enough to where you could sit next to them without worrying about your wallet being shanghaied. So I just sat down at the seat closest to the room where no one was sitting near.

After arranging my stuff into a pile of some sort I looked around the room. No posters, no colors other than black and gray, a drunk teacher, and only about eight students in the whole classroom. Really now I felt a bit homesick and concerned about how much money father left me with.

Given about another ten minutes I broke out one of my own books from home and started reading it. Once I finished the fourth chapter I found that five guys of the other students sat around me reading over my shoulders.

I turned around and ended up being face to face with a Squid Man who was wearing a helmet. Quickly I just turned back to the front of the class and then found my head turned to my right by someone another boy.

"The name's Hordy, Hordy Jones". He smirked with a devil grin. "And your name"?

"Pick from Ash, Ashes, Ashley, or Ashlethen". I smirked back.

This boy had a heartwarming feeling to him that I loved. Similar to the feeling father gave off to me.

"Whoa if you have three names then what's your full name"? Another boy asked.

"My full name's Ashlethen Gecko Grace Moria". I said.

"Damn I like this girl; she's got spirit-ch". The Squid Man laughed.

"So what are the rest of you called"? I questioned.

Hordy pointed to the small shark kid to the purple shark to the hammer head kid and ended at the squid.

"Daruma, Zeo, Dosun, and Ikaros are those four's names". Hordy stated.

"Nice to meet the five of you". I smirked.

"No it's nice of the five of us to have met you". Hordy smirked back.

"Ah stop being such a gentleman dude"! Daruma barked. "Besides Mr. Bat is waking up from his intoxication now"!

I looked to the front of the classroom and the teacher had dragged himself off of the floor and was struggling to hold onto his desk.

"I'd like to welcome you all back to History class and to welcome those who're here for the first time". Mr. Bat said with a bit of slur. "Now let's begin"!

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