Continuation from sixth chapter of this here story where we last left off from into the seventh chapter of this here story…

The smirk on my face went from ear to ear with no signs of stopping its cheerful, devilish look. My thoughts also wouldn't stop trying to outrace my heart, and yet I was utterly calm. It wasn't that way for some people though…

Hordy was completely pissed after the gathering that once the six of us got out of the huge ship and went to a small park area he suddenly just stormed off on his own. Zeo warned me to stay away from him as I went to try and catch up with him.

He sighed, "Ashlethen if you go near Hordy right now he'll kill you".

I didn't doubt him one bit, and that was a first. The tone of his voice was nothing but serious and calm. Truly I've never gone wrong with someone telling me something in a tone like that so I went with my instincts.

SMASH! All five of us jumped up at the sudden crashing of stone.

The guys' faces went a bit blank at what they were looking at and I just turned my head as a large building in the distance of the district was blown to bits. "Oi, oi you four don't suppose…" I started to ask but I already knew the answer.

A hand was placed on my shoulder and I looked back at Dosun. "Leave the boss he needs to clear his mind-dosun. So while Hordy's busy do you want to grab a drink with us-dosun? B-But only if you're still willing to hang around-dosun".

I smirked, "Sure why not? At this rate I could use some cold sake".

"SAKE-CH"!? Ikaros freaked out. "WHERE-CH!? DON'T LET SOMEONE FRY ME-CH"!

I just stood there watching the tall squid man panic for no reason while the others tried to calm him down. Once they had him settled down I noticed that he was now wearing a blindfold.

"Um, yeah, so anyone going to explain the whole tantrum he just threw"? I asked trying not to laugh out loud.

Zeo sighed, "He just has Pyrophobia, the fear of fire".

"What the hell does that have to do with sake"? I questioned.

Daruma jumped on top of his head and laughed. "Hee, hee, is it bad, Ashlethen, when a Giant Squid Fishman fears being roasted up like a normal squid? Although we don't really need to talk about that freak accident that happened to an old and dead friend of ours".

"Daidalos"! Ikaros cried facing the background.

"Seriously what in the hell is wrong!? I can bring him back, but he won't be able to be in saltwater anymore". I thought.

I helped him off the ground and slung three of his arms over my shoulder since his memories of his friend drained his will power. "Poor guy, but at least he has someone to mourn for".

"Does this happen often"? I questioned.

"Just every time someone mentions dried squid or sake". Zeo sighed. "That's one reason that whenever we go out we always drink booze or grog, Ashlethen".

The tone in his voice irked me and I almost turned around to slap the crap out of his words, so all I did was smirk. "Oh for the love of hell you better not be blaming me for this. Just for your information you know what Hordy can do with his strength right? Well I'm the daughter of a Warlord, a user of the Shadow-Shadow devilfruit, and I'm a Fishman, now try and think about just how much power I wield".

"Tch," Zeo sighed. "Bitch please, I'm not a dumbass. I know that you can't use devilfruit powers in the ocean, but since you're a freak a nature I'll back off as for the time being".

My jaw nearly dropped in irritation. "You're calling me a freak of nature when I can't even see if you have a nose, mouth, or ears?! Dude, seriously you have no damn right to place me as a freak"!

"Stop it you two-dosun"! Dosun scolded. "Damn you both to be freaks if you both won't shut up right now-dosun".

My ears slightly pointed downward and I sighed, "Yeah, yeah I know we shouldn't fight. Better to save words of hate and actual violence for those bedamned humans. Wasting our breath on each other isn't going to kill any of them worth shit. So now if we can get past this I'll pay for the drinks".

Everyone of the guys' eyes went dark and I quickly frowned as I found myself in a tough position all of a sudden. "How much do you guys drink…"?

Daruma smirked, "As much as we freaking can of course"!

"That's what I was afraid of…" I groaned.

At A Bar In The District…

Thank hell that when the five of us walked into the bar no one stared at us like they do in those weird situations that people talk about. A bunch of men were already crowding the bar when we came in so instead of sitting at the actual bar we had to get a table.

I plopped down in my seat and Daruma tried to sit in my lap. Naturally I decked him to the floor and he went to his own seat. A young mermaid then came by and I was a bit shocked to see an actual mermaid in the district since, from what I heard, all of them were usually lived on the island.

"What'll you five be having"? She asked and the pulled out a pen and paper.

"Plain booze". Zeo stated bluntly.

"Anything but sake". Ikaros instructed.

Daruma and Dosun both ordered some heavy drinker's grog and I looked at the small menu on the table once and I smirked. "The Swig of Death".

A few men stared at me from the front of the bar and I continued to smirk as she went back to get our drinks. When I looked at the guys they were just staring at me like I just turned green or something. "What"?

"No one really ever orders 'The Swig of Death' as for the fact it's said to make you drunk right as you take the first sip". Daruma explained.

I shrugged, "Maybe that's what I need after a day like this".

The girl came back with our drinks and the guys watched as I took my drink up in my hand. "Stop staring you dumbasses"! I barked.

They stopped looking and took sips from their own drinks and I glanced down at my own. Black liquid that seemed to go on forever inside its container. "Well…here's to one day ruling the ocean"!

"Cheers to that"! They guys smirked (even though I couldn't tell if Zeo even smiled).

One little sip went past my lips and the next thing I know my mind is being thrown into a world of darkness. I didn't know if I was drunk or knocked out, but whatever in the name of hell it was it certainly did whatever the hell its job was. Too bad I couldn't see anything though…

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