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First Steps

Step 1: Look Behind

"No! Dear God please stop! I'll be good! I promise!" I cried out as a whip was lashed at my back for the umpteenth time today. There was nothing I could do to get into her head and make her stop, for I was chained down to my bed, lying in my own filth. I have been in the same place for days. No food, no drink.

The only difference to my position was that I was forced to lie on my belly, face down in the rusty remains of my own rancid blood. My so called 'mother' just spat at my pleads and whipped me twice more, laughing at the electrical pain that shot down my spine.

"The day I stop will be the day you fucking die, you worthless piece of shit!" Smack! This was how I spent every time of my day when I was not in school. Locked in my room, rarely fed, and abused by a sadistic bitch that enjoys hearing her own flesh and blood cry out in pure agony.

"How do you like that? Hm? Feels good don't it." Her words churned my stomach in a very unpleasant way. I wanted to throw up so badly, but that only adds to the list of what I want to do. Yeah, I have a list.

Things I want to do right now:

#1: Kill this bastard

#2: report her

#3: take a shower

#4: drink something cold

#5: throw up

#6: take a much needed pee…

A growl rumbled in my throat, my muscles starting to clench. I didn't feel anymore lashes, or really hear her voice until my door squealed open. "Goodnight Izaya my dear! I love you…" The bitch's voice faded as the door closed, leaving me in complete silence. My cries softened as the stinging slowly left me. More bruises, great.

My raven black hair stuck to my sweaty forehead, covering my crimson red narrowed eyes. It took me a few moments to catch my breath, which was quite hard seeing how a few of my ribs had broken and punctured my lungs when I was younger. How my mother managed to pass it off as an accident is beyond my knowledge and belief.

In my head, I pictured my family; my perfectly intact twin sisters, my drug addicted father, my sadistic mother, and I, the abused, quiet 14 year old son whom was a disgrace to his family's name. While my sisters were completely healthy and unharmed, I was literally skin, muscle, and bone, with only a black hoodie and ripped up blue jeans to cloth my body.

Although for my frail and rather weak form, I had a very important job that kept me at least alive. I was under a contract with the Yakuza, working for Shiki, my boss. Or maybe I should call him the father I never had…

Shiki was always there for me, ever since I met him in a dark alley when I was picking out of the garbage for scraps to eat. He brought me into his home, fed me, gave me clothing to wear…under one condition; I put my life in his hands, and work for him for as long as I live. I felt that I could trust him, but I had then learned I just walked into a worse trap than living with my mother. The first day of my job, as an informant, was a living nightmare.

I had no idea what to do, other than listen around and socialize with the nearby gangs and drug dealers. Two words: 'big' and 'mistake.' That day I found myself waking up in some random scientist…doctor's laboratory, strapped down to a white sterilized table. I was badly cut up and bruised, I had to get a blood transfusion because of how much I had lost that night. My eyes were bloodshot and I had a fever that shot sky high.

Not long from when I had woken up, I had met the doctor, and his…I guess you could say headless girlfriend? Kishitani Shinra, an underground doctor, and Sturluson Celty, a Dullahan, also known as the Black Rider here in Ikebukuro. They know about my life at home, but promised me to keep it a secret, which I greatly appreciate.

Meanwhile, I continuously rub my chains against the sharp edge of my bed, halfway through the metal. I remained doing so for a good 40-50 minutes before I finally broke the chain that kept my hands stuck together. A grin spread its way across my lips and I pushed myself up, flipping my body in the process, hurrying to undo the chains that bound my legs to the pole that stuck out at the tip of my bed.

After I succeeded in that, I rolled over, holding onto my dirty blanket as I attempt to stand after lying down for 8 days in a row. My legs were a little weak, but that didn't stop me from stumbling to my drawer to pull out a monster hoodie that Shinra got me, somewhat decent underwear, a random black T-shirt, and the brand new black skinny jeans that Celty thought I would look nice in.

I peeled off the dirty clothes that I have worn for over a week, and quickly washed up from the bucket of water and a rag that was left by my bedside. In a flash I was in my clean cloths, my business phone in my pocket, and already leaping out the window, escaping my empty, yet dead rat smelling bedroom.

I landed gracefully in the alley, cautiously making my way down it, being quiet as I passed my moms room. I flicked up my hood and looked away when I notice that she spotted me. "Get outta the alley you stupid... mischief seeking peeping tom!" I chuckled to myself at how pathetic she sounded to me. I exited the alley not the abuse looking, quiet teen of Raira Academy, but my manipulative, mentally insane self.

Information filled my head as I walked down the streets, taking in everything around me. The sights, smells, people, all of it. But my head floated in the clouds as I made my way to Shinra's to get medical attention, take a shower, and finally relieve myself of the burden building in me.

I fiddled with the phone in my pocket, pulling it out, and flipping it open to see 82 text messages. (98% of them from Shinra)

My eyebrows wrinkled my forehead as I raised them, trying to stop myself from breaking into a laughing fit. As I went on, I could hear Shooter's neigh echo off the buildings around me. Being it a normal, everyday event, I ignored Celty's presence when she appeared right by my side, scaring the crud out of bystanders.

"Ah, Celty-san! Good to see you again!" I greeted her with a friendly wave and watched as she speedily typed away on her PDA. She shoved it in my face, obviously worried for me. Izaya-san thank goodness you all alright! Are you ok? You reek 0.-

I giggled awkwardly at her concern for my well being. "My dear, does it matter if I am alright, or if I stink? I haven't bathed in over a week, so you can't expect much from me." I shrug, chewing on a random string I found in my pocket. Knowing her for only a few months gave me the advantage to study the female body language, so most of the time she doesn't even have to use her PDA to communicate with me. Thanks to Shinra, she also now knows sign language.

It matters to me if you are alright. I also sort guessed that one. Hop on.

I let out a playful whistle before getting onto Shooter and wrapping my arms around her waist, a grin stuck on me. "Have you been dieting Celty-san? You seem tinier..." She elbowed me in the rib, my broken one, sending a shock of pain run through me. I wince and tighten my grip on her only a little as Shooter takes off down the street.

It took less than a minute to arrive at Shinra's apartment. My breathing started to get rugged as my lung problems started to nip me in the butt. We entered through the sliding doors and I sat on the couch, eyes closed, focusing on only my breathing. When I opened them, Celty had left the room, probably to fetch Shinra.

I removed my hoodie, and used it as a pillow to rest my head on it, lying down in the process. A small groan tripped out of my mouth as I moved my back the wrong way, sending a shock through me.

"Orihara Izaya, what do we have to deal with now?" The underground doctor's voice startled me, my hand flew to my heart. "Jeez give a guy a warning before being loud..." I stick my tongue out at him, only to be returned the same. Instead of being childish, I take off my shirt to reveal new cuts, scars, bruises of multiple colors, and stains from...well...sleeping in ick... Shinra wrinkled his nose in disgust. "And why you remain in that family...concerns me." Ah more concerns put in my way. How lovely.

The second Shinra went to have a better look at my evidence of abuse, the slide doors crashed open, and a very infuriated blonde teen stormed in...

Shizuo Heiwajima. My fun just started...

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