Author's note: Hey guys! This is my first fan fiction story I've ever written. I love the movie Grown-ups so I thought I would write a story for it, and since this is my story I'm making Greg, Charlotte and Andre fifteen I picture my oc as Arianna Grande with brown hair.

Disclaimer: I do not, and will never, sadly, own grownups, but I do own my oc.

I felt myself being shaken awake; why I was being shaken awake I had no idea. All I remember is being woken up at seven in the morning, way too early for summer, by my uncle Marcus, who told me to go get dressed up nicely and pack a bag. Since I can't think before eleven or without my morning cup of coffee, I got up grabbed random pieces of clothing, and started getting ready. I left my hair in braids when I slept so my hair would curl when I took them out and pulled on my black dress. I grabbed my makeup bag, since it would come off when I slept in the car. When I went downstairs I saw Marcus waiting for me with a cup of coffee. Awww, he knew me so well. I realized I must have fallen asleep in the car like I planned.

"Uncle Marcus where are we going and when will we get there?" I was not in the best mood, but then again who is?

"We are going to my middle school coach's funeral, then to the Earnshaw Lake House for the weekend. Now be a teenage girl and put your make up on; we'll be there in forty minutes."

I huffed and started putting on my makeup. Marcus thinks that since I spend most of my time training that I'm not really girly, but he can blame my parents for that one. Ever since I was little my parents have been training me since I was four to be a swimmer and it was safe to say they succeeded. I, Chey Fields, had broken half of the state's swimming records, and I am only fifteen. I'm most likely going to be swimming in the 2012 London Olympics for the 200m Backstroke. I was even sponsored by a local water park, Water Wizz.

By the time we got we got to the funeral hall I had finished my makeup. Marcus already left the car, but I had to get my heels out of the trunk. I was stalling time because I really didn't want to meet Marcus's friends. Marcus must have gotten inpatient waiting since he screamed "Chey! Hurry your boney little ass up!" loud enough for everyone in the parking lot to hear. I couldn't let him get away with that so I responded with "Marcus! Shut your balding head, I'm coming!" just as loud.

Some people might be disturbed but that's just how we act around each other. I was really close to Marcus. Every year since I was seven my parents went on a three month cruise, so they would send to Uncle Marcus's. I knew him better than I did my workaholic parents. It was also safe to say he rubbed off on me a little bit. We had more of a brother, sister relationship than an uncle, niece relationship.

I finally caught up with Marcus and started walking ahead of him. He jokingly kicked me in the ass so I "lightly" stepped on his foot. He grunted and led me over to a group of guys surrounding kids. I heard a guy in an expensive suit yell something about not having cell phones to a really guy my age. The guy walks away before I could get over there.

"What no cell phones? I'm out of here!" I hear Marcus yell. All the guys run over and have a bromance fest. It made me kind of nauseous seeing old people act how my friends do.

"Higgy!" The guy in the expensive suit was wearing yelled.

"Lenny! Kurt!" I'm gonna guess his name is either Lenny or Kurt. ""Who's ready to get their funeral on?" Marcus half-says and half-sings, while doing a little dance. This caused me to groan, he could be so embarrassing sometimes. He walked up to them. "I'm sorry, death makes me weird. What's up, McKenzie?" This didn't help me at all figure out which one was Lenny or Kurt. They gave each other a quick one armed hug. "You got some soft hands, still using Palmolive?"

He went over to the other guy "Hey, what's up Lenny?" So this is Lenny. They also did a bro hug. I'm getting bromance overload. I was surprised we had been here for five minutes and I was the only one Uncle Marcus insulted so far. He's improving. "Buddy, I thought you were gonna start working out?" There we go, Marcus is back.

"Um, your fat?"

"No, no!" Lenny says, laughing slightly. "Hey, guys, this is good news. I always wanted to represent you. You're the third Olsen twin?" I had to laugh at this one. I never thought about calling him that. It would open up so many jokes that I haven't even used on him yet.

Marcus laughed before muttering, "Keep it down"

I decided that I couldn't listen to the anymore. "Look I love bromancing around as the next person but this conversation is starting to make me sick." This got me two questioning looks and Marcus trying to mess up my hair, but I slapped his hand away before he could.

I introduced myself, putting on my perky voice I use when I'm being interviewed, "Hi! I'm Chey Fields, I live with Marcus. You know the one with the boney ass." I looked at their faces and saw that they were confused and a little worried. "I'm his niece." This caused them to relax. I looked at Marcus and just started laughing. It reminded me of the looks my friend Anna would get when she would embarrass her brother in front of her friends.

I decided to embarrass him more so I pinched his cheeks "Awww is little Marcus embarrassed? I'm sorry I'll leave now, no need to worry your pretty, little, balding head any longer." I looked at Lenny and Kurt, who both were trying to smother their laughter, and saluted them. I then turned and walked away.

After about five minutes of talking to random old people, I saw a girl my age. I mentally squealed, or by the looks I got I squealed out loud, I ran over to her, hugged her, and started jumping. "Yay! Someone my age! I don't have to talk to random old people anymore!" Even in my two inch heals which made me a total of five feet, three inches; she was a good two inches taller than me. What surprised me the most was that she started jumping with me.

"Yes! Now I don't have to hang out with my idiot brother anymore! Are you going to the lake house too?"

"Wait you're going to the lake house too? Its official you have to be my new best friend. I won't make in through the weekend without one, okay?"

"okay!" I was surprised, I think I'm the only person in the world who goes to a funeral and makes a friend.

"Wait…who are you, I don't even know your name."

"Oh…" she seemed to ponder this "well I'm Charlotte McKenzie, but you can call me Charlie." McKenzie sounds familiar, but I don't know where I've heard it before...wait.

"Hi, I'm Cheyenne Fields, but call me Chey. You're Kurt's daughter right? I met him earlier. Well now that we know each other we can be best friends, coolio?"

"Yeah we can be friends now. Quick we should hide, you're my brother's age, and he and his friend Greg will go after anything with long hair, long legs, and boobs, and you my friend fit that description perfectly. I see my mom over there, and he knows better than to bother us around her." Before I could respond she's pulling me over to her mom, who was surrounded by women, not that this was a problem but I like to build the friendship up first before I embarrass myself in front of the parents. Though Marcus already embarrassed me in front of everyone by announcing that I had a boney ass, which he knows I'm self-conscious about, I still wanted to make a good impression.

When we got over there I didn't realize Charlie stopped until it was too late. I crashed into Charlie causing both of us for fall to the ground. There goes my chance of a good impression. I always wondered how I could be an Olympic swimmer yet be this clumsy.

I heard Charlie, who I was sitting on, say loud enough for all the women to hear, "Dang, you really do have a boney ass."

I gasped and got up as gracefully and quickly as I could in a short dress and heels without flashing everyone. "Don't ever say that again I'm very self-conscious about my ass and Marcus should know better than to joke about it." I said in a huffy voice. I tried helping Charlie up but every time I would try; she would collapse to the ground again in laughter. Finally she got up and introduced me to her very pregnant mother.

"Mom this is Cheyenne Fields, my new BFF, Chey this is my mom."

I shook her mom's hand but before I could say anything she did "Well Cheyenne, you sure know how to make an entrance.

I started to blush lightly. "Nice to might you too, please call me Chey, I'm gonna call you Momma McKenzie."

She laughed at this, which kinda hurt my feelings I'm not gonna lie, but I was surprised when she said "I like you, and I approve of you two being BFFs."

I turned to the Hispanic lady next to Momma McKenzie "Hi I'm Chey" I said waving "who are you?" I asked with I smile. Damn it, I'm slipping back into interview mode. "I'm Roxanne Feder, Lenny's wife, call me Roxanne."

I wanted to talk more but we were told to go find seats for the funeral. I decided to stay with Charlie since Marcus really does get weird about death. When I sat down I was quickly introduced to Andre, Charlie's brother. She didn't lie either, I only knew him for two minutes before he tried hitting on me. I told him I had a boyfriend which quickly shut him up.

The funeral ended with Marcus making a buzzer sound. Oh Marcus, you really put the fun in funerals-sarcasm being used here. We had to go to the reception before we good leave. I hope we were leaving soon, I haven't trained as seriously as I liked last week, so this weekend I'm gonna have to work my ass off to catch up to where I'm supposed to be.

I got separated from Charlie and during this two minute period when we were separated, I ran into Roxanne, who thought she should introduce me to her kids, who turned out to be two boys and a girl. They were the kids who were yelled at for using cell phones earlier. One boy was my age, his name was Greg, and the other was a twelve year old named Keithie. The girl was an adorable little five year old named Becky.

Before I could introduce myself Greg started talking. It only took me thirty seconds to lose respect for him- a new record. He looked at me then back at his PSP. "Hey Babe"

I looked at him with disgust and shock "Babe?" I questioned

"Yeah, a four letter word, not a hard concept to grasp."

It took all my strength not to slap him. "I understand the concept, what I don't understand is why you think you're all that and more."

Now it was his turn to look shocked, he couldn't speak and I saw Charlie so I quickly ended the conversation "Bye babe." I turned and walked over to Charlie.

She was hanging out with the only two kids I didn't k now. She turned to me "Oh hey Chey, this is Donna" she told me pointing to an overweight twelve year old. Donna and I exchanged waves "and this is Bean" pointing to a little boy with a Mohawk. He gave me a high five.

"Hey guys I'm gonna go try to find some food and say hi to Marcus." I waved goodbye and went to the buffet to see if I could eat anything that was in my diet plan my coach set up. I didn't. The only food they had was cake and fried chicken. I sighed and grabbed a bottle of water, then walked over to Marcus. He was sitting with Lenny, Kurt, and two other guys I didn't know. I put my head on his shoulder and sighed again.

"Whoa, what's with the depressing sighs, I know where at a funeral but still?" All the guys then stared at me…awkward.

"I'm hungry" I was now crossing my arms. Marcus knows I only cross my arms when I'm cranky, hungry, tired, or annoyed.

"Go eat" He is so helpful.

"I can't I had pizza last night so I can only eat fruits, veggies, and grilled chicken for the next three days. Remember, I'm on a diet." Marcus flinched, he hated that I had to go on a diet, since he usually had to follow it to, but my parents make sure he knows that I am to strictly follow my meal plan. I looked at the guys they looked disturbed at the thought of my dieting, but it really wasn't that bad, and I think a gold medal is worth not being able to pig out on junk food.

What I didn't expect was Kurt to enter this conversation "You don't need to diet you are healthy and I know how teenage girls can be I have a daughter, there is nothing beautiful in being overly skinny."

I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing; they thought I wanted to be on this diet. "I really do need to diet though, last time I broke it my dad made me swim four extra laps, on top of the six extra laps my coach me swim. My parents made me start dieting when I was ten so I'm used to it."

The more I talked, the more disturbed their faces got. Lenny decided to enter the conversation "What do you mean swim laps?"

I looked at them with a questioning look, and then I looked at Marcus who looked sheepish "You never told them did you?" the guys were staring at both me and Marcus now. Marcus cleared his throat "Guys let me introduce my niece, Chey Fields, soon to be Olympic swimmer."

The guys seemed to relax at this piece of news, but then they realized Marcus said Olympics. They turned to me and I gave them a finger wave. I thought that would be the end of the conversation but Kurt wasn't down yet "Wait, You're the Chey Fields, the one that broke have of the state's records?" I was a little surprised he knew that much about me, and I think the others were too. "Uh yeah I am how did you hear of me?" He defended himself by saying he watched the news a lot.

"Wait before any new conversations I need to know who you two are." I said pointing to the two that I didn't know.

The guy who was overweight started first "Well, I'm Eric Lamsonoff, that's Rob Hilliard" he said pointing to the other guy. "nice to meet you."

When Rob wasn't looking I turned to Lenny and mouthed "What's with the toupee" he chuckled and just shrugged.

"Lenny can I ask you something" again all the guys' eyes were one me, "see I know there aren't enough rooms for everyone to have their own at the lake house, but I was wondering if I could have my own since I have a really strict training schedule that I have to stick to. I really don't want to bother anyone else so it might be easier for me to have my own room."

He seemed to take the into consideration "okay" he smiled "I'll see what I can do, but you have to make me a promise, don't train to hard this is a vacation so try and have fun." I nodded at him "I'll try, but something tells me when I'm doing my easiest stuff you'll think I'm working too hard."

"Probably, anything else?"

"Umm…yeah, is Greg always such an ass?" I questioned.

Lenny let out a groan "what did he do now?"

I gave him my sarcastic smile "Just let him know that when a girl questions being called babe, it isn't that she doesn't understand the concept, she can't understand why he thinks he's gonna pick girls up by calling them babe." The guys laughed at this and Lenny told me he would tell him.

Marcus raised an eyebrow "He tried picking you up? I guess being heart breakers does run in the Higgins family."

I snorted at this "yeah Andre also tried to hit on me. I have to say" looking at Kurt and Lenny, "you two really need to help your sons pick up girls, cause calling me babe and telling my ass isn't that boney don't make me want to fall into their arms." This caused Kurt to groan "Where did I go wrong"

I got up and looked around, pretty much everyone had left except for the people going to the lake house. I think Lenny noticed this to since he announced it was time to go. The sooner we get there the sooner I can eat something and get back to my training. Conditioning will not be pretty unless I start back up again.

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