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After about another three hour drive, we finally arrived at the lake house. All I could say was this house was gorgeous and was costing Lenny a lot of money, but like most people know…YOLO! Just kidding, nothing good comes from the phrase YOLO.

Marcus parked the car and grabbed his bags. I find it funny that he packed more than me, but he does need a whole bag for hair product. Waiting to go in I realized that I still didn't meet Eric or Rob's wife, so I decided to introduce myself. Eric's wife first since Rob was making out with his. I have a feeling I'm going to have to get used to that, but it didn't make me want to barf any less. "Hi you must be Eric's wife; I'm Chey, Marcus's niece."

Recognition crossed her face "Oh yeah, you're the swimmer, I'm Sally nice to meet you." Sally was a nice woman, but before we could have a conversation, Bean came up and started asking for mommy's milk. She apologized and went over to Bean. I didn't feel the need to see this so I walked over I Charlie.

"Hey Charlie what's up?" Instead of getting a normal answer like "oh fine, how are you?" or "I just spent three hours with my brother how do you think I'm doing?" I got my shoulder slapped.

"Umm OWW! Why would you slap me?" Her response wasn't what I expected, "How could you not tell me you were possibly going to the Olympics?" Oops, I probably should have told her.

"I'm sorry; I usually forget that other people don't know that I'm a swimmer, after room assignments you and I will talk okay?" She seemed to except my answer which I was happy about. I didn't want my new BFF to hate me.

We walked onto the porch and for some reason everyone was hanging out next to a bug zapper. Becky who was next to me asked what it was for.

"It's getting rid of moths, honey."

She turned her head to one side, and stared at the machine curiously. "Where's it taking them?"

"Hell," Marcus told her flatly. I elbowed Marcus who was standing behind me and gave him the stop talking look. Lenny had the same idea as me. "Higgins don't say that." He finally realized what he said. "Oh sorry, not Hell…Mexico." I elbowed him again. He really needs to learn when to shut up.

Lenny tried to give his daughter a better explanation of what the bug zapper was for. "It's giving them electricity so they fall asleep, uh...electrically."

"It's electrocuting them?"

"No, sweetheart, no!" Lenny tried to tell his tell his daughter

Another zap from the machine showed Becky the truth. She looked absolutely horrified now. "But daddy, they're dying!" she cried.

Charlie and Donna had the same look of horror on their faces now. "IT'S KILLING THEM?"

I gave Charlie a look that clearly said you have got to be kidding me. "You honestly didn't know that?"

Charlie shook her head. "Nope!" Poor, innocent Charlie

Yet another zap, and yet another cry of "Daddy, no!" from Becky but by then, Lenny couldn't take his daughter's protests anymore, so with a sigh, he went up, and unplugged the bug zapper.

"Look, they're alright, I promise you."

Just to humor her, he plucked a moth off the zapper, and tossed it in the air. It immediately dropped to the ground. Lenny bit his lip. "See? Still sleeping." I had to give him points for trying.

Greg rolled his eyes. "It's dead, dad." Roxanne pinched him on his arms. His arms wanted to make me burst out laughing at them. My arms were like twice the size of his.

Suddenly I heard Mama Ronzoni scream "Ooh, a porch swing!" walking over to it stepping directly on the moth Lenny threw. It was safe to say the moth was never going to wake up now.

Rob suddenly threw the doors open, popping out at of nowhere causing me to jump back a squeak. "Welcome back to 1978, everybody - the lake house!" As soon as a walked in I was in awe, the inside was just as gorgeous as the outside. Before I could grasp the concept that this is where we were staying the Feder boys had to open their mouths.

"Is this like an Outward Bound thing?" Greg said, making a face that Marcus could even tell was disgust.

"Yeah, this is like an episode of Lost." Added Keith

I decided to mess with them a little bit "Nope, you're both wrong, its more of a Friday the 13th movie, eighteen come but how many leave." I saw Keith gulp, but Greg just rolled his eyes.

"Alright, so who's getting what room?" I was curious about this too, but what I really wanted to see was Greg's reaction to when he saw that I got my own room.

"Actually, I made a map of who gets which room," Rob explained to everybody.

"I took the liberty of reserving the room with the water bed for Gloria and myself." I'm hoping to be far away from their room.

"Ooh, you're gonna do the backstroke tonight!" I gagged. Really? The backstroke, my best stroke and they just ruined it for me. Not cool.

"I wanna go swimming with you guys!" poor Donna, she obliviously had no idea what she meant; at least I hope she didn't.

"Oh honey, we're not really going swimming," Gloria started to explain. "What I mean is-" I really didn't want to hear this, but I decided to save the children so I covered their ears.

Luckily I didn't have to hear it since Sally saved the day. "It's okay, she doesn't need to know what that means. I don't even know what you mean."

"Oh, I do," Marcus piped up before he made a barfing noise. I had to agree with Marcus, I don't know if I could look at swimming, or water beds the same way now.

"Why don't we go back assigning rooms" Lenny quickly changed the subject.

'Okay, here's the big daddy," Rob stated as he opened a door on our right. "The master bedroom." Eric thought that Lenny should have this room but he gave it to the kids. Every kid, except me, ran in there to claim their bed.

Charlotte realized I didn't come in "Chey why didn't you pick a bed?" "Well" I answered smirking, "I'm getting my own room since-" but I couldn't finish. Greg interrupted me. "why does she get her own room?"

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted" I said shooting Greg a glare "I have a really important meet in a few weeks and I need to train, which starts roughly around six in the morning and I didn't want to wake anyone up, so I'm getting my own room" Greg huffed and walked away

"All right" Rob started talking again "Chey, your room is the room next to this one" he pointed to the door next to the master bedroom. I saluted him and picked up my stuff.

My room was about half the size of the master bedroom but it was still huge. I could handle staying here for the weekend. The best news I heard all day was that the Feder's were leaving tomorrow, then I can enjoy a Greg free weekend. I was gonna miss the others but Greg will be gone.

I finished unpacking and decided to start training. I put on a pair of spandex shorts, a sports bra, a tank top, and my running sneakers. I grabbed my ipod and started playing my "Pump it" playlist. I walked past the master bedroom and saw that they were all crowded around the television playing video games. "Bye guys I'm gonna go for a run, anyone want to come?" No one even moved a muscle, I shook my head and left.

An hour and five and a half miles later I stopped running for the day. I could tell I hadn't run in a while, usually I could run six in an hour, but I'll take it.

I saw the guys sitting on the lawn chairs a walked over to them and laid down on the grass. "Hey, have a nice run Chey?' I heard Lenny ask. "It was okay" I answered still out of breath "I only did five and a half in a hour which is slow for me, but I should be back to running six or seven miles tomorrow."

The guys, except for Marcus all gave me questioning looks. "Yes I know, my niece I a perfectionist freak when it comes to training, don't question her about it" I glared at Marcus and smacked the back of his head. He in turn glared at me.

All of a sudden I heard gunshots and a Greg yell "new high score" followed by cheering I rolled my eyes 'Are they really still playing video games in there? It's beautiful out here?"

Lenny agreed with me "Are they gonna stay inside all weekend? No, not gonna happen you guys stay here. I'll be right back" I had no problems with staying here I was still catching my breathe.

I soon heard a noise that sounded like a turkey. I screamed and jumped onto Marcus. For those of ho don't know im terrified of turkeys. When I was four I was viciously attacked by a turkey. I was never the same again. I heard the guys start laughing with at me "Why are you laughing? The demon bird might be close, run away before it eats us!" They were still laughing. How could they laugh when this is a serious situation? "That's my dog Curly, he got his vocal cords cut and that's the sound he makes when he barks"

I gave him my you aren't serious look "why would you bring a dog that sounds like the demon birds, it might attract them? Then what are we gonna do?" I don't know why they weren't taking this seriously; this could turn out to be a serious issue.

Before I could start planning my turkey escape plan, Lenny came back carrying his two sons on his shoulders. He put them on the ground and was out of breath a little bit. Maybe Marcus was right for once, Lenny really did need to go the gym. I didn't get a chance to recommend a trainer because Lenny started yelling at his sons.

"That's it! No more video games, no more cell phones, no more texting!" This could get scary. Taking away video games from teenage boys could have scary results. "From now on, while we're here, stay outside and play!" NO ME GUSTA! The outside is my domain, no spoiled Hollywood boys allowed! "Go get the other kids, we're going on a walk."

I went with them deciding this could be interesting. I was right, it was.

I walked next to Charlie seeing as we hadn't talked in a while. "Hey Charls" she glared at me at the use of this nickname "Hey Annie" my turn to glare "how was your run?' so they did hear me, but they chose to ignore me…hurtful. "okay I only ran five and a half miles, I should be back to running six and a half by Sunday." She looked shocked about the fact I just ran that in an hour, or that I would choose to run that much.

"My feet hurt!" Greg was annoying me with the amount of complaining he was doing and I couldn't take it anymore "GREG, SHUT UP!" that got the attention of about everyone. I'm pretty sure I saw Marcus betting on how long it would take me to kill him. "We have been walking for about ten minutes, and if you don't shut up I will push you into the lake and make sure you don't resurface."

He didn't seem to get the point that I wanted to kill him right now, he just kept on talking "You couldn't push me into the lake even if you wanted to, you're not strong enough." By now everyone stopped walking and surrounded us. I saw Marcus pat Lenny on the shoulder and told him that his son was a goner. It was nice to know that Marcus had faith in me.

I wasn't going to let Greg think he had beaten me "Please Becky could push you into the lake with one hand without struggling, meaning I could pushing you in with my little finger." He took a step closer to me. "Oh really?" "Really." Only now did I realize were our lips inches apart. I was looking up at him, and he was looking down at me. We both must of realized what this looked like and backed away. Marcus was in the back of the group coughing something that suspiciously like sexual tension, but one glare from me shut him up.

Kurt, ever the hero started telling us all the ridiculous things they did when they were kids. "Man, when we were kids, your dad used to talk us into doing the craziest stuff." He chuckled. "I remember one time we got shower curtains, tied them to shopping carts and went shopping cart sailing."

"Wait, how did you guys steer?" Andre asked confused. I did not like where this was going, one of the kids here are going to be dumb enough to try this. I know it.

"We didn't," Eric answered with a grin. Stop talking about this. Someone is going to end up breaking their head cart sailing, but it might be Greg so I let him continue. "Alright, so then how did you stop?" Charlie asked

"You just smashed into something. That was the fun part!" Lenny told us like it was common knowledge. I just stared and shook my head at their stupidity.

Marcus tried giving us some ideas too. "We used to shoot bottle rockets at each other - you'd always go for the guy's face 'cause you wanted to blind him." That brought back memories of one of our family barbeques. Good times, good times.

Too bad Lenny had to shoot that idea down. "Okay, no. Let's not do that." Marcus nodded, and quickly slashed his hands across his neck. "Yeah kids, let's not do that. Erase, reboot." I gave Marcus the puppy dog face to make him change his mind, but he shook his head no. I stomped my foot. "Fine, having slushy fights are way better anyway." Everyone started staring at me again. "What? We had a school fundraiser that was called the slushy war, a dollar a slushy or three for five. We raised enough money to send the swim team to the championship and it was really fun, until we had to call an ambulance since a kid got corn syrup in his eyes."

Lenny just shook his head "No we aren't doing that either" he looked around and got really excited. "Wait a minute, are you kidding me?" Greg glanced at his dad wondering what type of drugs he was on. "What?"

He didn't give answer us; he just started running towards something with so we followed. We stopped at a tree overlooking the lake. A rope hung from one of the branches. I started jumping up and down. "No way, no way, no way! Can I go first? Now Greg was looking at me like I was on drugs "What are you on?" I just stuck my tongue out at him. "What are you supposed to do with it? Hang ourselves?" I couldn't pass up an opportunity "No but it works for that too. Wanna try?"

Lenny I think didn't want another fight to break out so he intervened "Nobody's hanging themselves! Chey show them how you're supposed to do it." Yay rope swinging time. I saluted Lenny and grabbed the rope. I got a running start and jumped onto the rope. Once I was out over the middle of the lake I jumped off the rope, doing a flip and landing in the water. I swam to the surface. I swam over to where Greg was standing "Can you help me out?" I asked sweetly. He just nodded and gave me his arm. Before he could pull me out, I pulled him in. "WHAT THE HELL!" He yelled. "I told you I was strong enough" I said in the same sweet voice, then pulled myself out. This earned me high fives from all the adults and the girls. The other guys just backed away from me.

'"Anyone think they could beat that" I asked pointing to the rope swing. Eric decided he wanted to try. "Who wants to see a double flip?" he asked everyone as he got ready to swing. We all cheered and watched as Eric leapt and flew over the lake. "Drop! Drop! Drop!" we yelled at him when he was over the middle of the suddenly became clear that he wasn't gonna let go of the rope and clung to it like his life depended on it. We started yelling let go before he got too close to the land. "I can't let go! I'm too scared!" Eric yelled back. As soon as he said this, he crashed into a tree and fell to the ground, finally letting go of the rope.

I saw Keith looking like he was just invited to the playboy mansion, he was that happy. "That...was...AWESOME!"

Right at that moment, Eric stood up, shrieking and howling and clutching his leg. "OH MY GOD, THE BONE'S STICKING OUT!" he yelled. His thighbone was actually sticking out of his leg. I covered my eyes and started jumping up and down. I would rather see a turkey than a bone sticking out of a leg. He started laughing so I stopped jumping. Was this normal behavior someone who broke a leg? Then I realized he was holding a stick. "Chey why would you start jumping, the covering your eyes I get but the jumping?" I pouted "Why wouldn't I jump?" Greg started to imitate what I was doing and answered my rhetorical question "Maybe cause it looks stupid?" I smirked "Nope, that can't be it, it only looks stupid when you do it."

Becky then starts screaming and pointed at the ground. Apparently, when Eric crashed into the tree, he also crashed into a baby bird. Somehow, magically the bird lived. I took off my tank top and used that to carry the bird. I put the bird and my tank top in a shoebox that someone ran to go get. I gave the box to Sally who said she knew what to help the bird. I grew close to the bird for the two minutes I had with him. I named him Daryl. It's a good name for a bird isn't it? I thought so. I hope Daryl would be ok, he's pretty cool for a bird and I don't think he would attack me so I like him.

I went back up to my room changed; Daryl had officially adopted my tank top as a nest. I was kind of upset, it was my favorite tank top, but I had plenty so he could keep it.

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