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The guys went off to do some weird male bonding, really meaning they were gonna do something stupid. The other guys went off to play video games or something; I didn't really care enough to pay attention. I went with the girls to have girly time with the moms. Basically, the moms called us down and wanted fresh gossip. Not that I was complaining, when you get a group of girls talking about people, its actually kinda fun. The only problem I had was that I was their first target, and they wanted to know all about me.

Roxanne went straight to the question I was hoping to avoid. "So Cheyenne, any boys in your life?" This question grabbed all the females' attention. I didn't answer right away, if I told them they couldn't tell Marcus. "If I tell you, you can't tell Marcus since he would most likely go and try to beat him up. The gesture would be nice, but he would get the crap beaten out of him." Momma McKenzie leaned in. "so does this mean?" I took a deep breathe "Yes, I have a boyfriend." They all squealed and told me to dish.

"Well his name is Luke; we met on the swim team. A lot of the people didn't want me to join the swim team at first since they didn't think I was good enough, but he stood up for me." They all awed I continued "I probably wouldn't have been on the team without him. We started hanging out over the next few months when he asked me to prom. I said yes, and he asked me to be his girlfriend on prom night. "That's so sweet" Sally cooed "how did you two get into the prom"

"See this is why Marcus would kill him, he was a senior when I was I freshman, so I got to go to senior prom as a freshman."
"That would make him nineteen." They were in shock that I was dating someone four years older than me; most people were when I told them "Yeah I know, please don't tell Marcus?"

I heard a male voice ask "Don't tell me what?" What do I tell him…quick make something up. "Girl stuff'' Really Chey that was the best you could come up with but he left it alone for now. Charlie thought this would be a good time to finish questioning me, so she dragged me up to my room and locked the door. She came over to me and started abusing me with a pillow. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!"

I didn't want to make her angrier. Nothing is worse than having to deal with an angry BFF. "I'm sorry; I'm not used to having people to talk to this about. Most of the swim team is all guys so I can't talk to them and swimming takes up so much of my time that I don't have a lot of friends who are girls." She seemed to understand so we had a hug fest, and our friendship was fixed.

Marcus comes and knocks on the door "Chey open up. I found out your secret you're in trouble now!" Charlie and I both looked at each other with the same thought of "Oh Shit" running though our heads. Marcus continued "You thought that I wouldn't find out, but it was obvious" I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. He's gonna kill me, bring me back to life to find out about Luke, try and kill Luke but get his ass kicked, then never let me date again. "I'm so sorry I was gonna tell you but I was afraid."

"What did I tell you about using my hair product? That stuff is expensive!" His hair product, he's freaking out this much about hair product? Dramatics does run in our family. I'll play along, this way he won't find out about Luke. "Like I said I'm so sorry, it will never happen again." He seemed to accept my apology "Never let it happen again" I heard footsteps walk back down the hall.

Charlie and I both let out our breaths and burst out laughing. She looked at me "Is he kidding? I've never seen anyone, let alone a grown, straight man care that much about his hair" I just gave her a look that said don't even get me started. "So tell me more about Luke."

Greg's POV

"I heard Marcus yelling a Chey through her door. I knew any straight man that cared so much about his hair, not even in California. I heard Chey and Charlie say something about girl talk earlier, so maybe I'll listen in. Chey is interesting; I mean what girl in their right mind would not like me? She has to be crazy…or maybe she doesn't like dudes. Which would kind of suck, I mean she is gorgeous and funny and has cute little dimples. Wait! I never said that, but if I listen to her conversation maybe I can find a way to get her to like me. Even though I don't care if she doesn't…totally don't care.
I heard Chey's voice "What can I say about Luke?" Luke? Who's Luke? "He's gorgeous; he has light brown hair, and hazel eyes." Sounds like me. "He's so nice too; I mean what other boy what other boy would send me roses when I had to miss a major meet? Can he get any sweeter?" Wait does she have a boyfriend? "Plus he's a great kisser"

"What about Greg?" Thank you Charlie! What about me? "Well he's pretty cute too," wait, she thinks I'm cute? "But he's such a jackass. I mean I have Luke who's sweet and gorgeous, and I have Greg who's gorgeous too, but hasn't said one nice thing to since I've been here. Who would you choose?"
She doesn't like me because I'm a jerk? I thought girls liked bad boys? Not that I care about her liking me I have plenty of girls to choose from back home, plus I'm going to Milan, I'll get a girl there. I mean they won't have her body, or her laugh, or her big doe eyes…What am I saying? Okay Greg, get ahold of yourself you do not have a crush on Chey… it's impossible. But maybe if I'm nicer to her, we could be friends or something…maybe.

Chey's POV

Later that night we went out to Woodman's. I love this place; Jake brought me here when we went camping around here a few months ago. Isn't he the sweetest? While I was in the middle of day dreaming about Luke, everyone else was sitting down, leaving me the seat next to Greg and Andre. What did I do to deserve this?

I sit down and Andre turns to me and puts his arm around me "Ya know Chey, you look beautiful tonight." I raised my eyebrow at him "Ya know Andre" I mocked "The last person who hit on me still hasn't been found. Fair warning." He gulps and removes his arm, but when I thought this couldn't get any weirder Greg turns to me "He wasn't lying though"

I looked at him "Lying about what" I asked confused. "about looking beautiful tonight, you really do." I was surprised that Greg Feder actually complimented me, but what I was really surprised about was that I started to blush. "Oh…umm thanks" God someone save me.

Thanks to Marcus I really was saved "Hey Lenny, remember when we used to come here in high school after we got wasted?" Oh Marcus. Donna turned to Marcus with a confused look on her face, but I wondered if she understood anything "What's wasted?" Nope, probably not.
Lenny didn't want Marcus to say anything else, not that I blame him "Uh wasted, kids is when... Is when you have...a hankering for ice cream." Ice cream, maybe Marcus should have answered the question.

Apparently not though, because Andre yelled "I wanna get wasted!" Charlie shockingly joined in too" I wanna get totally wasted!" I thought those two were my age? Donna didn't surprise me though, "I wanna get wasted every single day of my life!"
I was proud of myself, I didn't laugh until Becky yelled, "I wanna get chocolate wasted!" I alongside Greg and Keith fell out of my seat onto the floor and burst out laughing.

Donna looked at me like I was crazy, but she doesn't know me well enough to know that I am "what so funny about getting wasted, I thought everyone wanted to get wasted?" I looked at Donna "Please, been there done that, not worth the hangover."

This got the attention of all the adults and the Feder boys. Lenny looked at me with a questioning gaze "You've gotten wasted before." Oops, I don't think I was supposed to say that. "Did I say wasted? I don't think so, I thought I said I tasted ice cream before, not I got wasted. Silly, silly, Lenny." I laughed weakly. "Cheyenne" he said dragging out my name, I don't know why he cares so much but oh well. "Fine, yes I have gotten wasted before. What do you expect? Look who my uncle is." They all accepted this as an answer.

The waitress came by to take our orders, I got an iced tea and a salad with grilled chicken. I thought all was going well until Greg started talking I'll take a flat water - Voss" He said in his I'm better than you voice. The waitress had no idea what he was talking about and he looked at her like she was crazy. "You know, Voss, or Fiji if you don't have Voss." Lenny looked like he wanted to hit his son. please Lenny go ahead "Yeah, you know, anything you got is good."
"Yeah, we have outta the faucet. Greg looked like she said the water was from someone's shower. "Like from a hose?" I stand corrected he looked like the water was from a hose.

"Tap water," the waitress corrected him. "What country is that from?" butted in Keith. I looked at Lenny "What is wrong them?" Lenny seemed to have enough of this conversation "Oh my god, just get the water! We're done talking about water"
Just when this couldn't get any sadder, Rita started to get up "I'll go get the Voss from the car" Before she go, Lenny cut her off. "No Rita, just sit down. the menu - big test coming up." When will Lenny realize we all know she's a nanny?

The food finally got here and as I was taking a sip of my iced tea I heard someone yell "Chey Babe?" I only know one person who calls me that. I spit my drink all over Greg and looked up "Lukey?" he was right in front of me, why is he here? Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us I got up, ran to him and hugged him? "What are you doing here?" I asked in total surprise "I was going camping with my family like we always do." Oh my god I cannot believe this.. I was looking up at him since I was so short. It's kind of a joke between our friends because he was so tall and I'm so short. Forgetting we were in a restaurant we kissed, well more like made out, but you get the point.

All was going great until I felt myself being pulled away. "What?" I turned to face Marcus, oh shit, I don't think I can talk myself out of this. I looked back to the table all the women looked shocked, but happy. The men looked shocked too, but they also looked like they wanted to beat up Luke. Andre's and Keith's jaw was on the floor. Charlie looked like she was about to run up and hug me. What I was most surprised to see Greg looking so upset, but I just spit my drink on him so I could understand why he angry.

"Everyone meet Luke my boyfriend" Marcus looked at me then at Luke "Alright Luke come sit down with us." I pushed Greg over so Jake could sit down. All eyes were on either me and Luke or Marcus, meaning the females were looking at us like we were the cutest thing ever, and the guys were looking at Marcus waiting to pull him off Luke. Well, except Andre who was looking at Greg, and Greg who had a look of jealousy on his face. Weirdo, why was he jealous…wait OMG Greg is gay. This makes so much sense.

Marcus was staring at Luke, not asking any questions, but just staring. I kicked him from under the table "How long have you been dating?" Well he didn't waste any time. "About six months, but I liked her since I first saw her." All the girls awed and I pecked him on the lips. "Aww, thanks babe." The guys looked like they were about to be sick.

I thought that was all Marcus wanted to know, but he started to ask where we met and if he had a job. The other dads started to ask questions like I was one of their kids. I felt oddly touched that they were all doing this for me.

All was going well until they asked how old he was. I probably should have expected this question, but I wasn't ready for it. Luke cleared his throat "I'm…I'm nineteen" the table was dead silent. All eyes were on Marcus to see his reaction.
Marcus was quiet; this was not the response I was expecting. Suddenly, Marcus jumped up and got ready to punch Luke. I jumped up and grabbed his arm. I told everyone we would be back in a minute and dragged Marcus outside. I was slightly worried about leaving Luke with the other men, but the women would protect him, I think.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at Marcus. He turned to me "What am I doing? You're the one dating a nineteen year old. I'm pretty sure that's not legal" I looked at Marcus surprised. My own parents didn't even react like this. They told me not to get pregnant, it would ruin my training. I took a keep breathe "Marcus, I really like Luke and you need to trust me that I made the right choice."

He looked at me with what seemed to be sadness "I know but I'm your uncle, it seemed like yesterday I was protecting you from monsters and now I have to protect you from guys. I'm not prepared for this; I haven't prepared you for this. I wanted to cry. This was the nicest thing he ever said to me "Marcus, you did prepare me, remember when you taught me how to punch when I was six? You told me if a boy breaks my heart give them a right hook to the face. I've never had to punch anyone yet, but if ever to, you will be the first person I call to finish him off." Marcus looks up at me and smiles. He gets this look on his face and hugs me. I don't think Marcus has ever hugged me before, but then again the Higgins family doesn't hug.

We went back in and I let out a breath when I saw Luke still alive. I walked over to him and hugged him. Our food was called to be picked up so Luke got up to leave. I followed him to the door. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow, I'm not sure what we're doing, but it should be fun." He looked at me with a smile that melted my heart. "Definitely, text me when you find out what you're doing." I leaned into kiss him, and we didn't break away until we heard someone scream "REMATCH! I DARE YA!" I gave him a quick peck and went back to my seat.
Roxanne leans over to me and whispers "You might want to fix your lipstick before the men get back if you don't want them to hunt down Luke" I blushed and fixed my makeup while she winked at me.

I turned to Greg, bored without any conversation "Hey Greg" He turns to me "Stop talking to me Chey." I was confused, what did I do? "Why" he sighs "Seriously don't talk to me." I wonder what crawled up his ass and died…wait "You're jealous" I yelled, causing him to pale a little. "Wha-what are you talking about" he said his voice cracking "you're jealous that I'm dating Luke and you can't date him" I yelled pointing my finger at him accusingly.

The whole table looked at me dumbfounded. "I'm not gay" "Yes you are" "No, I think I would know if I was gay or not" I could tell he was getting frustrated. Haha I make Greg frustrated. "Are you sure 'cause i always wanted a gay best friend, and I'm sure you could be one." he groaned and stood up "FOR THE LAST TIME I'M NOT GAY" the whole place turned to stare at him, as he sat down quietly as an awkward silence settled over the table.

The coach requested that we spread his ashes on MacIntyre Island," Rob said suddenly, trying to break the awkward silence. "I have a beautiful ceremony planned out. "Sally turned to Lenny. "You still gonna be able to do that? What time do you leave?" Why would they leave? they rented the house you think they would stay the whole weekend.

Eric looked at Lenny. "What are you talking about?" At least i wasn't only one confused. I hate it when that happens. "I forgot to tell you boys...we gotta take off in the morning." Now everyone was confused...and upset.

"Is he joking?" Kurt protested looking around the table "No, I'm not," Lenny said looking sad. "Believe me, I wanna stay here, we all do. But we've gotta go to Milan. "Marcus looked at Lenny incredulously. "Milan? Italy?" "Roxanne's got her fall line coming out!" Lenny tried to explain. "Fashion Week," told everyone. I guess Fashion Week in Milan a good excuse.

Like a fat man watching the food network, Greg melted into a pool of pathetic at the mere mention of Fashion Week. "Three nights at the Four Seasons, baby...eggs benedict by the pool, playstation three in every room, and they show boobies on Italian TV." I burst out laughing at how pathetic he sounded. It really was like a pool of patheticness.

He looked at like I was insane, I thought he knew I was. "What?" he told me with attitude. "I find it funny that you get that excited over eggs benedict, play station three, and boobs." I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing again. This time Charlie joined in with me.
"What? There is nothing wrong about watching boobs on the television" he asked like this is completly justified. "You're lucky they show boobs over there since you get none over here" I told him with a look of pure seriousness.

"Lenny, it's not gonna be the same without you," Rob complained in a whiny voice, stopping the retort Greg shrugged like this usually happened. "Hey, Roxanne was cool enough to let us come tonight. This is a big deal." I can't see this conversation ending well.

"Can't Roxanne go without you and you could meet her there?" Kurt asked trying to find a solution. "No, we are a team, me and my lady, and we do everything together. Last year, we had to skip Becky's school play for Milan." Huh, I was right, this didn't end well.

Roxanne jumped up like a lioness ready to attack, and left off towards the car, filling the table will the awkward silence again. "Wait" I turned to Greg, "I thought you were gay? Why are you looking at boobs?"

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