This is my first fanfic for Monk. It could take place any time between seasons four and eight – basically, after Natalie starts working for Monk, but before Trudy's murder is solved. Please review, and no flames.


Adrian pours over his information on Trudy's murder during yet another late night. His eyes are drooping, but he refuses to fall asleep because he hasn't made any progress. Against Adrian's will, though, his eyelids soon fall shut and he drifts off to sleep.

The dream starts out chaotic – memories whirling around, and people blending together. Eventually Trudy arrives and everything calms down. The details are fuzzy, but what's clear is that she's here, and she's alive, and – someone starts shaking Adrian awake.

"Five more minutes, Trudy," he mumbles, still half-asleep. The shaking stops, and Adrian falls back to sleep. His new dream is the same as before with Trudy alive –

"C'mon, Mr. Monk. You've gotta wake up!" A woman says. She doesn't sound like like Trudy – for one, she's never called him "Mr. Monk" – but it has to be her.

Please, let it be her, he prays; getting ready to face the truth. It's hope – heartbreaking yet addicting – that keeps Adrian from opening his eyes until the last possible moment. He looks, and Trudy isn't there. Instead, a slightly frazzled Natalie stands before him.

"Mr. Monk, are you okay?" She asks. "You kept muttering Trudy's name; I thought you were having a nightmare."

"No, no," Adrian answers, "I'm fine." He gets up, rubs his eyes to clear the dirt away. "What time is it?"

"Nine o'clock. You should get ready; Captain Stottlemeyer's expecting you in half an hour."

Adrian nods and heads to his bedroom, adjusting a picture of Trudy on the way. As he changes, he closes his eyes and recalls his dream of Trudy one last time. It's never going to come true, Adrian knows, but he doesn't care. He'll take every moment with Trudy that he can get.