2 weeks.

Considering what could of happened I think thats fair. I could of been longer but once I explained the situation to my uncle he shortened it. If I didn't explain to him I was drugged I would of been grounded for seven months! You can't really blame me for having a insane girl in love with me who went as far as buying Yelzix for me to kiss her. But you can blame me for letting a girl in my room in the first place. I guess over all my punishment is pretty fair.

I kinda wanted to kill Dina after what happened. She drugged me for crying out loud! Who does that?! And it wasn't even a little, she had a boat load of it! And it wasn't only on her lips...Too much of that stuff can kill you! She went off ranting about how "She did it for our love." My uncle was trying to press charges, apparently without a permit feeding Yelzix to someone is illegal and so is selling it. I somehow managed to convince him not too, but I still think he might do it. Dina also confessed about paying Carter to play with Rocky's feelings and when he tried to back out of it she threatened him that if he did she would tell everyone they had sex. This girl was crazy, what did I ever see in her?

I haven't seen Rocky since she ran out. I feel so bad for what happened, but it really isn't all my fault! Its Dina's too! And right when she was about to forgive me! I love Rocky so much but it's like the world is purposely trying to keep us apart. She probably thinks we were about to do it and now she'll never trust me! Then theres Ty and Cece too! My love life is terrible, just terrible.

I traced my hand along the outside of the door regretting opening it. I should of never even looked in the peep-hole, all of this could of been avoided! How was I going to get her to forgive me? Going to her house is out of the question because Ty would be there and school isn't until monday so I guess I'll just have to wait. Being grounded sucks, you just have to sit here and do nothing! You know what, I'm already in trouble a little more wouldn't hurt right? I pulled on my jacket and stuffed my phone and wallet in my pocket. I jumped out of my window but not before locking my door. My feet landed on the cold concrete floor sending a shiver up my leg because of the contact, It probably wasn't smart jumping from the 7th floor. I ignored the thoughts and started running down the sidewalk to the coffee shop around the corner.

I needed to be alone. Away from everyone and everything. I needed time to sort out my thoughts about Rocky.I walked into the small diner and sat down at a booth along the wall. Taking the menu in my hands I looked it over. After a minute or so I decided that I wasn't even that hungry and didn't want anything. I looked around the diner for any other sign of life when my eyes settled one a sad brunette sipping a mug of coffee and staring of into space. It didn't have to be Albert Einstein to figure out who it was.

I got up from my booth I quietly walked over to the other side of the room and sliding into the boot next to the brunette trapping her inside. "What do you want, Deuce?" Her eyes not lifting from the cup and her voice was cold and emotionless, didn't really sound like a question all that much.

"Dina drugged me, you know." Her head immediately snapped in my direction eyes wide as saucers but then narrowed down to tiny slits as her gaze drifted back to her mug of coffee. She gazed at it examining for every speck of detail and the tiniest of a flaw. "How?" She asked her gaze still focused on the cup. "Yelzix." I replied. Her head turned my way her face clearly screaming confusion. And I thought she was the smart one. : )

"Doctors use it when a patient refuses to eat or drink something. You put it in whatever you want the patient to eat and just one bite and you'll be hooked on it begging for more. It's illegal to use or sell without a permit. It basically makes you want. Too much of it and it can easily kill you, I do pay attention in Health you know."

"Really, cause I thought you spent most of your time sleeping on your desk." She replied not taking her gaze of the cup. "If you have to taste it for you to get hooked on it you must of kiss-" "She kissed me." I said cutting her off. "Oh."

I cupped her cheeks with my hands slowly lifting her head up so she was facing me. "Rocky, I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say 'I Love you' for you to understand but I really do! I have absolutely NO feelings for Dina especially after what just happened. Please Rocky, you have to believe me." She looked straight into my eyes as a unreadable expression crossed her face. "I'm sorry Deuce."

She once again turned her head and began to gather her stuff, I shifted my body so I was blocking her way from getting out. I was not taking no for a answer this time. I caressed her cheek bringing her face to mine as our lips met. I was relieved when I felt those same sparks as I did weeks ago. After a few seconds of shock she kissed back, her eyes fluttering closed as our lips moving in synch. Her arms found there way around my neck as I bit her lip asking for entrance. With this her eyes seemed to jolt awake as she broke the kissed if realizing what she had just done. A look of worry crossed her face.

Without a single word she pushed me aside and ran out of the booth and out of the door of the restaurant. Only one word crossed my mind as she ran, 'What have I done?'

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