I hugged the blanket tighter around my chest. It was freezing cold in my room right now. I have no idea why Ty hasn't turn on the heater yet. My room is practically like a igloo right now, all we need are the penguins! I sigh and wrap the flimsy blanket tighter around me, even though I knew it was no use. I guess this temperature was about right, it matched my mood exactly.

I was excited when I kissed Deuce, even more excited when I felt the same sparks as last time! But feeling sparks means I like him, and if I like him we might date again, and if we date again I might get hurt...again. My love life is terrible... Outside unlike me people are having the time of their lives. The sound of Chicago could be clearly heard through my window unlike Ty who was on the other side of the apartment. The only sounds he could hear was the occasional sound of feet on the stairs. "Ty!" I yelled from loud enough for him to hear me over the noise. I stiffly walked over to the window and bolted it shut.

"What's up?" Ty casually leaned on the side of my door frame a care-free grin plastered on his face. I didn't tell him about what happened with Deuce at the booth or in his room with Dina. They had finally become friends again and I want to at least keep it that way for him. "Whats up?! Ty, its practically snowing in here! Turn the heater on!" "Alright, Alright! I'll turn it on! He walked over to the heater and examined it's contents carefully looking over each button and switch.

"You have no idea what you're doing, do you?" I asked. "Not a clue." Once again me and Ty were here alone. This has become a daily routine and were not really used to 'Taking care of ourselves' as my mom would put it. I walked in front of him and turned the dial from a low 1* to a warm 83*. I could already feel the warm air kicking in. "Much better." I walked back in my room and plopped down on my bed and plopped down on my bed. Finally able to drift off to sleep. Hoping to leave Deuce from my thoughts.

Little did she know, after tomorrow thats all she will be thinking about.


I secured the white mask on my face and did a final check in the mirror. I was starting to seriously regret this. Right now, I was in the Shake it up Chicago studio dressed in a gold futuristic jacket, white gloves, and my black skinny jeans. If tried to blend in with the other seven but I kinda felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I quickly made my way to the refreshments table looking at all the donuts, cookies, and pizza slices and inwardly cried I couldn't have any because I wasn't allowed to remove my mask. This was torture!

"Deuce!" I heard someone whisper. I turned to see Ty running towards me with a slice of pizza in his hand. I tried to snatch it away but he slapped my hand back. "Hey, you can't eat! Your not allowed to lift your mask up!" He yelled taking another bite out of his pizza. I groaned. Apparently, I couldn't talk either...If you couldn't guess I'm a Jabbawockee, not officially of course just for today.

Ty came up with a "brilliant" plan to get Rocky and I back together, apparently dancing to "Proclaim my love" was the best way to go. It all sounds like a load of crap to me. He knows I can't dance, I'm starting to think he is still mad at me and just wants to embarrass me. "Look Bro, all you have to do is get up there do your moves and get off, alright?" On the inside I wanted to strangle him but I just simply nodded my head. "Alright Everyone! Were going live in 3-2-1!"

I saw a man with dark brown hair come onto the stage and stand in the middle with a microphone. "Hello, Chicago! I'm Gary Wilde! Today on the spotlight we have the "Jabbawockeez!" The curtains opened and I noticed the rest of them were already on stage. They started to dance and noticing that I should of been up there I quickly ran to the side of the stage and stepped on, unfortunately at the same time one of them was doing a back flip. His feet collided with my face hard enough to send me stumbling off the stage and into the refreshments table. And hard enough for my mask to come off.

I heard a series of "Deuce?!" coming from a number of people on the set. I assumed Rocky was one of them but when I opened my eyes she was gone. I turned around to see a Gary looking at me shocked, some pissed Jabbawockeez, Ty fiddling with his thumbs in the corner, and a Cece looking as if she was about to kill someone. If you ask me, thats not a good combination so I bolted out of there ignoring the security calling my name behind me. This was a mistake. A huge mistake.

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