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Chapter 1: The Generation of Miracles

The generation of models. Also known as the period of time when the fashion, modeling, and entertainment industry saw the greatest increase of young models. But even in this wake of rising new stars, there were still those that stood far above the rest. Known as the Generation of Miracles, this group of five models quickly rose to the top of the modeling industry through their looks, personalities, and unique 'freshness'.

But even as the Generation of Miracles dominated the scene, there was yet another name worth mentioning—a famous photographer who had launched many a model's career with his beautifully taken photos. Known to the public as nothing more than 'Kuro', the name which he signs all his pictures with, he is the mysterious shadow who can best bring out a model's inner light.

"Kise-kuuuuun! Look over here!"

"Please sign this, Aomine-kun!"

"Midorima-kun! Let me be your lucky item for today!"

"Murasakibara-kun, please take my snacks! I made them with love!"

"Akashi-kun! Akashi-kun! I'm your biggest fan!"

As soon as the members of the Generation of Miracles stepped out of their limousine and onto the red carpet, they were immediately greeted with screams, cheers, and proclamations of love from the surrounding hordes of girls (and quite a few starstruck boys).

The security team instantly lined up alongside the carpet, preventing the fans from breaking through to the famous models. Still, this didn't prevent the frantic fans from screaming at the top of their lungs as the five models made their way down the plush carpet.

Kise looked like he was having the time of his life as he exchanged smiles, winks, and waves with all of his adoring fans. Aomine suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at the blond model's antics. Quite frankly, fangirls annoyed the hell out of him, but Aomine knew he had to keep up a good image for the public. So he lifted his lips into a smirk and nodded his head in the direction of the screaming girls. At the sight of Aomine's casual gesture, the girls screamed even louder.

Next to Aomine, Midorima let out an annoyed sigh and pushed up his glasses. "My horoscope said that today would be a day of hazardous health to Cancers. So this is what it meant." He said dryly, referring to the girls who were still letting out ear-splitting screams.

"They're not that bad, Mido-chin." Murasakibara said, munching away at the bag of chips he somehow managed to pilfer from the limo. "They always give me snacks to eat."

"Atsushi, don't accept random snacks from your fans." Akashi lectured. He gave a wry smile. "You never know what kind of love potions or whatnot they might have slipped into them."

"Okay, Aka-chin." Murasakibara agreed immediately. "If you say so."

"Tch. I just want get out of this screaming crowd already." Aomine said, dropping his 'model persona'. "Getting attacked by fans like this every single time is getting pretty freakin' annoying."

"Don't be like that, Aominecchi!" Kise pouted. "These are your adoring fans! Show them some love!"

Aomine held up a clenched fist. "I'll show you some..."

"Ryouta, Daiki, we're here." Akashi said, calmly gesturing to the door of the building. At their leader's words, Kise and Aomine immediately stopped quarreling. They threw a nervous glance at the redhead before quietly following him into the building.

The five models walked silently down the long hallway, turning a corner before reaching the large double doors at the end of the hall. Aomine yanked open the doors with an annoyed sigh, knowing fully well what to expect once they entered the room.

"What took you so long?" A loud female voice immediately demanded when they stepped inside the room. "All of you are almost behind schedule since you took so long to get here!"

Kise winced. "I'm sorry, Rikocchi!"

"Che. It's not our fault that we can't go anywhere without having deranged fangirls trying to rip the clothes off our backs." Aomine grumbled.

"Perhaps you can increase the number of security guards for us next time?" Akashi suggested, though his mismatched eyes clearly said that his words must be obeyed.

Aida Riko rolled her eyes from behind her desk. "Having fans means that your photos are being well-received by the public. This in turn means that your careers as models are successful. So you should be grateful that you have 'deranged fangirls trying to rip the clothes off your backs' as you so eloquently put it, Aomine-kun."

Aomine snorted, but he knew better than to argue with his manager. Aida Riko might be the same age as all of them, but she has proven to be, on many an occasion, more than capable of being the manager for the Generation of Miracles. Even Aomine can begrudgingly admit that the five of them only made it as far as they did in their careers because of Riko's insightful decisions.

"Do you have any sweets, Riko-chin? I'm kinda hungry." Murasakibara interrupted. Riko mumbled something that sounded like, "When are you not?", before reaching into her drawer and pulling out a large bag of individually wrapped chocolates. Murasakibara wasted no time in grabbing the bag, making quick work of the candy.

Midorima pushed his glasses up before saying, "So are you going to tell us the reason why you called us in today?"

"I was just getting there, Midorima-kun." Riko said. She pulled out a file and opened it before explaining the details. "I know that all of you already have numerous job offers lining up, but Seirin Corps is sponsoring a new photoshoot very soon."

Midorima raised an eyebrow. "Seirin Corps? As in the modeling company? The one that has launched countless prominent models to stardom?"

Riko nodded. "Yes, that very one. And I'll have you know, they don't sponsor photoshoots very often. So if you, the Generation of Miracles, manage to successfully pull off this project, your names will go down in modeling history."

"Alright, so what are we waiting for? Of course we'll do this project!" Kise said excitedly.

But Akashi knew that there was more to this job offer than what their manager was telling them. "So what's the catch?"

Riko hesitated slightly. "This project revolves around a certain theme and on top of that, it also requires all of you to face what I'm afraid is your weakest area. Here, take a look." She pushed the file towards them. The five of them huddled around the desk for a closer look. After reading through the job description, their moods immediately experienced a 180 degree shift.

"We can't take this job." Akashi said with a note of finality.

"I refuse to do this." Midorima said bluntly.

"Rikocchi! You know that we can't!" Kise exclaimed.

Aomine did not say anything, but his snort of derision was enough to convey his thoughts. Murasakibara also did not say a word, but he began to munch on his candy with more force than was necessary.

Riko smiled wryly. "Well, I'm afraid that all of you will just have to work on facing your weakness because I've already accepted this job offer."

"What?" The five models' faces ranged from betrayal to anger to outright shock.

"Would you please repeat what you just said, Riko?" Akashi asked calmly, pulling his scissors out from his jacket all the while. He held them out in front of him. "I don't think I heard you clearly the first time."

Riko slammed her hand on her desk. "Don't you dare point your scissors at me, Akashi-kun!" She exclaimed, shocking everyone with her daring of standing up against the group leader. "I've already decided on this and my decision is final!"

A tense silence filled the room.

Riko sighed when she saw the disgruntled expressions on everyone's faces. Her eyes softened and she lowered her voice. "Look, Kise-kun, Aomine-kun, Midorima-kun, Murasakibara-kun, Akashi-kun. All of you are amazing, no, exceedingly talented models with limitless potential. I have no doubt that all of you will go farther than any other model in the future."

The tense atmosphere was still present in the room, but no one said anything to refute her words. Riko continued, "But as of right now, all of you are lacking something as models. You all know what your own weakness is. Yes, it will be a challenge, possibly the greatest challenge that any of you will face as models, but if you can overcome it, you will all reach even greater heights. I just know it." She sighed again. "Won't you please consider taking up this job? I daresay that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

"I...guess it wouldn't be all that bad..." Aomine grumbled.

"Rikocchi has a point," Kise said. He hesitated for a moment. "I know this will be challenging, but I want to try to overcome it."

"...Well, this job is interesting to say the least. It wouldn't hurt to try." Midorima finally said. "...But I knew I shouldn't have left my lucky item at home today." He muttered under his breath.

Akashi gave a dry laugh. "It's not like you're giving us much of a choice, Riko." He tucked the scissors back into his jacket and crossed his arms. "I'm willing to consent to your whims just this once."

Murasakibara nodded as he threw a handful of chocolates into his mouth. "If Aka-chin agrees to do this, then so will I."

Riko smiled. "Thank you, everyone. I truly believe that you can pull this off." She brightened up considerably when she took out another piece of paper from the top of the stack. "And now for the good news!"

"Any news can be considered good news after this." Midorima said sardonically.

Riko ignored the quip and continued as if the interruption did not take place. "You would never believe who I got to be your photographer for this project! Quick, ask me who it is!"

Kise chuckled good-naturedly. "So who's our photographer, Rikocchi? Whoever it is, they must be good since you're so excited."

Riko took a deep breath and paused for a moment to heighten the suspense. "It's Kuro!"

Everyone's reactions were just as she predicted.

"No freakin' way." Aomine said.

Kise's smile widened. "You couldn't have, Rikocchi!"

"That certainly exceeds my expectations..." Midorima admitted.

Akashi raised an eyebrow and gave a small smile. "Impressive work as always, Riko."

"Riko-chin is amazing." Murasakibara said, still munching on his chocolates.

Riko gave a very satisfied smile. "I know, right? The chance to work with the one and only Kuro. Do you know how many models are clamoring just to have him take a single photo for them? And now you have him for the duration of the entire project!" She sighed dramatically. "Anyways, your first photoshoot with him is scheduled to be on Monday, 8:00 a.m. sharp. Don't be late!" She added sternly, throwing a glare in a certain Aomine Daiki's direction.

"What?" Aomine protested. "It was one time! Get off my back already!"

"One time is still one time too many." Riko lectured. "Anyways, please act properly, okay? You don't want to ruin your reputation as the Generation of Miracles with someone as renowned as Kuro, got it?" She gave a slight smile. "Of course, I will also be there at the photoshoot to supervise you all and to make sure that you're acting appropriately."

Akashi gave a thin smile. "Don't worry, we understand, Riko. And if anyone doesn't..." He took his scissors out again and casually twirled them around his fingers. "He will be answering to me."

Several audible gulps greeted Akashi's statement.

"They're not the ones I'm worried about..." Riko muttered under her breath. She turned back to address the models. "Anyways, just behave yourselves! Remember, you are the Generation of Miracles! And if I see that any of you has stepped out of line..." A sadistic gleam suddenly entered Riko's eyes. "I wonder if anyone feels like confessing to a girl naked?"

Trapped between Akashi and Riko, the rest of the Generation of Miracles suddenly could not decide which one was the lesser of two evils...

Monday came soon enough and the members of the Generation of Miracles dragged themselves out of bed (a certain someone could not be woken up until he was threatened with Akashi's scissors), donned on casual wear, and headed toward their private studio. They knew that there would be hordes of makeup artists, designers, and the like swarming over them soon enough so no one made too much of an effort in dressing up.

"I can never get used to morning shoots." Aomine said, yawning widely. He rubbed a bleary eye as he trudged behind the rest of his fellow models.

"C'mon, Aominecchi! Aren't you excited to meet Kuro?" Kise asked, nearly bouncing with energy. Aomine merely grunted in reply. He seriously could not understand how Kise could have so much energy this early in the morning.

"Today's lucky item is this pair of fuzzy earmuffs," Midorima reported, holding up said item. "And according to my horoscope, I will have an unexpected meeting with an Aquarius today. Do any of you happen to be an Aquarius?" There were scattered no's all around.

"I found the doughnut table." Murasakibara said, returning from his food hunt. Already, there was a plateful of doughnuts in his hand. "Would any of you like one?" Everybody looked at the sky-high pile of sugary pastries and declined. Murasakibara shrugged. The silent 'more for me then' was left unspoken.

"You better eat your fill quick, Atsushi," Akashi said. "We should be meeting our photographer very soon."

Kise took out his phone and checked the time. "It's already 8:10," he said in a worry-tinged voice. "Could we have gone to the wrong place?"

"No, the file that Riko gave us clearly stated that our photoshoot was here." Midorima said.

"Tch." Aomine was annoyed. "Riko told us to behave properly and to arrive on time, but this Kuro person has the nerve to show up late? What the hell, man?"

"Excuse me, I'm right here."

Everybody immediately whirled around when a disembodied voice seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Aomine nearly jumped a foot when he suddenly realized that a light blue-haired teen was standing behind him. "The hell? Where did you come from?" Aomine demanded.

"Actually, I was here the entire time." The stranger said expressionlessly.

"Hey there!" Kise said with a wide smile. "Where did you come from? Are you lost, kid?"

The faintest twitch appeared on the stranger's otherwise expressionless face. "I am neither a kid nor am I lost, thank you." He stared impassively at the assembled models. "The five of you must be Aomine Daiki-kun, Kise Ryouta-kun, Midorima Shintaro-kun, Murasakibara Atsushi-kun, and Akashi Seijurou-kun, also known as the Generation of Miracles from Teikou Modeling Agency, am I correct?"

"Yes, that's right." Akashi said, stepping forward. He narrowed his eyes. "But that still doesn't explain who you are."

The blue-haired stranger bowed. "It is very nice to meet you all. My name is Kuroko Tetsuya and I will be your photographer for today." As the Generation of Miracles stared disbelievingly at him, Kuroko seemed to remember something. "Ah, I suppose all of you would probably know me better as Kuro." He added as an afterthought.

"You're Kuro?" Akashi said, a single eyebrow raised in disbelief.

Kise opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out—he could only gape at the teen who had introduced himself as their photographer.

The blue-haired teen nodded. "Yes, that is correct. My real name is Kuroko Tetsuya, but I go by the alias of Kuro in my line of work."

Impervious everyone's incredulous stares, Kuroko gave another slight bow. "I look forward to working with all of you."

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