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Kaede had locked herself up in her room for the rest of the night. She couldn't believe it! Rin had been taking the blame for the death of her mother all these years! For HER no less! It was this night that also made her realize that everything she had done to Rin was all for nothing.

She had abused him, mentally and physically, even drawing blood, and yet, he was still by her. Never had she felt as unworthy to know him as she did than. She was crying furiously all night, but she had finally managed to calm herself down. She was about to finally fall asleep when she heard something coming from Rins room.

She tried to stay in bed, but curiosity had gotten the best of her and she got out of bed and roamed down the hall to Rins room. Kaede slightly cracked the door to see Rin balled up in his bed, sobbing. Felling the same guilt collect within herself as she did on the bridge, she decided to do something she hasn't done for years; comfort him.

She tip-toed as quietly as she could to Rin, than sat down next to him. Rin was asleep, but as he was sobbing, he was mumbling to himself. "I'm so sorry Kaede." This greatly confused Kaede, she had been mistreating Rin horribly for all these years, took him for granted, may have saved her from being killed by an on-coming truck and he was sorry? Kaede could feel the tears welling up again, but she didn't let them fall.

Rin was restless, constantly muttering things like "I've failed you Kaede." and "I'll never forgive myself." He was constantly moving in his sleep. Kaede gently rested his head in her lap and was gently raking her hand through his hair. She than, almost absent-mindedly, began singing to him, almost as if to calm him down, like a mother would to calm a baby down.

"Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree."

Kaede almost stopped herself, but she noticed that Rin had visibly calmed down, so she continued.

"Travel the world and the seven seas, everybody's lookin' for somethin'."

"Some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you."

"Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused."

She than hummed the instrumental of that part of the song, by that time, Rin had started sleeping peacefully.

Kaede couldn't remember where she had heard the song before, though she could remember it was a cover. Marilyn something? She couldn't remember for the life of her. She slowly got off of the bed, put the covers over Rin and looked down on him, as the moonlight illuminated the room.

She remembered everything she said to him, even going so far as to telling him to die. Her tears had started up again, but it was there that she vowed to do her best to make everything better and to atone for everything she had done. She gently kissed Rins forehead and snuck out of the room and to her own room. "Tomorrow, things will be different, I swear." Kaede thought as she slipped into slumber.

The end.

AU. I know that Sweet Dreams is by Eurythmics, but I think the way Marilyn Manson sung it suits the mood of the story better. Plus, Marilyn Manson rules.

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