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It was just supposed to be a job. My first job. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. I couldn't have stopped it if I tried. Some things just… spiral. Not everything can be controlled. You lose your way, someone gets hurt. And most of the time it's the people you love the most that hurt the most.

I don't know where it went wrong. I could never pin point an exact moment; there are too many surreal ones to choose from.

I met her the day I started work at the pool. The manager instructed her to train me. I only wanted to earn a little of my own money instead of always asking my parents for some, but then I met her. I was ruined after that. I fell in love, and suddenly nothing mattered anymore, not even my parents. Not even my fucking self.

I was astonished that such a beautiful girl would be working in such a dilapidated pool house. It didn't fit, like she was a misplaced, immaculate puzzle piece amongst a faded and worn set. And knowing that I would be working with her five days a week sent an unfamiliar sense of excitement through me.

"You can hang your coat in this closet." That was the first thing she said to me after we left the manager's office. Her shoulder-length brown hair glistened under the bright lights of the hallway as she showed me to the tiny room that housed all the towels, soaps, and cleaning supplies that I'd need to keep up the boy's changing rooms of the pool.

I only heard what she said because I loved the sound of her voice the moment she spoke to me. And I only learned how to clean the showers properly because I loved the way her body moved.

I froze, however, when she asked me to repeat the steps she'd just showed me.

"Um…" A lump formed in my throat. "Clean towels. No. First, scrub the shower down, then clean towels, soap, mats, and wipe off the writings from the tile."

"Yeah, that's right." She looked at me and stayed quiet for a second. Her eyes flittered up and down before returning to my face. "And wipe them off as best as you can. The men around here like to intimidate each other. They all claim to have ten inch dicks." She smirked a little.

I chuckled awkwardly, tearing my eyes away from her deliciously dangerous gaze.

She walked past me, brushing my arm the tiniest bit as she did. "This way, handsome."

My knees buckled at the last word, and I stumbled as I followed after her. I was right at the back of her heels and could see that she was quite a bit shorter than me. Had to be close to 5'3".

She glanced at me over her shoulder as she walked then turned back, asking, "How old are you again?"

I didn't recall giving her my age at any point since we'd met. "Sixteen."

"Right. You'll get good tips, I'm sure. Some of these older ladies like to have young, good looking boys wait on them. Some men, too." She added with a chuckle.

"Yeah," I replied naively, unable to come up with any other response. Then it hit me, "Wait, I'm not going to be helping women, am I?" I asked nervously and a little louder than I had intended.

She stopped so abruptly that I nearly ran into her, a sympathetic, yet amused look on her face as she turned to me. Her eyes were deep brown, the color of chocolate. Her lips were full. She was standing so close, but I couldn't back away. Her hands were still in her pockets as she stood there, completely casual and relaxed. "Edward," My heart began to pound at the sound of my name. "Every now and then, we'll each have to step away from our sections. We'll have to help each other out. So yeah, you might have to sometimes. But it's easy. Ladies are much more generous than the men." There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that I couldn't possibly read. It wasn't until later that day that I understood exactly what she meant.

She began to walk down the hall again nonchalantly. "I'll show you the pool. Then we'll get you your outfit. T-shirt, pair of shorts, a little badge, like mine, that hangs around your neck."

She stopped talking then as we walked down the long hallway from the men's changing rooms and showers. I tried to keep my eyes off of her, looking at the walls on either side of me instead. They were gross. Chipped puke-green paint, stains from God knows what.

With my head ducked, I peeked at her from under my eyelashes. I couldn't help it eventually. It was too easy, too tempting to steal glances of her when she didn't know I was doing it.

She was so small, but her bored expression that contradicted her penetrating eyes made her so intimidating. Like she didn't give a damn to be anywhere near you but was hell-bent on sizing you up. Then she called me handsome. My mind couldn't make sense of her.

I began to wonder how old she was. It was impossible to tell just by looking at her. She had the figure of a girl my age, although much fuller than most girls I knew, but she had the confidence of a woman.

As we neared the end of the hall to the entrance of the pool, the curiosity became unbearable.

My mouth opened and closed a few times before I finally asked, "And how old are you, Bella?"

Without stopping or turning around, she said, "Twenty-five."


I never would've guessed that.

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